Avoid Glenwood From Today Until September

Avoid Glenwood From Today Until September

June, 28, 2010, by Jedidiah

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If you’ve tried to get between Downtown Raleigh and I-440 on Glenwood South in the past few months, you’ll know that this particular path of travel is just as frustrating as driving down Hillsborough Street any time in the past year.

It looks like this transit agony will continue throughout the Summer with the NCDOT closing a few lanes just south of Five Points over the new few months and go down to one lane each way. Hopefully this won’t affect Five Points too much, but surely The Rialto will suffer from lack of parking on Glenwood as well as a few other local businesses. The project is scheduled to be finished by the end of August.

via Triangle Business Journal:

Crews will close one direction at a time on Glenwood Avenue beginning on the westbound side. Traffic will be shifted into the eastbound lanes in a two-lane, two-way pattern. During this new traffic pattern, motorists can expect the following impacts:
* The ramp from westbound Glenwood Avenue to westbound Wade Avenue will be closed.
* Motorists needing to access westbound Wade Avenue from westbound Glenwood Avenue will take Oberlin Road to Wade Avenue.
* The ramp from westbound Wade Avenue to westbound Glenwood Avenue will be closed.
* Motorists needing to access westbound Glenwood Avenue from westbound Wade Avenue will take Oberlin Road to Glenwood Avenue.
* Harvey Street will be closed at the intersection of Glenwood Avenue.
* West Aycock Street will be closed at the intersection of Glenwood Avenue.

UPDATE: John Munson, the co-owner and manager of the Rialto, contacted New Raleigh to let us (and our readers) know that the Rialto has negotiated agreements with Underwood Elementary School, Hayes-Barton Baptist Church, and Dr. Andreaus’ dentist office to allow customers use of their lots during the construction project.  Curb parking on Scales, Fairview, Glenn, and Harvey will be available at certain times as well.


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  • Jerimee
    06/28 11:53 AM

    What you mean is that *through traffic* should avoid Glenwood - the slow traffic may actually make this area nicer for pedestrians.

  • cham
    06/28 12:57 PM

    This is old news; I’ve tried to avoid Glenwood for the last six years.

  • Pete
    06/28 01:31 PM

    New raleigh you are so Out of touch like a cheap gossip column!
    Hipster hate news fucking gets old assholes

  • arthurb3
    06/28 01:44 PM

    I avoid Glenwood everyday—-and guys named Pete!

  • Micah
    06/28 02:28 PM

    Pete, you are obviously a spectacular flower.  Last I heard, the Rialto patrons will be allowed to park in the Myrtle Underwood Elementary lots…I guess they will put up signs when this becomes necessary.

  • travis
    06/28 03:02 PM

    Sure, it’s a pain, but it’s nothing compared to the Hillsborough Street mess.  Talk about hurting businesses! All that work to make it more pedestrian friendly and by the time they actually finish there may be nothing left for pedestrians to patronize. Went to Porter’s last week and it was almost empty. Several businesses have already gone under and it sounds like more may follow before the project is finished.

  • Jeff
    06/28 03:09 PM

    What has happened to the Hillsborough Street project?  Last I heard it was running ahead of schedule and was on track to be completed in June instead of September.  While it’s visibly progressing, it looks nowhere near finished.  And the project website hasn’t had an update for over 3 months…

  • pointy nips
    06/28 03:29 PM

    I would assume that most, not all, of the business generated in the 5 points area comes from people who live in 5 points.  I will still venture over to lilly’s to get some pizza, but that’s about all that I do now without the roads being fucked.  Seems to me that the people that this will affect are the ones who blow through there going 35 and bitch that people park on the side of the road.  Lilly’s pizza makes my nipples hard.

  • Dan from Detroit
    06/28 03:33 PM

    Maybe if we’re really lucky they’ll add some roundabouts.  Drivers have been really good about not hitting me yet on Hillsborough but the same can’t be said for the other drivers in the accidents I’ve seen.

