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Ashley Christensen’s “Chuck’s” Burger Restaurant Open, Full Menu

September, 09, 2011, by David

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Last night Ashley Christensen quietly previewed both Fox Liquor Bar and Chuck's, her new burger restaurant amongst the hubub of Hopscotch's opening night.  Fox won't open for a few days, but you have a chance to see it today during the day party they are hosting starting at noon.

 Chuck's will open for business today though, and the preview delivered some delicious burgers carefully constructed out of ingredients that may seem exotic for some: seared peppers, truffle cheese, kale, cream cheese. Burger recipes had names like High and Low, Bradleytime, Lone Wolf, Spirit Animal. Recipes.  That's the point here, the burgers are designed and its not about personalized customization. its about enjoying someone else's take on the burger.  All of the basics are done just right: the beef is all chuck, the shoulder of the cow, the fries are fat and golden and served with different sauces & aiolis. I repeat: there is a burger called Spirit Animal.  See you on Wilmington Street.


Burger Menu:


Roasted Beets, Wisconsin Buttermilk Bleu Cheese, Red Onion, Endives and Banyuls Aioli

The High & The Valley

Crushed Avocado, Bacon-Onion Jam and Blistered Red Peppers

The Drity South

Smoked Pork Shoulder & Anson Mills Sea Island Red Pea "chili" Crispy Tobacco Onions, Roasted Tomato Slaw, Ashe Co. Mtn Cheddar & Yellow Mustard

Half Pound of Belgian Fries with your choice of Various Aiolis, dipping sauces, ketchup, see below:

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See the Fox Liquor Bar {categories show="257|236|256|96" show_group="9" limit="1"}{category_name}{/categories} page.

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  • Joe
    09/10 11:05 AM

    The food truck fiasco is over, and NewRaleigh is back to doing what they do best: worshipping the Girl with the Golden Trust Fund.

  • janemcpain
    09/11 09:06 AM

    word is you can only get the burger well done. that’s kind of sucky

  • curious
    09/11 01:48 PM

    Please, hard work built this business not a trust fund.

  • sycamore
    09/11 08:05 PM

    Man, Joe, you sure do have a lot of anger inside you.  Ashley Christensen has certainly been overhyped by the Triangle media of late- I’m sick of it too- but I would never say that she hasn’t worked hard to get where she is.  I don’t think anyone would consider her parents rich either (I’ve met them, btw), so I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

    New Raleigh often does come off looking sycophantic when reporting on her, but remember—it’s called _New_ Raleigh, not Old Crusty Raleigh.  Someone that opens three new businesses in downtown (in quick succession) should indeed be given a certain amount of coverage by a website that considers it’s job to be reporting on what is New in Raleigh.

  • Panda Balls
    09/11 10:01 PM

    Yes Joe, her achievements pale compared to yours.

  • Art
    09/12 12:21 AM

    Well said, Sycamore.

  • David
    09/12 12:36 PM

    We are absolutely sycophantic when it comes to AC.  She is busting her ass to do great things and has an attention to detail like no other.  Plus our readers love her as much or more than us.  Joe, she is self made, with no trust fund. 

    Editor & Publisher

  • Bill
    09/12 02:52 PM

    I had a burger and shake their yesterday and you do get your money’s worth.  My burger was cooked Medium, at most.  And the peach cobbler shake was awesome.  So much burger that I had to take a nap.  And they have Heinz ketchup.  Restaurants make a mistake when they try to make their own ketchup.

  • Bill
    09/12 02:52 PM

    There not their.

  • Jortles Scrozzelle
    09/12 03:31 PM

    epic self grammar correction fail.  Never seen that happen before.

  • Jortles Scrozzelle
    09/12 03:46 PM

    Sorry, ol’ Jortles can be a jerk.

    A few of my friends had burgers at the preview and said they were BANGING.

