Andy’s Burgers Coming to Cameron Village?

November, 12, 2008, by Acree

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This sign for Andy’s Burgers, Shakes and Fries was spotted on a truck in Cameron Village outside the new Noodles & Co., where construction has been underway for months.

Andy’s Burgers, Shakes and Fries is a North Carolina chain of old-fashioned, 1950s diner-style, burger restaurants. You may have visited one in Eastern North Carolina on the way to the coast and tried their authentic Carolina-style shrimp burgers.

But what is an Andy’s sign doing in Cameron Village? And where is it headed?

UPDATE: Andy’s Real Estate department says that as of now they have no plans to open another Raleigh location. The sign remains a mystery.

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  • hackles10
    11/12 02:31 PM

    I hope its staying in the Cameron Village Area!!!!!!

  • CarnifeX
    11/12 03:18 PM

    Cheese-steak ftw.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    11/12 09:19 PM

    I had heard there was going to be some sort of “dogs” joint coming - hot dog and fries kind of place? May have read it on or Sue Stock’s Taking Stock. Maybe Andy’s got the spot instead?

  • MMI
    11/13 03:03 AM

    In the picture, the truck is clearly offloading *something,* as the stabilizers have been deployed to steady the truck.  Still, if they were dropping off the “Andy’s” sign, I’d suspect it was being installed then, too, and it wasn’t up as of 1:30am (when I just happened to be leaving the VD House).

  • Dana
    11/13 01:55 PM

    Andy’s is not coming to Cameron Village. The sign company that Noodles & Co. and Andy’s hired was out on a multi-job run.

  • Jedidiah
    11/13 02:50 PM


    Did you read our update when you posted your comment?

  • kg
    11/13 04:37 PM

    ok, can someone get on the horn and figure out how to get an andy’s here?  love cameron village but i’d like something between the cameron pub and moe’s.  cheap but unique and not another chain.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    11/13 04:41 PM

    Friend of a friend who’s family with the owner has said that he’s super picky about where new location open up. To date, I don’t think I’ve seen any in a city this large. Garner might be the biggest…

  • Acree
    11/13 04:48 PM

    According to the website there is a location in Raleigh (on Falls River Rd.), but it is WAY north.

  • MMI
    11/14 02:39 AM

    ...and according to Google, there’s one on Harrison in Cary.

  • arthurb3
    11/17 05:35 PM

    Ewww, no fast-food type restaurants in Cameron Village would be nice!! Nasty, nasty food!

  • hackles10
    11/17 05:44 PM

    Arthur…if you can’t see the simple pleasure in an Andy’s Cheeseburger then I feel for you man. 

    It won’t happen anytime soon, but an Andy’s would be great in Cameron Village.  (In-and-Out would be the pinnacle, but thats not happening either!!)

  • MMI
    11/17 06:44 PM

    Don’t look now, Arthur, but there’s a Chik-fil-A going up next to McDonald’s.  You’re a wee bit too late.  Depending on your tastes, you might get upset at Moe’s being in CV, as well.

  • James
    11/18 04:42 PM

    hackles - I’m with you on the In-and-Out.  Now I’m going to be dreaming about Animal Style fries.  Damn.

  • hackles10
    11/18 04:50 PM

    I might fly to vegas tonight!  Animal Style all the way!

    Anybody heard anything about the Chik-fil-A…had heard rumors that the project was put on hold b/c of the economy.  Chik-fil-A would absolutely crush in that location!

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