The Hopscotch Hepcat Bike Race Returns in September

The Hopscotch Hepcat Bike Race Returns in September

August, 24, 2012, by Jedidiah

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As Hopscotch weekend gets closer, there are a few things that are certain. 1. Excitement builds. 2. The number of Hopscotch weekend day parties, music events and pop-up activities increase by the day. One of the events that popped up last year returns for its second year, The Hopscotch Hepcat.  Last year's event raised over $3,000 and had over 80 participants, so competition will be high...but all in the name of a good cause.

The Hopscotch Hepcat is an alleycat style bike race that hits the streets of Downtown Raleigh on Saturday, September 8th at 12pm. The race will include multiple stops along the path and all riders will be given a manifest before the race to guide them on their way around the city. 


Organizers Jared Harber and Tina Haver share a passion for cats and bikes. Safe Haven is the Triangle's first no-kill shelter, so the combination of the bike race to benefit the felines seems perfect. They also both love music and great local food which is evident in the event prizes, which include tons of LPs, gift cards to local eateries and pet stores, messenger bags, and a bike from Oak City Cycling Project for winners. But winners is a relative term, as it includes both the fastest, the slowest, the best costumes, etc. There will also be a non-riders raffle as well.

There will be a pre-race party. Safe Haven will have a tent and Oak City will be fixing bikes for free. Parlour and Klausie's will be serving food and donating a potion of their proceeds to the cause as well. 

All proceeds from the event go to Safe Haven Cat Shelter and Clinic, but you can also donate directly to Safe Haven here.

Registration ($20) is now open and will be until the day of the event. It's limited to 100 riders so be sure to get in the door early. You can pre-register over at the website and here's the direct Paypal link for registration.

See the Hopscotch Hepcat Facebook page here.

Now, get out there and help those cats!

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  • Squirrely
    08/24 12:04 PM

    Jared’s Hair will also be making a cameo.

  • Tyler Durden
    08/24 12:12 PM

    How much are the posters?

  • #1 Socks Fan
    08/24 12:14 PM

    Can’t wait to see Jared’s socks cross that finish line.

  • Truth Is Out There
    08/24 03:15 PM

    Heard a rumor that Scully & Mulder are racing. Can someone confirm?

  • Primus Car
    08/24 04:52 PM

    Is it a cycling race? or more like a scavenger hunt on wheels where you ride and stop at a place a do a thing, then stop again and do a different thing, etc.

  • tina
    08/24 05:31 PM

    It’s more like a scavenger hunt on wheels, with an emphasis on cycling culture around downtown Raleigh!

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