Ahpeele Prints Raleigh Tees, Hosts Lonnie Walker CD Party


May, 26, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Adam and Hiromi Peele (collectively Ahpeele) have a couple of new shirts for their hometown homies. The new Raleigh Birds shirt features two cardinals sitting in a nicely colored


tree with the words Raleigh sprawled across the branches. It comes in a couple of different color options, including black, plum, and grey. A great addition to your wardrobe for the Spring, Summer and Fall. Rock out with yer Raleigh out!

Currently it’s only available in women’s sizes but they are gauging interest in the mens category. If you are interested, let us know in the comments section. And if you aren’t that into prancing around with the name of the city you live in on your chest, check out the rest of their store on etsy or visit them on Capital Boulevard.

Now that FM Goods is leaving and Ahpeele have their own shop on Capital Boulevard, they can continue to hosts artists, bands and DJs at their new spot…and actually make somewhere on Capital Boulevard a hip destination. So long Glenwood South.

This coming Saturday, they will host a CD release party for Lonnie Walker’s new LP, These Times Old Times, which will be released on the locally based Terpsikhore Records. The party gets started at Schoolkids in the afternoon and continues on into the night at the Peele’s shop. They will also be hosting a “flea market/art/party thingy” soon, so stay tuned.

Saturday, May 30th, is Lonnie Walker day.  The festivities start with the official in-store CD release show at School Kids Records at 5 p. m. The new record will be available for purchase there and it will be a perfect opportunity to support a great local band and a important local music shop.

The unofficial release party will be held later that night at the Ahpeele screenprinting/art studio space at 400 Capital Blvd. Doors open at 9 p.m., featuring a special set from Lonnie Walker to be followed by a night of DJ’s and dancing.

Ahpeele at Black Flower

Ahpeele at Amore’s Pizza




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  • ian
    05/27 01:53 AM

    Cool. I’d definitely be interested in a men’s shirt.

  • revolu
    05/27 09:35 AM

    yea i’d probably wear one…

  • broccolin
    05/27 12:47 PM

    Yeah, I’d wear one too

  • this is your wonderland
    05/27 02:11 PM

    i’d buy one for my boyfriend in a minute! headed to etsy to buy mine now…

  • meekerforpresident
    05/27 03:01 PM

    I heard the city is suing for copyright infringement

  • Jeb
    05/27 03:15 PM

    your boyfriend is gonna be pissed.

  • Matt
    05/27 03:25 PM

    Isn’t there something inherently dorky about wearing a t-shirt with your city’s name on it?  Even if it is well-designed.  Hell, even more so if it is well designed, because then you can’t just claim the kitsch factor.

  • Brian
    05/27 04:41 PM

    Dorky shirts for boys.  Yes.

  • smitty
    05/27 11:11 PM

    Those don’t look like oak leaves.

  • ford
    05/27 11:37 PM

    i’d wear a guys shirt, but not in raleigh

  • JTT
    05/27 11:48 PM

    Would totally wear that the next time I go to Durham.

  • AberZombie
    05/28 02:13 AM

    no offense, but… this shirt design is too busy..  The Raleigh is almost unnoticable..

  • Bart
    05/28 05:12 PM

    You’re writing comments on New Raleigh—you’re already a dork. Own your dorkiness and wear whatever t-shirt you friggin’ want to!

    oh by the way, AberZombie, if you really meant no offense, why did you offer your unsolicited opinion? I think the subtlety is nice and appropriate.

  • ATW
    05/28 06:03 PM

    Like the t-shirt.  Just wish they had an X available in front of their Large size…

  • thwack
    05/28 08:56 PM

    “sitting in a nicely colored oak tree with the words Raleigh sprawled across the branches.”

    ummm.. those definitely aren’t oak leaves.

  • AdAm peele
    05/29 12:10 PM

    sorry i know i wanted to do oak leaves
    but they just didnt look good at that size
    and raleigh’s other trees need time to shine

  • Betsy
    05/29 01:42 PM

    love it.  has a great vibe.  love the typography.

    and of course it’s cool to wear your city on your tee.  placelessness is so 20th century.

  • thwack
    05/30 01:11 PM

    sorry adam i wasn’t trying to attack the shirt design (which is very beautiful by the way). i was just being picky about the writing of the article, but i see that’s been corrected now. (:

  • Jaclyn
    06/03 04:12 PM

    I WANT ONE!  Love it!  New designs :)

  • Tony Woodard
    06/25 09:18 PM

    I would like to point out that as arbiter of taste here, I have known of the beauty of this shirt for quite awhile. Bravo, Ahpheele! I would also recommend keeping the girls only sizing, it makes it even more fashionable for a guy to wear.

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