2009 RebusFest: Bands And Artists Announced

May, 29, 2009, by Tim

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Rescheduled for this Sunday. Check out the local artists and bands at Rebus Works.

RebusFest3 will be here in just a few days, and we hope that you can join us!  The big party takes place on Sunday, May 17, from 1-6 p.m.  There will be music (see the band line-up below), art, kid’s crafts, Locopops, beer (from Carolina Brewing Company), and food, too!


1-2 / Tin Star

2-3 / Magic Babies

3-4 / Dirty Little Heaters

4-5 / Kenny Roby’s Mercy Filter

5-6 / The Loners

DJ Midnite Cowbwoy will be spinning between the sets.

Julie Armbruster, Matthew Barton, Gabriella Corter, Captive Collective, Johanna Ely, Sivana Gur, Celia Gray, Abie Harris, Emily Soldin Howard, Curtis Krueger, Clifton May, Sonya Coulson Rook, Ronnie Tomany, and Lauren Turner. 

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  • sally
    05/13 03:35 PM

    Wow - For a minute there, I thought you said “Locopops Beer.” I’m still thinking of the flavor combinations….....

  • Jason!
    05/13 04:00 PM

    Hatin’ on Artsplosure; stay classy guys!

  • Skillet
    05/13 04:10 PM

    On Saturday you can hit The Pour House for Insplosure from noon - 5. Local artists selling their wares… Paul Friedrich, Caitlin Cary and more. Full liquor bar and air conditioning!

  • sasquatch
    05/13 05:13 PM

    me get stick wedged between toenail and toe while getting to friendly wif racoon on saturday night. doctor owl say i be alright by sunday,tell me to lay off mushroom juice.racoon look pretty good when sasquatch get all geeked up on mushroom juice,but he squeal like pig when me try to mount him. oh well me try behave on sunday at rebus fest.

  • Meredith
    05/14 01:15 PM

    I’d rather go to Artsplosure thanks. Lonnie Walker and Sunfold get my vote over these bands….

  • Brett
    05/14 01:22 PM

    Me too, Meredith.

  • a-drizzle
    05/14 01:38 PM


  • eddie
    05/14 06:40 PM

    ^x3 sure your entitled to your opinion,but why are you 3 making a point to dis on this event, have you ever attended it? granted you should support what you like,why not leave it at that…you hipster douche bag types kill me sometimes grow a beard grab your tightest pants and move to williamsburg already.yes i am in one of these bands,the loners to be exact, and i’m sure you guys hate us and thats all good cause everybody has those things called taste and preference,but why use what you deem cool to rip on things you don’t even like , why go there?...i’m so uncool and confused.maybe you kids could enlighten me as to why i should like things i don’t really like.high school was along time ago and i wasn’t cool then either…enjoy artsplosure i’m sure you will.

  • salley
    05/14 08:01 PM

    eddie i agree with you about ripping on things you don’t like- calling artsplosure “fartsplosure” included.

  • Pepper
    05/14 11:29 PM

    If my calculations are correct, all of the artists and bands at Rebus Works (and Insplosure) are Raleigh based…..few, IF ANY, at Artspace are…. give your money to the local cause, not big bad voodoo not from Raleigh and some random artist from Colorado.

  • carrboro ninja
    05/15 12:58 AM

    let’s go back to our corners for a sec, I think some clarifications may help. Artsplosure is a big big event with music on Saturday and Sunday from a ton of un-relevant other-worldly bands EXCEPT for a few local heroes like Lonnie Walker and Sunfold who are equal in importance to the local culture as The Loners and DLH. Lonnie Walker and The Loners were BOTH in the 2009 N&O Great 8 as a matter of fact.

    So that said, their is very little chance that Tim was directing this article to Lonnie Walker and Sunfold, even though it that’s where it landed. I’d also bet that Meredith, Brett, and a-drizzle are posting out of support for LW and SF, not artsplosure.

    We live in an awesome local music culture and every DAY we have to make hard choices on which bands to go see, this isn’t any different.

    I blogged about Lonnie Walker in December: http://secretcarrboroninjapatrol.blogspot.com/2008/12/show-review-lonnie-walker.html

    and The Dirty Little Heaters in March: http://secretcarrboroninjapatrol.blogspot.com/2009/03/show-review-dirty-little-heaters.html

    Both are awesome and shouldn’t be missed. Have fun deciding. =SMILES)

  • oakcity
    05/15 09:48 AM

    we should all meet up down by the concrete plant and railroad tracks and have a rock fight!!

    ROCK FIGHT!!!!!

    but then again, the loners would win, so whats the point, gimme, gimme that revolution fellas.

  • amber
    05/15 12:47 PM

    artspace and artsplosure are unrelated entities. negativity about any arts related event is detrimental to the energy of the creative community. we should celebrate living in an area that offers (and is able to support) several unique arts events IN ONE WEEKEND.

  • sarah
    05/15 01:07 PM

    agreed, amber.  from artsplosure to insplosure to the bain project and rebusfest, it’s exciting that raleigh can support such a wide range of arts events. while each may not be interesting to every person, there is, hopefully, something for everyone.  hooray for a raleigh arts weekend!

  • rich
    05/15 01:29 PM

    internet serious business.

  • rebus works
    05/17 12:40 AM

    Due to the predicted rain, RebusFest is postponed until Sunday, May 31st.

  • tito
    05/29 05:08 PM

    as if it wasn’t enough that they tried to ruin artsplosure, why does rebusfest hate downtown live and that thing going on at the lincoln too?

  • oakcity
    05/29 06:00 PM


  • Scott O.
    05/31 02:11 AM

    UPDATE:  Raleigh’s The Static Minds are now slated to play the 3:00 slot instead of The Dirty Little Heaters.

  • Scott O.
    05/31 02:01 PM


    1-2 / Gray Young

    2-3 / Magic Babies

    3-4 / Kenny Roby’s Mercy Filter

    4-5 / The Static Minds

    5-6 / The Loners

    DJ Midnite Cowbwoy will be spinning between the sets.

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