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July, 02, 2009, by Rusty

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1304bikes, local bike co-op will be closing their current location. They’re not dead though, and are in search of a new space, preferably downtown.

For the folks that haven’t heard yet, here’s the deal. We at 1304bikes are having to close our shop at its current location. In short, it is all a matter of zoning. We were operating a non-profit “civic club” out of a residentially zoned building. In order to stay in the current space, we would have to get a “change of use” permit from city council, as well as get the management company of the building to bring the building up to commercial code, neither of which is going to happen. That being said, we have until the end of June to move our bikes off the property, and cease all operations. This not only includes 1304bikes, but all activities that occur at the ACRe (Action for Community in Raleigh) Space including Food not Bombs. If we continue to operate, it will mean possible eviction for the residents upstairs, as well as enormous daily fines.

This does not mean that 1304bikes is dead. We have dispersed all of our current inventory of bicycles to worthy causes, such as other NC bicycle Co-ops and Bikes for the World. We will put some bikes as well as our parts and tools into storage for when we do find a new space. In the meantime we have plans to start loading up trailers and doing mobile bicycle clinics and repair days. This will give us a chance to outreach to other neighborhoods that we have never worked with before. We will also continue our search for a new space.

Ideally our new space will be centrally located (preferably downtown), and will be much larger and more well suited to our goals. It is our hope to find a space that will allow us to continue the programs and services we offered before, as well as to expand our programs and do more.

We are working right now to find a new space as well as plan some fund raising events. We will keep everyone updated via our website and blog as to what we have planned, and what we have going on. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past, and hopefully this will only be a temporary setback that will lead to better things.

2419 Mayview Rd.
Raleigh, NC

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  • sarah emily
    07/06 01:36 PM

    What about the space next to Adam Peele’s shop on Capital?  That might be a good space…

  • Stefanie
    07/08 05:58 PM

    Such sad news.  I am hopeful that your fundraising efforts will be successful. I encourage you to search for grants, either through NCDOT or maybe even public health organizations, for operating funds.  When I get a chance, I will do a grant search of my own.  I think the mobile effort is a great idea and should help spread awareness and engagement throughout the community.  Don’t give up!  I, and many others, appreciate all that you do and have greatly enjoyed working with you both during Bike to Work Week 2009 events and at your Women’s and Trans night.  My breaks are working perfectly and I sort of remember how to adjust them.  Keep it up!

  • Matthew Kirby
    09/07 09:16 AM

    Where did you and Food Not Bombs move to?

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