  • mark
    09/13 03:02 PM

    if you put her food in any other city, it would be rated meh. her flavor combinations aren’t anything new or exciting & her technique is not up to par with the better area chefs. kudos to her for trying, though, & for opening three new spots downtown.

  • brian
    09/13 06:40 PM

    @mark—couldn’t agree with you more.

  • tc
    09/14 10:08 AM

    @mark - couldn’t DISagree with you more. 

    I’ve eaten at some of the best restaurants in the country…even world (alinea, le bernadin, le chateaubriand, etc.), and I personally think that Poole’s would be very well received in a city like NYC.  It would serve as an authentic counter to all the wannabe southern food that is so popular in big cities right now.  There’s soul in that there food…and it tastes good.

  • mark
    09/14 12:40 PM

    tc—maybe i’ve been spoiled with the better southern food offerings durham has to offer to appreciate ac’s.

  • Jack
    09/14 01:31 PM

    Ashley’s new restaurants are really stripped down concepts; I think they compete more with Q-Shack, or Shake Shack, than with Piedmont or Magnolia Grill.  Ashley and Andrea Reusing (Lantern) are very effective at promoting their restaurants and for those of us who are nearest to the restaurants, and close to people who work at them, the promotion can seem incessant and outsized but it works to keep the restaurants successful with people outside the small world of downtown Raleigh and Chapel Hill.  One look at Beasley’s, Chuck’s, and Fox’s and you can easily see that there’s a large stack of paychecks being written every week.  I can’t help but be happy about that and hope they are successful.  Rabbit terrine at Watt’s Grocery might be more “inspired” but I enjoy eating the Beasley’s chicken biscuit far more.

  • tc
    09/14 01:54 PM

    Mark- or maybe that’s just a matter of your perspective.  Cause I’ve had the southern offerings of Durham too, and calling any of them better is definitely debatable…at best. 

    So wait, you were referring to Durham as the city where Poole’s would be “meh”?  umm, ok.

  • Jortles Scrozzelle
    09/14 03:16 PM

    Asheville’s food offerings crush Durham’s and Poole’s would be well received here, definitely not “meh”

  • Jennifer
    09/14 06:46 PM

    I’d love to see AC throw her hat into the ring of veggie burgers like a lot of top chefs are doing.

    “Across the country, chefs and restaurateurs have been taking on the erstwhile health-food punch line with a kind of experimental brio, using it as a noble excuse to fool around with flavor and texture and hue. As a result, veggie burgers haven’t merely become good. They have exploded into countless variations of good, and in doing so they’ve begun to look like a bellwether for the American appetite.”

  • brc
    09/15 09:05 AM

    grabbed lunch at Chucks yesterday, I enjoyed it.  The burger was good, not great, needed more flavor.  However the toppings were fresh and great..loved the pickles.  The fries were awesome with the dipping sauces or by themselves.

  • L B
    09/15 11:01 AM

    Enjoy the quality and simplicity of the food and the atmosphere.  Simplicity is something that has been needed in the restaurant industry for decades (antithesis of a Cheesecake Factory) and I’m glad its a trend that’s catching on. It creates less food waste and enables chefs to focus their energy and attention leading to higher quality (at hopefully similar or lower prices).  AC’s prices aren’t outrageous but it’d be nice if they were a LITTLE lower. That being said, I’ll pay it for now and think these places are a breath of fresh air for Raleigh.  Hope it continues. Cheers AC.

  • tc
    09/15 12:28 PM

    I went last night and definitely enjoyed the burger.  great crust on the burger, and I’m a big fan of the topping/condiment varieties and combinations.  Oh, and the fries were outstanding, wouldn’t change a thing about them.  Only things I’d change…more variety in dipping sauces, not more options, more variety.  6 of 8 were aiolis, maybe do a sriracha based sauce, or a barbeque sauce, or yogurt based sauce, I dont’ know, get creative.  Also, the beer selection was not well done for a burger place….amber and a pilsner?  Really?  Call me crazy, but there is no better beer with a burger than a porter or brown ale.  True, the Boont Amber has the sweetness of a brown ale, but just didn’t cut it for me.  You can even stay local, think Duck Rabbit…problem solved.

