Angelo’s Is Not Closing, Yet.  Soon to be Battistella’s Cajun Kitchen

November, 23, 2010, by David

Angelo’s Is Not Closing, Yet.  Soon to be Battistella’s Cajun Kitchen
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Rumors of Angelo’s Restaurant imminent closing began circling this week.  Contrary to those rumors, the city market establishment is saying that it will continue to serve its loyal clientele. 

Angelo’s has been a popular lunch spot for downtown workers for years, but a recent change in ownership means that things will certainly change.  The core management has mostly remained intact, and you will still see the same friendly faces when you come by.  When contacted a restaurant employee said, the restaurant will eventually go through a remodeling and “become something else.”  The restaurant staff couldn’t give us a date for when that change might happen.  The rumors say it will be early next year, and would come in the form of a cajun restaurant. Gumbo on Moore Square, sounds great to us.

Update:  We are hearing that it is going to be Battistella’s Cajun Kitchen which is currently located in the Crabtree Inn hotel behind Crabtree Mall.  While hidden away, Battistella has had a loyal following for years and expects to do very well with more exposure downtown. Battistella’s website confirms this with the following:

In preparation for our relocation to the City Market area of downtown Raleigh, Battistella’s has established new hours through the end of this year.  Beginning Friday, November 19, we will be open for dinner only on Fridays and Saturdays.  Seating is from 5:30 to 9 pm.

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  • Drew3D
    11/23 05:25 PM

    OMG Battistella’s New Orleans Kitchen is moving downtown!  Hells yeah!


    “In preparation for our relocation to the City Market area of downtown Raleigh…”

  • CtrlBurn
    11/23 05:42 PM

    I went to Angelo’s once.  It was decent, but the odd hours and cash-only policy didn’t encourage me to go back.

  • Phillo
    11/23 05:52 PM

    Ugh.  Another Cajun place in downtown. Just what we need.  ‘Tis a sad day.

  • smitty
    11/23 07:26 PM

    Better Cajun than pizza.

  • ben
    11/23 09:32 PM

    RIP best DTR cheesesteaks

  • Little Timmy
    11/24 09:34 AM

    Battistella’s is not just another Cajun place.  Once you get a load of Chef Brian’s food, you’ll say it’s the ONLY Cajun place around these parts.  Plus, you won’t meet a nicer bunch of people.  DTR wins!

  • e
    11/24 10:38 AM

    This just sucks.  I hate seeing the mom and pops continue to fall by the wayside.  This one I don’t get though—they’re always packed at lunch.  The salads at Angelo’s are tops, btw.

  • gd
    11/24 10:50 AM

    Whats another cajun place downtown outside of the terrible Big Easy?

  • JT#2
    11/24 11:23 AM

    Hate to admit it but the Big Sleazy is just awful.

  • jm
    11/25 12:33 PM

    I have been a loyal Angelo’s customer for years and I hate to see them go but after 20+ years I am sure Angelo will enjoy retirement!! I am a fan of cajun food as well so I will be trying Battistella’s, hopefully it will be a nice addition to downtown Raleigh.

  • mgd
    11/26 01:43 PM

    LOL you people are rocket sky-n-tists flying high next to Captain Obvious!

    There is already a Cajun restaurant in Moore Square AND they serve Gumbo.

  • Chris
    11/27 07:35 PM

    This is HUGE!!! Some of the best Cajun around. Can’t wait for them to be downtown (and while they aren’t a Mom and Pop operation, they are a Brother and Sister operation)

  • CF
    11/29 11:36 AM

    “The popular downtowner’s pizza retreat is staying Angelo’s for now.”

    Angelo’s doesn’t serve pizza.

  • natty p
    11/29 01:16 PM

    Where are all these pizza places downtown?

  • mgd
    11/29 02:59 PM

    I guess hipsters arent pizza people.  Wasnt there a pizza place on Martin St?

  • TheeChrisDee
    11/30 11:32 PM

    Battistella’s is awesome, I’d say its New Orleans cuisine rather than just Cajun.  Easily the best Red Beans and Rice I’ve ever had outside of New Orleans.  I think the chef used to cook at Commanders Palace in NOLA before Katrina hit.  Hopefully they’ll stay open late, nothing better than a Po’Boy after a night of drinking/rocking.

    12/03 11:24 AM

    Best cajun food I have had in the triangle is Papa Mojo’s in RTP.  Its right next to Sarah’s empanadas(also great) and Thai Lanna(pretty good) in a strip mall(like all great triangle restaurants).  Havent tried Battistellas despite living right up the street from them for 3 years.  Their location is terrible.  If the chef came from Commanders Palace, then I definitely have been missing out.

  • Joe
    12/19 10:07 PM

    wow-as a downtown employee for the past 2 years I have come to love Angelos and especially the salads-that being said all things must change and I hope the comments re: the authenticity of the chef and food are true to heart as I have spent time in New Orleans and red beans and rice, gumbo are not the only things creole-hopefully they will offer a “true” taste of what the culture has to offer!

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