Art to Wear 2010 Recap

April, 23, 2010, by Katie Little

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Upwards of 1,000 gathered last Wednesday at Reynolds Coliseum on the NC State campus for the 2010 Art to Wear Fashion Show.  It was the hot place to be on such a cool night!  The show, now in its 8th year, is a collaboration between NC State University’s College of Textiles and College of Design students.  ‘(The) eclectic show has always emphasized a fusion of art and fashion, making it anything but your typical fashion show.’

Highlights from the evening included motorcycles on the runway during College of Design major Jeremy Medlin’s “Moto Metal Mayhem” showcase, and Kirk Smith’s out-of-the-box garments fabricated using food packaging. Smith, a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences major, was an atypical candidate for the show.  His use of everything from pizza boxes to beer cans to create his fashions, not only succeeded, but was a huge hit with the audience!

Laura Maruzella’s collection “Color Me Free” showcased sculptural garments representing “when the human mind is set free.” Her use of colorful felt cording and an international representation of models was uplifting. Architecture student Margaret Jamison’s “Rebirth” collection borrowed characteristics of “newness from nature.”  And, Art and Design student Gennie Catastrophe’s mix of blues, whites, browns, & grey elements succeeded in creating a line representative of the waters of the ocean.

Chase Kennedy’s “Black Tie Psychosis”  was an evolution of men’s and women’s formalwear that transformed into a seductive drama of men and women who were gagged, bound and hand-cuffed. Keely Cansler, a senior, and Anni Albers Scholar, created an artful collection entitled “Marionettes in Modern Times.” Her collection was inspired by a trip to Prague last spring, where she discovered her fascination with marionettes. Similar in mood, Hannah Goff’s collection, “A Gothic Novel,” borrowed beautiful and nostalgic elements from the Victorian era, and juxtaposed ghostly ladylike amour with Frankenstein-inspired chic.

Natalie Bunch, a Landscape Architecture student, used inspiration from her recent trip to Ghana and the Dominican Republic to create her line for Art to Wear. Art and Design student Lauren Boynton’s collection was based the human perception of storms. Just like storms, themselves, her hand-dyed, hand-painted collection was an organic depiction of lightning, wind, and rain. Also drawing from nature, Kendal Leonard’s collection, “A Study On Flower Form,” used costume-structured garments to recreate an Alice-In-Wonderland-like “garden” on the runway.

Eleanor Hoffman, an Anni Albers Scholar, closed the show with her collection “Moon, Dance.”  Hoffman’s ethereal elements and use of silky silver and gray fabrics, lent her collection a transcendent quality, and helped to close the show on a magical note. The overall atmosphere of this year’s Art to Wear was one of romance and creativity.  The talent was enormous, and the crowd was left awestruck by the overall performance.

Chase Kennedy

Chase Kennedy 09Chase Kennedy 01Chase Kennedy 02Chase Kennedy 03
Chase Kennedy 04Chase Kennedy 05Chase Kennedy 06Chase Kennedy 07
Chase Kennedy 08Chase Kennedy 11Chase Kennedy 12Chase Kennedy 15
MG 6363MG 6369MG 6374MG 6377
MG 6380MG 6382MG 6404MG 6415
MG 6418MG 6424

Eleanor Hoffman

Eleanor Hoffman 02MG 6475MG 6454MG 6457
MG 6465MG 6481MG 6483

Gennie Catastophe

Gennie Catastophe 01Gennie Catastrophe 02Gennie Catastrophie 03MG 6148
MG 6145MG 6148MG 6158MG 6161

Hannah Goff

Hannah Goff 01Hannah Goff 03Hannah Goff 04Hannah Goff 05
Hannah Goff 09Hannah Goff 10Hannah Goff 12Hannah Goff 14
Hannah Goff 15MG 6274MG 6278MG 6283
MG 6284MG 6290MG 6298MG 6300
MG 6304

Jeremy Medlin

Jeremy Medlin 01Jeremy Medlin 02MG 6092MG 6096
MG 6100MG 6107

Keely Cansler

Keely Cansler 06Keely Cansler 07MG 6337MG 6346
MG 6339MG 6340MG 6344MG 6345
MG 6348MG 6349MG 6353MG 6355

Kendal Leonard

Kendal Leonard 01Kendal Leonard 02Kendal Leonard 03Kendal Leonard 04
Kendal Leonard 05Kirk Smith 02Kirk Smith 07MG 6139
MG 6145MG 6167MG 6179MG 6182
MG 6185MG 6188MG 6189

Kirk Smith

Kirk Smith 07MG 6206MG 6220MG 6228
MG 6230Kirk Smith 01

Laura Boynton

Lauren Boynton 01Lauren Boynton 02MG 6304MG 6309
MG 6314MG 6318MG 6324MG 6330
MG 6333MG 6335

Laura Maruzella

Laura Maruzella 01Laura Maruzella 02MG 6250MG 6254
MG 6262MG 6270

Margaret Jamison

Margaret Jamison 01Margaret Jamison 02MG 6124MG 6132
MG 6133MG 6138

Natalie Bunch

Natalie Bunch 05Natalie Bunch 06MG 6111MG 6113
MG 6115MG 6120MG 6121MG 6124

NC State Video Recap

Photos by Katie Little and David Millsaps


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