A Night For Spyk

April, 28, 2009, by David

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The folks at the Raleigh Times are raising money for Ian Spyk Quick’s family and holding an informal memorial tonight.  Stop by and send some money their way.  From 5pm - Midnight. 

We here at The Times and Empire Eats lost a dear friend and cook, Spyk. We are heartbroken.

The Times will be closed tomorrow Tuesday 28th for lunch. We will reopen at 5pm for a buffet style dinner service to remember our friend and coworker. The buffet will be on us however we are recommending donations to SpyK’s family. All other proceeds will be donated from the bar and coffee shop. Thank you Greg and all friends.

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  • Brittany Quick
    05/23 05:01 PM

    Thank you for caring so much about my brother…
    He was worth every minute of your time…

  • Brittany Quick
    05/30 02:46 PM

    please n e one who was affected by my brother and inspired in n e way please write a letter short or long telling the judge and court system how my brother changed your life….that’s what he did best even if u didn’t realize it he was doing it…not one person that met my brother will ever be the same again, even if it was just for a second.

    I want them to know how many ppl cared and still care and how many ppl’s lives will never be the same because of my brother coming into their lives and because of what Gavin hawk did….intentional or not it happened he admitted it and he wasn’t man enough to even go back to my brother WHO HE LEFT IN THE STREET LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH LIKE HE WAS NOBODY AND NOTHING or turn himself in.

    everyone also gets a chance to get something off their chest…u can even write a letter to my brother…write whatever u feel…ppl need to see these kinda things…..

    I Love you Ian

    and if n e one u know has been killed in a similar situation or not just take a moment to speak their name(s) and know that me and my family will not stop till justice is served for my bro and all the past lives and future lives that have been and will be lost to bastards like gavin hawk…...

    I am in the process of trying to get n e 1 I can in an official office to back me on changing the law in NC so that it better serves the ppl of NC. I can’t do it alone I need your help….
    I’ll keep everyone posted so I can have feedback.

    Thank you,
    Brittany Quick
    and Quick Family.

    for n e 1 who will be typing their letter on their computer you can send them to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    n e 1 mailing them I have yet to get the address
    right now my mother and sister are spreading some ashes in St.Augustine because that was 1 of the many places that he lived in and loved.
    when I do get the address I will post it a.s.a.p…..until then n e 1 who is going to take part in my request u can start getting your letter 2gether and set them aside for when I get the proper address.
    as well as the judges name….u may address it Dear Honorable Judge if u’d like or leave the name blank till I get it it’s up to you.

    Thanks again,
    The Quick family and friends

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