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The Future of Peace Street

September, 05, 2008, by Jedidiah

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It has been a while since we have seen a good marketing video in the Raleigh area.  A couple have tried but missed by a mile.  But with the new animated video for the Frank Harmon designed AIA Headquarters, a simple and nicely crafted product has been created.

The film starts with a red and white graphic that becomes building as logo.  This graphic will become the marketing front of the new AIA Headquarters and it represents the design well. The entire video is digitally animated, from the television screen to the “basswood model” of the building on the conference table. Halfway through the video, the basswood model turns to a more realistic rendering of the building and surrounding streetscape.

The main camera drives up and down various streets adjacent to the site and shows what the building would look like when completed. It shows the building and site well, but sadly doesn’t offer any renderings of the interior space.

The animation mimics a mobius strip’s path, traveling from the television screen to the physical model and finally into the rendered version before reversing back to the wood model and ending with the television screen displaying sketches of the building and the animation firm’s name, Blue Lime. A loop from beginning to end with a sleek result that is very compelling. Nothing fancy, nothing gimmicky, just a simple representation of the place and its surroundings.

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If the video above doesn’t play for you, click here to see a full screen version.

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  • DPK
    09/05 02:39 PM

    I agree, that was a wonderful visual and the music really set the mood.

  • Travis
    09/05 03:19 PM

    Very neat video, but is the actual building the best thing that could be built there?

  • Aaron
    09/05 07:30 PM

    Really awesome modern, chic building. You really don’t see a lot of that in the Triangle.

  • chad
    09/05 09:04 PM

    I was one of the people who worked on this animation and I appreciate you taking the time to review the animation. The main reason the video didn’t include any interiors was that they hadn’t been designed yet. We were under the gun to get the animation finished prior to the North Carolina AIA conference, so we couldn’t wait for the architects to finish.

  • Ryan
    09/05 09:50 PM

    Jed, I have to disagree.  This seems anything but simple.  The renderings are so amazing and complex!  Despite being completely over Frank Harmon, I have to say this rendering made me the tiniest bit excited to have this building in OUR neighborhood.  East Side…

  • Tony
    09/05 09:57 PM

    Nice video, average building.  Again, downtown Raleigh missed an opportunity for a tall signature building, would have been an ideal location for a tall work of art (and would have fit in the area).

  • Aaron
    09/06 03:57 AM

    Again, here we go with the “tall signature tower” complaints. Look, just because this beautiful piece of art and architecture isn’t thirty or forty stories tall doesn’t mean it isn’t special in any way.

    I myself think that this structure is damn well “signature”. How many of these type buildings do you see in downtown? None. None that I’ve seen.

    Was there even room for a tall building there? Was there enough demand? How about the location? Was it desirable enough? You can’t just plop a huge building anywhere you want. There are definitely several factors that go into that process.

  • Christopher Triplett
    09/08 01:03 PM

    Tonic’s entry was far more creative.  Although I recognize Frank Harmon as a great architect, this structure is very unimaginative.  It’s a box with a catawampus roof.  Scaled down and placed somewhere is Raleigh’s infill, it would make an interesting residence.
    Shouldn’t an AIA headquarters have a good sized campus where outdoor projects can be put on display?
    Does anyone else think it’s too close to the road and looks a tad out of place and a little small in the shadow of the Archdale Building?
    I would guess 10 other things before I guessed it was an AIA building.  Or would its lack of real creativity actually make guess it was right off the bat?

  • Fred
    09/08 05:12 PM

    Ugly ugly ugly. Granted the space that they’re working with has to contend with backdrop of corbusian nightmare backdrop (the state govt complex), but why add to a misanthropic environment with this kind of imposing crap? If the Death Star had a trailer for its contractors to work out of, this would be it.

  • Mike
    09/08 10:57 PM

    Whatever about the building… its their call.  If this is North Carolina’s showcase of architecture then so be it.  BUT WHY THE SURFACE PARKING???

  • Dev
    09/09 12:37 AM

    I’m usually not very critical of architecture (since I am the least bit artistic).  But this building is a lil.. err… ugly.  They had a design competition and picked this two story trailer looking thing over something like -Tonic Design Entry?-  Come on?  If we are building a “new” city, where are our new city buildings?  The building designs that usually are worthy of constructing are so often overlooked in favor of non-characteristic square buildings… geez.

  • TSnow27604
    09/10 12:38 AM

    As with all things, I think maybe the small hurdle of the budget came into play.

  • Christopher Triplett
    09/10 12:58 AM

    Like I always say:  If you can’t afford to build it right then you can’t afford to build it at all.

  • Heather Vance
    09/12 12:42 AM

    Thanks for the nice reviews, and we hope everyone takes time to visit us in the Water Tower before we move as well as when we open the doors for the new AIA North Carolina Center for Architecture and Design. (It’s got an official name!)

    Anyone interested in more info can feel free to call me - (919 833-6656, or send an email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    Just a minor correction: although the building section is nice…its not the logo. We have a different logo and information available on our capital campaign(we have to raise about $2M to get this built!)at your request. Just give me a call.


    Heather Vance
    Director of Programs and Communications, AIANC

  • hmmm....
    09/18 09:23 PM


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