The News and Observer’s Paywall Goes Up Today

December, 19, 2012, by Jedidiah

The News and Observer’s Paywall Goes Up Today
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Back in July, we reported that the News and Observer would start charging later this year and today is that day. Calling itself N&O Plus, the paper goes the route of the New York Times and other publications, giving Plus subscribers full access to their website and mobile apps and "digital e-replica" edition. 

We are still hoping this new revenue can allow the paper to expand (bring back) to more local arts, music and general Raleigh culture. 

Get the full details here. 

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  • Timothy Myers
    12/19 10:38 AM

    I sincerely hope they realize that your last paragraph will be the key to their success.  It desperately needs to happen not only for the survival of the N&O, but also for the continued growth of a very special community.

  • Timothy
    12/19 02:52 PM

    I think sites like stand a much better chance of helping community than a traditional paper media’s last grasp for relevance.  The fact is that paper news is a dying medium (the trees are thankful for that) and the paywalls are just not cutting it in an era of massive instantly available free media.  Why go to NY Times or N&O Plus when you can go to Google and find exactly what you want elsewhere on the internet?

    I think the N&O does good reporting and I don’t want it to die.  I just don’t think slapping a paywall in front of a website and calling it a day is the right course to take.  Unfortunately, for all of us, ad supported or referral supported websites, where the content is free for the consumer, is the only viable money making method for media right now.  And it’s not like there is a lack of local reporting online that is free.

    This will not be what saves the N&O.  It will either be a failed experiment in a long road of decline until some huge corporation buys it for pennies on the dollar (like what has happened with most local radio stations) or a footnote before they come to their senses and realize that in today’s internet media, you have to give away your content for free and support yourself with ads and value-added services.

  • CultureWarrior
    12/20 01:25 PM

    I agree with Tim.  I don’t expect that coverage from the N&O but I do look for it here.  I’m disappointed by the lack of activity at  There’s so much activity in the arts and culture communities of Raleigh but too little coverage here.  We like you NewRaleigh and we wish we could see more of you.

  • Mr.G.
    03/02 11:20 AM

    The pay wall is shameful money grab.  I could understand if they had exclusive content or journalists wrote special blogs, but EVERY article requires a subscription now. I hope they at least come to their senses and realize you can’t force people to pay just for basic access.

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