  • packfan
    09/16 08:14 AM

    Tried Chuck’s last night for the first time and I was impressed. I couldn’t order the burger to Med Rare, but my 2 options were medium or well, so medium it was and that turned out fine - the burger was very tender. The service was great and quick, the toppings were very well done and didn’t overpower the beef but gave some great flavors.

    My only complaint echoed the above, with the drink selection. I realize that Beasley’s and Chuck’s are 2 separate restaurants, but they do share a wall and kitchen. I asked for sweet tea and was told they didn’t serve it - I know Beasley’s makes a fine sweet tea. I know you don’t want to mix menu’s too much, but I’d think for basic drinks you could make an exception.

  • Meghan
    09/20 11:47 AM

    is it wrong to feel that if i’m paying $9 for a MEDIUM done burger, it should come with decent bread? never again.

  • hackles10
    09/20 03:41 PM

    I try to complain as little as possible, and I guess this is a little more of a question, but the fact that they don’t go below medium tells me that they don’t grind in house.  I would assume that knowing raleigh’s tight rules on ground beef, a place set up to do burgers and burgers only would grind in house.  Maybe they don’t want to cook under medium, but I doubt that.

    With all of that being said, I loved my burger, and the fries were great.  The Big House was awesome and both aiolis we tried were top notch.  I didn’t mind a bit paying $9 for burgers, with cheese the Times charges the exact same amount and gives you a tiny side of vinegar pickles/cucumber.

  • hackles10
    09/20 03:42 PM

    To follow that up, I know little about sourcing food for restaurants, but maybe AC and crew get higher quality meat ground and brought in than they can grind themselves.

  • sally
    09/20 08:28 PM

    hackles, I’ve heard that it’s an urban myth that if you grind your meat in house, you can serve it rare. If you can post a link to the health code that stipulates that, I’d be much obliged.

  • panoz7
    09/20 09:19 PM

    I’m pretty sure it is an urban myth:

    That said, I’m not sure why I can get a burger cooked the way I want at Raleigh Times but not at Chucks. I still really enjoyed Chucks, and look forward to going back. It may not be the best value, but if I was after value I’d be eating at McDonalds.

  • Carl
    09/21 10:59 AM

    That whole,
    “You have to eat meat medium to rare to truly enjoy it” bit
    can get in line with
    ” You have to go to New York to get real pizza” crowd.

  • hackles10
    09/21 11:31 AM

    I never read the health code, just have been told that by countless people/restaurant owners around town.

    You can walk into Player’s Retreat right now and order a Rare burger and not be a special client, or extra hip.

  • sally
    09/21 04:51 PM

    I know where to get them rare, but ever since it was pointed out that it’s a myth - and they could still get busted - I don’t post the specific names.

  • Poster Nutbag
    09/22 03:20 PM

    The Raleigh Times no longer allows you to order a burger anything less than medium and there’s is $8.95 without adding anything to it. Plus, its smaller than the burger @ Chuck’s & Chuck’s has way better/fresher condiments & things to go on the burger. I agree that its an urban myth about having to grinding in house to cook it less than medium. PR’s has always had a killer burger(especially the Hawaiian burger!

  • jay_sikes
    09/22 03:42 PM

    unfortunately panoz is right.

    nothing against Chuck’s (I haven’t been yet) but its an odd coincidence that starting about 2-3 weeks ago the health department has been cracking down on ground beef in Raleigh (apparently the law has been on the books since 1993, just not enforced). Several of my old go-to burger spots can/will no longer server meat under medium. So if everyone could stop calling out those that still do, that would be great.

  • sally
    09/22 03:47 PM

    Exactly, jay.

