Annuals Release Such Fun Album Cover

Raleigh Band Gets the Bob Ross Treatment

September, 08, 2008, by Jedidiah

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Now that Annuals have braved Hanna and made it through the Raleigh Wide Open Festivities, they can get back to promoting their upcoming album, Such Fun, which comes out on October 7th. The album art looks to be inspired by the North Carolina mountains in the fall. I would assume this is because the album was recorded there last year. Then again, as one reader points out, it looks nothing like the NC Mountains

. Annuals confirm that it is a Bob Ross painting. Maybe it was that trip out West that was the true inspiration.

Such Fun Album Details

Annuals Tour with Minus the Bear, Play Lincoln Theatre

Such Fun:

1. Confessor
2. Hot Night Hounds
3. Springtime
4. Down the Mountain
5. Always Do
6. Talking
7. Hardwood Floor
8. Hair Don’t Grow
9. The Tape
10. Blue Ridge
11. Wake

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  • breigh
    09/08 07:53 PM

    Cool, thanks for the info!  But, these are not the NC mountains.  Those on the album art are nice and sharp, treeless and look really, really big.  Ours are round and not so high from being very old.  Maybe the Annuals had the NC mountains painted, realized they looked less mountainey than they hoped, and went with different mountains.

  • stacy
    09/08 07:57 PM

    I’m excited about this album.

  • Bungalow
    09/09 04:20 AM

    Quite a few blogs are saying that the album cover is a painting by none other than Bob Ross, who for many years hosted a PBS show on oil painting.  If this is true, the scene likely depicts mountains in Alaska, where Bob Ross lived for a number of years.

  • breigh
    09/09 04:06 PM

    I thought those trees looked exceptionally happy!

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