A/V Geeks: VD Isn’t Just For Valentine’s Day

February, 11, 2009, by Tim

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Valentine’s Day got you down? Burned by a past lover? It may not be just what the doctor ordered, but Skip Elsheimer has assembled a collection of vintage films that may aide your ailing heart. At 8:00 on Sunday night, February 15th, A/V Geeks will feature VD Isn’t Just For Valentine’s Day at Tir Na Nog. There will also be a screening at the Center for Documentary Studies in Durham on Thursday, February 26th at 7pm.

In honor of those sticky, itchy days after Valentine’s Day, the A/V Geeks share their favorite film genre - venereal disease films. Each film is a mini melodrama of sin, sex and sores. Films include Casual Encounters Of The Infectious Kind, VD - Play It Safe, More Common Than Measles And Mumps and more. Suggested donation $5.

A/V Geeks is the result of one man’s irrational passion, Skip Elsheimer, who owns over 20,000 16mm educational and industrial films harvested from the fertile grounds of school auctions, thrift stores, closets and dumpsters. Skip is based out of Raleigh but does travel from time to time, taking his show to venues ranging from rock and roll dive bars to museums. Skip has converted many of the films to digital media, readily available at his online archive.  All suggested donations support the digitization process.

A/V Geeks has also issued a call for entries for The Natural Horror Picture Show Make Your Own Movie Trailer Festival. Learn more about the contest and see classic horror trailers in the video below.

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