521 Studies Future Islands Video

521 Studies Future Islands Video

March, 11, 2010, by Ladye Jane

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Last Saturday night, a group of us caravaned to the Nightlight in Chapel Hill for the Future Islands show. Front man Sam Herring’s energy visibly vibrated throughout the crowd, resulting in a fantastic night of music. There to capture the intensity was Raleigh filmmaker Tim Kiernan of 521 Studies. He shot a lot of footage that night, so here’s hoping to see more of it soon *hint hint, Tim*.

The song featured is “An Apology” off their new album, In Evening Air, which drops May 4th.

/AN APOLOGY/ from 521studies on Vimeo.

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  • Jedidiah
    03/12 11:05 AM

    Best song on a fantastic album. Beautiful video Tim.

  • stockard channing
    03/12 12:12 PM

    I wanna say big ups to Tim and big ups to Laura’s hand.

  • Brittain
    03/15 11:21 AM

    I enjoy the music, the lights, and the video. Who is that in the white hat?

  • jt
    03/16 04:00 PM

    this album is absolutely dominating me lately.  great video to boot, well done.

  • Lloyd
    03/18 12:37 PM

    Excellent video, beautiful really. I want to see them live again so bad right now. What’s up with no Asheville shows on this tour?

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