  • Mike P.
    09/23 11:49 AM

    Busy Bee has better burgers…. that come with a side.

    Beasley’s is great, Chuck’s I probably won’t go back to (so boring in there)

    Just sayin…..

  • jt
    09/23 02:34 PM

    I have never had a good burger at Busy Bee, but damn did I have a good burger at chuck’s.  Talk about a perfect fry too.  Great temp, perfect texture, and great crisp on the outside. 

    The ingredient’s on the will’s way burger were thick cut and great, just like a fresh home grown roma tomato.  Burger itself was seasoned and cooked well.

    I was impressed. 

  • Full Tummy
    09/25 10:17 AM

    Delightful burger!  It made me smile from ear to ear!

  • Nutbag
    09/27 12:43 PM

    Busy Bee’s burgers are consistant…consitantly bad. I don’t want one of their burgers even if it comes with a side AND a beer. I’d rather have a burger from the times, PR’s, Cloos’ Coney Island, etc rather than have a one at busy bee. I love the busy bee(& Chris/Woody) and I go there often but I won’t get a burger there(actually, the whole menu at busy bee could use an overhaul, in my opinion). Raleigh Times has always had a WAY better burger than busy bee but even it doesn’t compare to Chuck’s. I’m not in love with the atmosphere at Chuck’s nor do I like having to walk to the counter to order. I’m also pretty disappointed that I can only get czechvar and avbc boont amber ale. It’s kind of sad that they don’t have more craft beer in there(it is 2011, going on 2012) but the burgers and fries are so damn good that it will keep me coming back.

  • james c
    09/28 11:47 PM

    Interesting that it becomes a city/state law when the health dept starts to tell you how to cook a burger.  I bet the number of E-coli outbreaks in NC are the same as any other state.  We should outlaw lettuce, it seems to kill a lot of europeans.

  • Randolph Bolling
    10/03 06:03 PM

    I ate at Chuck’s last night for the first time. I should have realized something was amiss when at 8 p.m. there were only two other patrons there.

    My hamburger was awful.  The meat was almost raw and flavorless.  The bun was ice cold and slimy—one of the worst hamburgers I have ever had.  The fries were all right and the toppings interesting, but certainly nothing special.

    I am a huge fan of Pool’s Diner and have had some superb meals there in the last few years. I just cannot imagine that the food I got last night was in any way associated with Ashley Christensen.

  • dtrgirl
    10/05 11:54 AM

    The Chuck’s burgers are very tasty.  However, to survive in the luxury burger market, I would suggest (and hoped that) the patties be 100% grass-fed (a far more healthier choice anyway).  Personally, I thought the meats at both Chuck’s and Beasley’s would be grass-fed and organic. Both ventures have been a total disappointment on that front.  The flavors are certainly there for the core concepts.  But the real quality for sustainable concepts are not quite on the mark for where the market is.

  • Ya'll hatin'
    11/03 09:21 PM

    Some of you white bread bastards should chill out. Complaining about bread and pink meat.

    But what do you expect, asking yuppies to comment on working class food. I know chucks and beasleys are catering to yuppies and wonderbread folks who think they are “foodies” but it’s still just chicken and burgers. If you’re too stupid to get the joke then eat somewhere else.

    And if you can’t afford a 13 dollar burger, that’s not our problem.

  • matt
    11/05 02:56 PM

    Passionate but incomprehensible. I think my lack of $13 may well BE your problem, though (“we”?). If not now, soon.

  • Betty D.
    11/12 07:37 PM

    Not grass-fed? Definitely not even going to try it. I certainly don’t think a burger is worth $13 if isn’t at least free of anti-biotics and hormones. There’s enough garbage to eat in Raleigh. I think I’ll pass on both Chuck’s and Beasley’s.

  • Negative Nancy
    12/16 08:37 AM

    There are just so many negative people on New Raleigh.

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