A Few Hopscotch Show Previews Including Fucked Up, Future Islands and Bowerbirds

A Few Hopscotch Show Previews Including Fucked Up, Future Islands and Bowerbirds

June, 24, 2010, by Jedidiah

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The lineup for the Indy Week’s Hopscotch Music Festival was announced back in March and then added to in May. While the lineup is fantastic, some folks have been screaming to hear who is playing when, where and with which other bands.

Of course we know who will play the big City Plaza shows and a little hint of a show was mentioned in the last lineup announcement with 9th Wonder and Raekwon putting on a show together on Friday, Sept. 10, at Lincoln Theatre. Nearly a dozen local groups will join that bill, including Actual Proof, The Away Team, Big Remo, Kaze, K-Hill, Rapsody, The Remix Project, Skyzoo and Tyler Woods. The full announcement on all of the show times, locations and bands will come in a few weeks, but until then, we have a few shows to announce for you, both at Berkeley Cafe on Martin Street.

On Thursday night (Sept 9th), the Future Islands curated show will feature a handful of up and coming electronic artists including Pictureplane, Double Dagger, Ear Pwr and Javelin (who are signed to David Byrne’s world-music Luaka Bop label). Future Islands shows are typically sweat filled dance parties at Berkeley Cafe and this one will be no exception, especially with Pictureplane’s raw jungle beats and the bubblegum electro-pop of Ear Pwr, while Double Dagger should shift those dance moves into an aggressive punk strut.

Friday (Sept 10th) brings the noise back to Berkeley, something it is well known for. Between Fucked Up, Harvey Milk, Double Negative and Whatever Brains, I’m quite sure that either A: Berkeley may have to repair some furniture and walls or B: you may head down to the ear doctor on Saturday for some repair yourself. Local noise engineers Whatever Brains will be playing the night before at Local Beer, Local Band at Tir Na Nog as well.

Also, according to MyNC, Friday September 10th will also feature a showcase at The Pour House with Bowerbirds and Ryan Gustafson as well as Merge recording artist Richard Buckner and Brooklyn’s Sharon Van Etten.

These are only a tease of some of the amazing shows that will happen in those few (whirlwind) days in September. Each night will be a challenging choice considering all of the talent that will be packed all of the downtown venues.

Shows will all start around the same time or after the City Plaza shows end. All of these shows will be festival passes only so jump over to the Hopscotch website and grab one.

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  • Droppin' F-bombs is fun
    06/24 10:36 PM

    Was it fun using “Fucked Up” in the headline? I had fun using it in this comment.

  • Will
    06/25 09:52 AM

    Excited to welcome Harvey Milk back to Raleigh. Band is awesome.

  • Bill
    06/25 12:48 PM

    I’m excited about this Hopscotch bizness.  It’s going to put Raleigh on the googlemap.

  • Jorge Peters
    06/26 01:36 PM

    Jungle gets thrown on anything with breakbeats now?  What’s next; Future Islands’ UK Garage?  Asshole pedantry over with I have to say I’m really excited for this show just not expecting any “jungle.”

  • Scrodak
    06/26 01:41 PM

    Jungle inspired maybe, don’t be an cock smoke Jorge.

  • Cool
    06/28 06:59 PM

    its so cool yall used FUCK on your hedline. my parents are alsywa telling me not to use that but they luv this site so i wonder how they will fill now! FUCK YEAH NEW RALIGH!

    wats the big deal with that word anyway. it’s just a WORD!

    WORD! New Raleigh!

  • tk
    07/01 11:10 AM

    Don’t forget Active Child opening for Islands at the cradle!! Friday night!

  • Insufferable Hipster Douchebag
    07/04 06:57 PM

    Have to agree Jorge. I just listened to Pictureplane’s demo from the Hopscotch site. Wouldn’t call that jungle at all. It’s EDM but has none of the hallmarks of jungle. I’d maybe say it’s kinda dubsteppy at best.

  • Jorge Peters
    07/06 11:06 AM

    Exactly.  Even when he sounds obviously influenced by old school jungle his beats are running around 130 bpm rather than 160+ of jungle.  I think he would prefer trip-step.

  • GentleReader
    07/08 03:08 PM

    Realized I am now old in that I had to research “jungle”. Then listened to PicturePlane. Not jungle. What’s the new term for insipid boring crap?

  • OldeSchool
    07/08 04:42 PM

    On a side note, decided to check out the Hopscotch lineup, read some descriptions, listen to some songs. When did it become standard for band reviewers to write such god-awful dreck? How in the world are you supposed to figure out what these bands are like? One quote: “Live, Bellafea‚Äôs committed trio bristles and trembles. They bridge their own contradictions, deriving joy from painful memories, and spinning action from anxiety. “

    WTF? How about, “interesting music, great live show!” or “low-key, grab a beer and sit back and enjoy”, or even “they suck”. I challenge every single one of you to pick a random band on the list, read the review, and not want to stab the reviewer in the eye. For all you reviewers, please wear a badge at Hopscotch saying “I reviewed this band”, so that I can kick you in the shin. Thanks!

  • Bill
    07/08 04:45 PM

    Yes, they should revise all the band descriptions to say:  “Don’t miss these guys.  See them at Hopscotch.  And drink lots of sponsor beer while you do it.”

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