Trophy Brewing Company is Raleigh’s Newest Craft Brew Pub

Trophy Brewing Company is Raleigh’s Newest Craft Brew Pub

January, 01, 2013, by David

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Raleigh has a wealth of breweries and brew pubs and plenty of beer-focused-bars dot the city.  Of all those, the Busy Bee's passion and leadership has been an inspiration to the larger beer enthusiast community since it first opened 3 years ago.  From collaborations with their favorite breweries, to organizing Raleigh's unique beer week events, Busy Bee has been the hub for a flourishing community of folks who love beer and its many variations. The owners, David Meeker, David Lockwood and Chris Powers are now taking that success to a new venture in the former Burger Hut location on Morgan street.

David Lockwood, Les Stewart and Chris Powers


The new project is called Trophy Brewing Company, and its a small craft brew pub that will be the backdrop of some of the most sophisticated brewing in the area.  For the owners this is a chance to work with brewer Les Stewart to create beers of their wildest dreams. For the team the small brewery setup is an opportunity and an advantage.  The inherant low risk of small batches means lots of experimentation from a thoroughly educated team.  Trophy expects to be aging beers from the beginning and they are collaborating with Quest Brewing of Greenville Sounth Carolina on something special. In addition to their own beers Trophy will offer a full liquor bar and a selection of wine.

You can taste Trophy's offerings at a preview tasting at the Hive on January 9th and Tyler Tap Room's Rare and Vintage Beer Fest on January 26th.   The team expects to be able to open Trophy by the end of the month.  

Trophy will be located at 827 W. Morgan street, in the former Burger Hut Location.  

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  • hackles10
    01/01 08:26 PM

    Smelled some beer being made walking down morgan with the dog this afternoon.  The bar in the front looks great!  Can’t wait for them to open.  Any truth to the rumor that they were considering an outside patio/decking on the side of the building?

  • J.
    01/02 09:35 AM

    *South Carolina :)


  • no
    01/02 10:43 AM

    while it sucks the burger hut is gone, good to see a decent replacement rather than demolishing for highrise apartments

  • hackles10
    01/02 11:09 AM

    This is so much better than the burger hut.  That place had terrible hours and mediocre food.  When you see what they have done to the inside of the place you won’t be disappointed.

  • dexter
    01/02 02:55 PM

    i’ve heard from a friend who said “a reputable source” informed them that a patio is indeed in the works. not sure if that means anything to you; but you’re not the only one who has heard such rumblings. :)

  • sources
    01/02 03:34 PM

    They are going to eventually have a patio/food source from somewhere.  I think the lease at the convience store has to run out and after that they gut and expand.  My sources are pretty reliable.

  • hackles10
    01/02 03:43 PM

    The convenience store has 4-5 years left on their lease.  Unless something drastic happens, they are planning on staying.

  • facts
    01/04 08:39 PM

    The addition of food wont happen until beginning of the summer. There is space inside for a kitchen, it just needs to be outfitted and finished.

  • Hargis O'Reilly
    02/20 09:40 AM

    I miss the Burger Hut. Trophy is swell, but I wish they hadn’t kicked out the Burger Hut

  • Hargis O'Smiley
    02/20 09:44 AM

    Kicked them out? Burger Hut was its own worst enemy.  It was never open.  Don’t act like it was something special- it was hardly functional.

  • yazman
    02/23 11:34 PM

    OK, another beer place…..but this one will kicks some serious butt as it is being done by THE Raleigh beer duders, Chris and Woody.  These guys are the Big Lebowski’s when it comes to introducing unique, high quality craft beers to local suds consumers. The new venue may be small, but the product is anything but…......Good job, and I look forward to the pizza.

  • Hargis O'Reilly
    03/01 02:35 PM

    Hargis O’Smiley, I disagree with you on the specialness and functionality of the Burger Hut. But I like your name.

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