A New Discovery

A New Discovery

May, 27, 2011

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If you've lived in Downtown Raleigh during its rehabilitation over the past few years you know that despite the abundance of new restaurants and places to perch at a bar and grab a beer, there are a few things missing. Retail is still an enigma and despite the multiple music venues in the downtown area, there are almost zero places to dance. Since its inception this February, the monthly Discovery dance party at King's Barcade has been trying to change one of those things.


Words by Meredith Burgess; photos by Tyrone Demery

I first heard about Discovery through a good friend and DJ, Henry Lancaster. The party has been generating a lot of buzz in downtown Raleigh as of late, and it's definitely promoting itself as one of the best dance parties at this venue. For a while, Five Star’s Dirty Mega dance party was the place to be—not only because it was on First Friday, but because it was one of the biggest dance parties downtown. With Discovery occurring later in the month, the downtown scene now has a second party to attend. There's a fairly wide age range checking it out, from about 18 to 30, and based on the number of attendees I've witnessed there's a chance that Discovery could outgrow Kings.

Discovery provides what you would expect from a party—it's a place to dance, drink, hang out, and listen to music—but it also provides the chance for Raleigh’s downtown to feel more like a community. Downtown Raleigh can feel very small, and at the same time spread out. Events like Discovery bring us together.

I would recommend Discovery to anyone looking to explore downtown Raleigh nightlife, especially anyone of a younger demographic. Go to see friends, meet new people, and support a growing creative community in downtown Raleigh. And if Discovery ever decides to expand to two parties a month, they shouldn't have any trouble filling the space.


Maybe a dedicated dance venue is in Downtown Raleigh's near future. We can only hope.

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  • Phillo
    05/27 12:39 PM

    Honestly, the last thing downtown needs is a dance club.  There is enough douchebaggery on Glenwood without introducing that breed of dance club douchebaggery to downtown proper.

  • k
    05/27 12:51 PM

    don’t worry philio, there’s still fubar.

  • 150
    05/27 01:21 PM

    Be honest, NR.  You work for PBR, don’t you?

  • Hidden Cat
    05/27 01:28 PM

    there are far too many kinds of “dance club douchebaggery” for your comment to hold any weight. there are also plenty of dance clubs free of any “douchebaggery” altogether. I think Kings and Discovery do a great job of emulating those sort of clubs. Its been pretty clear every month that people are there to have a great time, not to size up the rest of the crowd. That being said, Kings isn’t a dance club by design. A proper club setting with a proper club sound system would be a big step towards embracing the creative energy surrounding electronic music that has sprung up in Raleigh in recent years. Fingers crossed yall.

  • disco-very
    05/27 03:31 PM

    Stop by our site yall. Next party is June 24th.


  • Tony Woodard
    05/27 05:25 PM

    I stopped dancing when I turned thirty. Though, I would consider starting back if it improved my chances of getting a piece of that sweet little hipster DJ in the black Members Only jacket.

  • tito
    05/29 07:06 AM

    almost no places to dance? yeesh, i think the writer means no place to dance where someone will appreciate the irony of your clothes without thinking youre a vagrant. there are at least ten dance clubs downtown.

  • tyronedemery
    05/29 12:31 PM

    The Discovery will not be televised

  • frank
    05/31 10:53 AM

    Hipsters and PBR!

  • Ral
    05/31 10:55 AM

    Willy Joy is fun! And Tony- I think he is taken!

  • not lord walrus
    05/31 01:54 PM

    dirty mega is da best! ughhhh na na na. i hate edwinnnnn.

  • thisgirl26
    06/02 02:22 PM

    June 24th - I’M THERE!

    I love the Discovery dance parties. I like that everyone posting keeps saying that there are sooo many dance clubs downtown? Where? The old Two T’s? The jam packed hallway of the Busy Bee’s upstairs filled with fratty/underage State kids? Isaac Hunter’s 10ft by 10ft dancefloor that is literally right in front of the two speakers?

    Discovery is the jam, I had the best time ever. The music is pure electricity running through me. Everyone is just there to have a good time and dance to great music!

  • Ben
    06/02 11:41 PM

    Yeah, this event is fantastic. Props to NR for picking up on it. The 18-30 age range is spot on; I attended the second one, am 34, and felt a little too old. But the crowd is less hipster than eclectic, definitely not douchey, and there to get down. Any 20-something electronic music lover (or general lover of a good time) should check it out. The only thing is, King’s has no bass. An acoustically-correct venue with a stack of dual-18s would make the event perfect. Go Raleigh.

  • spclgst
    06/03 11:41 PM

    edwin is so dreamy…....

  • scoop
    06/06 07:59 PM

    neptunes has made my thighs burn a few times, especially after first fridays.  other than the douchebag working the door last friday around midnight, that place is fantastic.

  • David
    06/12 04:56 PM

    Hey scoop I work the door every Friday
    and my name is David Eichenberger. What’s yours?

  • the exorciser
    06/12 10:08 PM

    scoopie, that door douche is our babyface and only we can call him that.  we don’t wait in stinky line cause we’re real hot.  we settle this with a dance off friday at midnight, if you can get in.  i will wait for your favorite song about dougie and look for burning thighs.  if I win then you go to jackpot.  you winning is impossible because I am in a dance troupe.

  • Susannah
    06/17 05:04 AM

    That?s more than sneisble! That?s a great post!

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