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November, 23, 2009, by Rusty

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Tiangle Modernist Houses has announced its first Architecture Movie Series. This four-part, monthly series will take place on Thursday nights at Galaxy Cinema in Cary, and is sponsored by Nowell’s Furniture. Advance tickets are $7.95 each, or $23.95 for all four films. They can also be purchased for $9.00 at the door, presuming of course that they don’t sell out.

Visual Acoustics - 2009 - December 10th, 2009

Documentary on Julius Shulman, world renowned photographer of 20th century architecture. The iconic images Shulman produced played a significant part in the rise, and flourishing of mid-century modernist architecture in America.

The Fountainhead - 1949 - January 14th, 2010

Based on Ayn Rand’s objectivist classic, The Fountainhead. This 1949 film is, to date, the only film adaptation of the novel. Chronicling the exploits of Howard Roark, an individualist young modernist architect, who chooses a life of obscurity over compromising his principles, all the while fighting against the tyrannical collectivist forces dominating his world.

The Lake House - 2006 - February 18th, 2010

A love story about Alex Wyler, an architect, and Kate Forster, a doctor, who communicate through time via the mailbox of a seemingly magical house designed by Wyler’s father.

Infinite Space - 2009 - March 18th, 2010

Documentary on architect John Lautner, whose California modernist houses have shown up in films like The Big Lebowski and Diamonds are Forever. Lautner’s lifelong goal was to create ‘architecture that has no beginning and no end.’

For more information on the film series, go to Triangle Modernist Houses.
Galaxy Cinema is located at 770 Cary Towne Boulevard.

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  • Todd Morman
    11/23 08:54 PM

    Wow, thanks for this pointer. The first film in the series, Visual Acoustics, has a 100 rating at Rotten Tomatoes: Honestly, most architects I actually meet tend to be insufferable, but I really love some of the classic modernist stuff.

  • Kim Weiss
    11/24 03:39 PM

    Beautiful spread! Thanks so much for helping to bring attention to this terrific series of films on modern architecture.

    And Todd:  You obviously haven’t met Raleigh architect Frank Harmon. He’s a gem.

  • Ladye Jane
    11/24 08:40 PM

    Yes! Well, to all but the Lake House. Really, the Lake House??

  • Mike Welton
    11/25 01:58 PM

    Once again, George Smart scores big.

  • louis
    11/29 09:33 AM

    yes it looks like a good series. i do however think that Kim Weiss should disclose that she is the paid publicist for Frank Harmon. wouldn’t that be the fair thing to do???

  • Todd Morman
    11/29 12:09 PM

    I’m glad to hear you say it, louis, because a comment I wrote that Kim’s shilling was “unseemly” seems to have been deleted. Seriously, if I was one of Kim’s clients, the absolute *last* thing I’d want her to do was praise me on a public site without disclosing I was paying her.

  • Rusty
    11/29 01:12 PM

    Todd, your previous comment was deleted because it was entirely off topic. Louis at least made reference to the film series about which the article is written.

    Anyone with an internet connection and half a brain, could have figured out who Kim Weiss is…

  • Todd Morman
    11/29 01:23 PM

    I definitely agree with Ladye Jane that the series’ inclusion of the horribly reviewed Lake House is a little bizarre. But both “Visual Acoustics” and “Infinite Space” look amazing; if the series continues, I hope it stays focused on quality.

    p.s. Rusty, Kim should have been upfront, and calling her out for shilling was directly on point to her comment. “Anyone could have Googled it” is a terrible fudge. It’s corrosive for PR people to hide their connections to clients on public sites; since Kim’s not all that famous there would be no reason for anyone who didn’t know she was Frank’s PR person to dig deeper.

  • Rusty
    11/29 01:42 PM

    Thanks for the additional effort there Todd. ;)

    As for the Lake House, I’m torn on it as an entry as well. The others seem like excellent choices for both Galaxy and this particular series, I have yet to see ‘My Architect’ - 2003, that would have been a nice fit. Or, if the reason for going for Lake House was a desire to break from the documentary / arthouse genre, ‘The Architect’ - 2006 was a promising looking drama focused on an architect whose massive housing complex has failed miserably, and he is brought face to face with that reality.

    I look forward to seeing this series, and whatever George has to offer for 2010.

  • SMF
    12/01 01:52 PM

    I googled Kim Wiess and it appears she also represents Nowells Furniture. They are sponsoring this event. That information hasn’t been disclosed yet. Is there a plug for Nowells in the near future?

  • Kim Weiss
    12/01 02:42 PM

    Gosh. I simple comment about a friend (I’ve known Frank Harmon for well over 20 years and only worked with him for the past 5) stirred a pot I didn’t intend to stir. I’m truly sorry. Yes, Frank Harmon Architect PA is a client of mine (blueplate pr). But that comment was made innocently and honestly about a man I’ve known and admired for many, many years. It was certainly not meant as “shilling.” Again, I apologize if I offended anyone. So, full disclosure: Triangle Modernist Houses is also a client of mine. Nowell’s is NOT. Are we OK now?

  • Jerry Nowell
    12/02 06:56 PM

    Nowell’s is not one of Kim Weiss’ clients, though I’d be happy to admit it if we were; she does excellent work.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that Nowell’s did pay for the privilege of sponsoring this film series. That said, I truly admire George Smart and appreciate the work that he is doing with TMH. And I believe that I am correct in saying that George likewise has genuine positive regard for Nowell’s. After all, our store was the first in North Carolina to offer modern furniture, doing so long before either George or I were born.

    No one needs to pay fans of modern design to speak highly of George, Kim, Frank Harmon, or
    —if I may be so bold—Nowell’s Contemporary Furniture. We’re all fans of good design in general, and natural allies in the cause of promoting modern design, in particular.

  • Todd Morman
    12/03 10:27 AM

    Fans of good design, unite. My beloved now-deceased cat used to eat out of Russel Wright bowls. :) There’s no doubt George deserves praise for putting this series together, Jerry. It still remains important for all of us to be upfront about paid connections when commenting here.

  • somaie
    02/08 05:19 AM

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  • Jerry Nowell
    01/25 02:35 PM

    Regarding my previous comment in which I said Nowell’s is not a client of Kim’s, we did become clients a couple of months ago, in part because of conversations she and I had arising from this thread on New Raleigh. I was impressed with her skills and integrity. Just want to make sure it is clear that my statement above was acurate at the time. Finally, thanks to every one who has come out for the movies. George Smart is—well—pretty darn smart. He does a great job with this and it is an honor to be a part.

  • Wayne Jones
    02/21 03:31 PM

    Talk about insufferable… you have to stir up trouble everywhere you go Todd?

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