Tyler’s Taproom Raleigh Menu, Details

Tyler’s Taproom Raleigh Menu, Details

December, 16, 2011, by David

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Seaboard's new Tyler's Taproom location (now open) is significant for many reasons, but for us at New Raleigh it's all about the potential economic impact on that area.  While some businesses have thrived, the Seaboard shopping center's inward facing design does little to promote its smaller patrons.  As the most street visible of Seaboard's Businesses, Tyler's can act as a catalyst for success of the commercial area as a whole.   

The Raleigh restaurant has a few distinctions from the four locations across the Triangle. This one unifies the 'speakeasy' side and restaurant side into one large 13,000 foot space.  The architects brought in some vintage barn doors, and craft brewery logos are painted on exposed brick walls. This location includes 'draught tables' that allow you to pour your own beers with a digital meter that measures those pours. 

Still unfinished, the outdoor patio will include a trellis for the growth of a hop-vine canopy.  That patio includes a full bar with 10 taps all its own to compliment the huge selection inside.  

See the full opening beer list below.


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  • Stacey
    12/16 12:14 PM

    i heard rumors that it was opening this weekend. any word on the official date yet?

  • hackles10
    12/16 12:24 PM

    Its Open now Stacey

  • Wesley
    12/16 01:10 PM

    I don’t get the pour yourself a beer thing. First, is this a 21 and up establishment with ID checks at the door? Second, NC Alcoholic Beverage Control laws state that an employee of an establishment that serves alcohol must make the sales to ensure that all ABC rules concerning consuming alcohol (mainly preventing people from becoming drunk or drinking underage) are enforced. How does Tyler’s get around these rules?

  • RaleighRob
    12/16 02:09 PM

    The best part about this is that the Capital District of Downtown finally has a place to get a drink past 11pm!  Great news for those on the NE side of downtown for sure!

  • DPK
    12/16 04:44 PM

    Just fyi, but the location in Durham also has the “draught tables”.

  • Vic
    12/18 10:35 AM

    Wesley—This is a family-friendly establishment with no ID checks at the door, but I assume that to be seated at the draught table, everyone in your party needs to be 21 or over.

  • john
    12/19 03:07 PM

    Thrilled to have a real bar that I can walk to.  Checked it out this weekend.  Atmosphere is nice, beer selection is great.  Looked a bit over-staffed for the amount of patrons but it just opened so i’m sure it will work itself out.  Only complaint is that they do not have Sunday Ticket yet.  (I was told they would be getting it soon)

  • Primus Car
    12/20 10:30 AM

    I sat at 1 of the 2 draught tables this weekend Its a neat concept, but won’t be the reason I go back there.  The tables have 2 taps, each with a digital meter.  Its basically a table with a kegerator under it, ours had Fat Tire and Harpoon IPA (priced the same as if we ordered from the bar).  The waiter seats you and asks how many will be drinking from the taps, and then activates the tap to allow 2 pints per the number of people in your group.  We had 8 people, so when our meter hit 16 pints poured, it shut off until we “ordered” another round and he reactivated it.  This is probably how they comply with the NC Alcoholic Beverage Control laws mentioned earlier.  With so many beers on tap at the bar, drinking the same one from the draught table all night seems like a wasted opportunity.  (You can also order food and other drinks from the server at the draught table).

  • BinRaleigh
    12/20 07:31 PM

    Besides the whole BEER thing, Tyler’s has pretty damn good bar food.  Not healthy by any means (most of it, at least), but tasty.

  • JRD
    12/21 10:01 PM

    Sat and waited 30 minutes tonight for one beer.  They eventually got us the beers and they were on the house:)

  • hackles10
    12/23 03:10 PM

    We had trouble getting beers while watching the NC State/Syracuse game last week.  A ton of trouble!  Luckily we weren’t in any rush, but it was a constant struggle, and even the waitress seemed frustrated.  I am sure they will work these kinks out eventually!

  • dduomto
    12/26 12:22 PM


  • rzermyq
    12/26 12:33 PM


  • jtchbksu
    12/26 08:43 PM


  • CJM
    12/28 02:05 PM

    I’ve been a twice since it opened and it has been fairly disappointing all the way around. I understand that it is a new restaurant and all but some of the of the things that Ive experienced are just embarrassing.

    The first time I went was on Sunday night the weekend they opened, very small crowd, maybe 15 people in the whole restaurant around 8pm. After being sat in the bar by a hostess we waited about 10 mins before one of the 6 or 7 servers that were standing around the service well greeted us. We ordered apps and beers on the initial table visit. Sadly we received both apps and were halfway through them before our beers arrived. The bartenders were rather entertaining, they poured my beer in one glass then transferred it a few other in order to have the beer in the properly branded glassware. We watched the beers sit on the bar for a few mins before another server ran them to us. The young man that was waiting on us took our order and brought us the bill. We would have ordered more beers but we had to flag down another server to ask for our check and we were just sick of waiting.

    Every time Ive visited the Apex or Durham location the food and service has been exceptional, this time not so much. Carolina Nachos were a mess because all the chips were broken and over cooked, fried cheese curds were a total bust. Im not a chef but I know you have to freeze cheese in order to fry it, these were dropped fresh so all the cheese leaked out during the fry leaving nothing in the bowl but a shell of batter swimming in grease. I appreciate them trying to do things fresh but if you can’t execute it properly don’t do it. 

    The second visit was better, at least the service was. This time we were in the dining room and it was pretty steady. Our server was fantastic, I do not remember her name but kudos to her. Food was still a little shaky. Tried the cheese curds again, holding out hope that they would figure out the proper way to do them. Of course when we received the dish it was just shells of batter again. We did not attempt to send them back, our server noticed the bowl still nearly full after 15 mins, she even commented that people have been sending them back on a regular basis because of that problem. There were six of us at the table and 4 of the orders came out wrong, not the servers fault because they were not special ordered items, burgers were all missing toppings and way overcooked, that falls on the kitchen staff. We did ask her for the missing toppings and she brought them right away, she offered to bring new burgers for the ones that were overcooked but we declined. I will say that the Carolina Nachos were much better and the poutine was great. We never had to wait for beers and the server was always on top of our needs. It looked like they had quite a few managers on the floor so it was a little surprising that one did not stop for a table visit.

    I know the place is new and with a track record like these guys have I have total confidence that everything will get worked out sooner than later. They will weed out the lazy servers, the bartenders will learn more as they go along and the kitchen will iron out the kinks. I’ll be back, hell I bet I’ll be back in tonight. Give this place a try, just keep in mind it is new!

  • Togo
    01/05 12:05 AM

    Yes!  I agree…we can’t get enough beer, or allow enough drunk drivers back on the road!  Watch out!  Here they come!  Beep beep!  Honk honk!  Yikes, another hit and run.  Too bad, so sad!  Just have another drink!

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