WalkRaleigh Signs Returning to Downtown Raleigh Streets

WalkRaleigh Signs Returning to Downtown Raleigh Streets

March, 06, 2012, by Jedidiah

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The Raleigh City Council unanimously voted 'Yay' today to allow the WalkRaleigh signs to return to Raleigh streets. Lead WalkRaleigh instigator Matt Tomasulo told us that "pedestrian safety came up immediately following Walk Raleigh, accompanied by traffic calming and walkability in general. It was great to hear the council address these issues with a level of seriousness and necessity."

Tomasulo stated that the signs should be back up within the week and will be in the exact same format. The signs will be a pilot program as part of a 'formal public education campaign'. It's great to see a grassroots movement (which recieved 1255 signatures in one day) overcome what many (including the law of the land) see as a 'crime' and become a permanent part of our, ummmm, city fabric. 

The creator of the “Walk Raleigh” signs posted at up to three intersections in the Capital City has agreed to donate the signs to the City of Raleigh. The City Council voted unanimously today to accept the signs as a gift from Matt Tomasulo, a local college graduate student who launched the initiative to promote walking and healthy living in the Capital City.


Council members also agreed to authorize a pilot program regarding the signs as part of a formal public education campaign. The “Walk Raleigh” signs list walk times to various destinations. The pilot program will focus on three locations where the signs will be posted and cover a period of 90 days beginning this month through May. Additional details about the pilot program, including the start-up date and the locations of the signs, are being worked out.

The City Council will evaluate the pilot program following the conclusion of the 90-day period.


Mr. Tomasulo and his “Walk Raleigh” project have drawn international media attention.

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