  • Micah
    06/28 05:02 PM

    Quote from Rialto:

    “The Glenwood construction project has begun and the Rialto has lost its curb parking on Glenwood for the duration of the work.  Parking is available for Rialto patrons at Underwood Elementary (access from Scales Street), Hayes-Barton Baptist Church (access from Whitaker Mill Road), and Dr. Andreas dentist office (across Glenwood from Rialto).  In addition, curb parking MAY be available at select times on Fairview, Scales, and Glenn.  Thanks to our neighbors who have provided parking to our customers during the construction.”

  • rt
    06/28 06:06 PM

    Please don’t neglect the Rialto during the period.  They’re a valuable cultural resource in this city and I’d hate to see their business drop off too badly during this time.  Just give yourself a couple of extra minutes to get parked and walk over to the theater.  Or, at the least, give some business to The Colony or Mission Valley theaters.  Better movies than the multiplex, fewer hassles and great popcorn.  Love ‘em.

  • mmm, beer
    06/28 10:32 PM

    ^plus beer

  • RaleighRob
    06/29 09:54 AM

    A better article should state:  “If you tend to use Glenwood as a thoroughfare between downtown and Crabtree Valley, avoid it and use an alternative route.  If, however, you are a patron of businesses in the Five Points Area…please still come and help support them.  Try accessing the areas using a side street to avoid headaches.”
    So there you go.

  • RaleighMAC
    06/29 07:38 PM

    I live in the Five Points area, and frequently walk to several of the local businesses (love you, Rialto!) This construction madness will surely hurt some, but the local community is so into Five Points that I think everyone will fare pretty well. Plus, it’s only a couple of months…

    That being said, I cannot believe how long this whole Glenwood resurfacing has taken. I believe it started in February (I remember updating my Facebook while waiting for the bus while there were patches of snow everywhere. We’re talking about a 3 mile stretch of road here, and it is STILL not done. Being from Los Angeles (and I hate to compare, but I just can’t avoid it here), I’m used to roads being resurfaced in a matter of days, maybe weeks, but not months. A 13 mile section of Wilshire Blvd (a major route linking downtown LA to the beach) was completely resurfaced in 2 weeks. I know that the road situation in good ol’ Raleigh is a lot different, but SIX MONTHS for a project of this size?! Most of it sat completely torn up for the majority of March and April. It just makes no sense to me. I do understand the drama between the city and the state regarding funding, but still… Holy friggen hell, y’all!

    Ok, ranting aside, I’m glad that it’s FINALLY getting done, as Glenwood was in horrible condition.

    That’s all… thanks for reading… ;)

  • rachel
    06/30 12:52 PM

    DOT has to tear up the entire street because when they scraped the first time, it hit the old railway tracks (there used to be a trolley that went around downtown and actually turned around on The Circle). If you look now, the road on the Underwood Elem side, it’s all the way down to the clay. I agree it’s a pain—I live on The Circle and Glenwood is the only way on and off my street—but at least they’re actively doing something about the roads.

  • mgd
    07/01 05:16 PM

    I think it would be awsome, all be it impractical, to have a trollie from DT to short distances from DT ie N. Hills, Crabtree, Cameron Village, Mordici, and the turn table could be where the Bus Station is when they move it.

  • Micah
    07/03 12:35 AM

    Why do I keep hearing people saying that the trolley tracks have anything to do with this road repaving, err, road replacement project?  The road is being replaced because the very old concrete base bed is deteriorating and could no longer reliably support the asphalt driving surface.  The road is being removed and replaced with a solid asphalt slab.  The fact that this has to be done has nothing to do with the remnants of the trolley tracks.  The steel tracks will add some headaches to the concrete removal process though.

  • mgd
    07/03 03:01 AM

    I think the tracks are the problem.  An unexpected expense.  Why it is unexpected is beyond me. 

    I would imagine the track would have to be removed by hand. 

    By the tracks being there the DOT can not remove enough concrete to effectively do a proper repaving job.

  • Micah
    07/03 03:50 AM

    The tracks are not THE problem, the crumbling roadbed is.  The tracks are only an annoyance while removing the old roadbed.  The tracks are narrow-gauge and take up little percentage of the actual road area, and have absolutely nothing to do with reason the road is being completely replaced.  I got my information from a DOT meeting that was held at the Rialto two weeks ago.

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