Ashley Christensen: Semi Finalist for Prestigious James Beard Award

Ashley Christensen: Semi Finalist for Prestigious James Beard Award

February, 18, 2010, by David

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Poole’s is a phenomena all its own, delivering some of the most carefully prepared local food in Raleigh.  This is all due to the daily dedication of chef Ashley Christensen and her loyal employees.

Christensen has crafted a menu that shifts and changes daily as new local ingredients are brought in and the seasons change.  She has received recognition before, featured in both Bon Appetit and Gourmet Magazines. But this week Christensen is a semifinalist for the super prestigious James Beard award for Best Chef in the South East.

Another chef and a two restaurants in the Triangle are also in the running including Scott Howell at Nana’s in Durham as well as Magnolia Grill and Crook’s Corner.  We wish Ms. Christensen the recognition she is due and hope for her to be a winner.

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  • gd
    02/19 09:07 AM

    Good luck to her!  No one can deny the quality of food at Pooles.

  • Phil
    02/19 11:19 AM

    I hope she wins, it’s one of my favorite places and definitely one of the most consistent. I’m rarely disappointed.

    I had a molten chocolate cake there the other night that was honestly one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. It stomped a mudhole in Second Empire’s souffle (which is still amazing).

  • Caitlin Cary
    02/19 02:35 PM

    Cousin Ashley!

  • Dan
    02/19 07:08 PM

    Well Deserved!!

  • Joey
    02/20 01:55 PM

    So much hard work goes into Poole’s.  Ashley and her team absolutely deserve this.

  • Donata Lewandowski Guerra
    02/21 04:47 PM

    Absolutely deserving!  Poole’s Sunday brunch is phenomenal.

  • hgh
    02/22 08:20 AM

    Joey—IMO front of house needs a ton of work. Food wise the Beard Nomination is well deserved, she is doing great things with local product!!

  • Kate
    02/22 11:40 AM

    I can’t believe I have never eaten at Poole’s.  I definitely need to check out their brunch ASAP.  Good luck on the award!

  • Clare G
    02/23 11:56 AM

    Well deserved!

  • Tom from Raleigh
    02/23 12:22 PM

    Often diners criticize Poole’s for a slow pace of service.  It’s my understanding that nearly everything is cooked to order.  This makes for a huge potential bottleneck when the restaurant gets busy.  The food that comes out of the kitchen is worth it though.  That being said, we get there when they open well before the rush hits, thereby avoiding a frustrating wait.

  • hgh
    02/25 01:07 AM

    Tom - Slow pace of food delivery due to kitchen constraints is one thing and excusable.  However, I think it leads to a pervasive laxness in the front of house.  Long wait for greeting, wait for drinks, wait to take order, and an absolute chaotic system of seating tables.  The only reason I comment is that I think these are easy fixes and would lead to a much more enjoyable dining experience.  Again not to beat a dead horse but I want to stress I love the food and the nomination is well deserved!!

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