The Snap: Quality Grocery Renovates, Reopening in Early 2012

The Snap: Quality Grocery Renovates, Reopening in Early 2012

January, 22, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Quality Grocery, located at the corner at Lane Street and Linden Avenue (the East most point of the Historic Oakwood neighborhood), is the oldest running grocery store in Wake County. The business was owned by Bobby and Faye Poole, who took over from her parents in the middle of the 20th century. Bobby Poole once told me the story of the folks who were the original owners of the shop. Apparently, they were both blind and the store continued to get robbed. For this reason, Wake County took joint ownership of the store, which was eventually sold to Faye Poole's family. 

Quality Grocery was put up for sale over a year ago and was finally purchased from the Pooles in late 2011. The new owners are currently renovating the building, which will continue to serve as a small, yet updated, fresh grocery and grill for the Oakwood and Idlewild communities. 

Over the weekend, the new owners stripped off a bunch of the old siding to reveal the painted ads that must date back to the mid 20th century as well. Just like Side Street Cafe down the street, this 'forgotten ad' adds a great layer to the store's history, although I'm not quite sure that phone number is applicable anymore (although when called, the phone number says Not in Service, which could mean it could start ringing again in the near future).

Quality Grocery's owners expect to open the new shop in the coming months. It's great to see small shops like this continue to serve their communities. There are a handful of these around the Downtown area that are either new or have existed for a long time. From one on Morgan Street, to Taz's, Brookside Market, Peace Street Market and Quality Grocery, there is a place in the almost every corner of downtown to get some chips and a drink or a six pack and a snack.

We'll have more on Quality Grocery as it gets time for them to open back up.

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  • kg
    01/22 08:24 PM

    this could be cool.

  • Adam
    01/22 08:31 PM

    Raleigh Beverage on Glenwood has a great selection of wines!

  • AndyO
    01/22 10:26 PM

    This is the job that got away. 
    While we were walking through the building with the new owner, we saw the dusty soup and vegetable cans still on the shelves.  A long-time patron saw that the door was open and walked in, hoping that the store was ready to reopen for business.  The new owners have good intentions for the building, and this is one more step of returning sustainable local business to neighborhoods.

  • JZ
    01/23 10:56 AM

    Love the Q.G. “font”.... that needs to be (back) in fashion….

  • Matthew Brown
    01/23 01:12 PM

    This is the oldest grocery store in Raleigh. It was built in by Millard Wilder in 1909 and was originally called the “Palace Market.” A couple years later he changed the name to “Cash Grocery.” He lived in the little house attached to the store. From 1913 through the Depression, Fannie Richardson owned it. Her sons delivered the groceries. Faye Poole’s family (the Cannons) bought it in 1946. They were among the wave of Lebanese immigrants who came to small southern towns to open stores and restaurants.

  • GRM
    01/23 08:23 PM

    So glad to see the updates but, sorry, that’s not really an old Pepsi ad. That logo debuted in 1973 making it late 20th century. Retro, yes; antique no.

  • RH
    01/25 04:28 PM

    My grandparents owned Quality Grocery from 1943 till they died, my grandmother died 1973 and my grandfather died in 1981. Then my parents took ownership, my mother Faye Poole died just last year, July 5 2011 at the age of 78 and my father Bobby Poole has finally retired at 79. My mother adored Quality Grocery, she helped many people in the neighborhood through the years and fed many hungry kids. We wish the new owners success and hope they can stay in business for 68 years too!

  • BFSac
    01/25 08:36 PM


  • Matthew Brown
    01/26 02:32 PM

    @RH: Thanks for posting! Your father fed hungry dogs, too! He gave my brother’s dog a hot dog every time he walked by the store! The city directories for 1957 & 1961 say Bobby Poole lived in the little house attached to the store. @GRM thanks for the research on the Pepsi logo.

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