A Video Introduction to Raleigh City Farm

January, 20, 2011, by Jedidiah

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We told you last week about the Raleigh City Farm proposal on Blount Street in downtown and now we've been sent a promo video for the project. Check out interviews with the crew and ideas behind the farm in the clip below. 


Raleigh City Farm from Laurel Varnado on Vimeo.

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Raleigh City Farm


  • Rusty
    01/20 01:06 PM

    Permaculture FTW.

  • Tony Woodard
    01/20 09:17 PM

    Everything I read about this sounds wonderful, but that kid in me that had to slave away in the garden through the heat of many summers cries bullshit. I grew up on a farm and having a garden large enough to feed just a small family is incredibly hard work. It’s great they are doing this, and more power to them, but I worked damn hard to get out of that cornfield and think anyone who longs to get back to it must be naive or a masochist.

  • smitty
    01/22 05:01 PM

    Why does this have to be downtown?  There is actual farmland less than 5 miles away.

  • Teelinyoulikeitis
    01/22 06:33 PM

    I like people like smitty who gripe about this being downtown. As if they prefer a vacant lot put to no use instead. Much like this lot has been for the past five years.

    Yeah, Yeah, I know .... some developer should build something there. Well why haven’t they already? Smitty, downtown Raleigh will welcome your million$ of investment.

    What are you waiting for?

  • smitty
    01/22 06:48 PM

    I like you too, Teelinyoulikeitis.  I hope you can come up with a better reason than it’s better than a vacant lot.  I don’t really care that it’s downtown, but it seems awfully silly considering how rural most of Wake county is.

  • Tellinyoulikeitis
    01/24 11:05 AM

    I don’t need to come up with a better reason. The folks proposing the urban farm already have. That’s what the video is for. :)

  • stacistarlight
    02/07 12:59 PM

    I’m excited about this effort and would like to volunteer a few hours a week this spring/summer. I live about a block from the Blount St site. :)

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