Babylon Moroccan Restaurant Opens on North Dawson

Babylon Moroccan Restaurant Opens on North Dawson

July, 27, 2011, by Khaner

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Babylon now stands guard over downtown Raleigh’s northern entrance at Dawson St. With its roots firmly set in Moroccan culture, nearly everything but the all-organic food is from the country.

With marble floors from Morocco, wood from Morocco that serves as the hand-cut and hand-painted ceilings, Babylon boasts a unique menu of Moroccan and Southern European dishes. At night, Babylon pushes back its tables and welcomes Raleigh’s evening crowd.

Now in its third week, Babylon is a welcome addition to the space at 309 N. Dawson St. in an area that sets itself apart from the rest of downtown Raleigh and Glenwood S. The restaurant’s Arabic garden/outdoor seating is alone a must for at least one drink.

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  • RaleighRob
    07/27 09:10 AM

    The headline should say N Dawson?

  • Khaner
    07/27 09:15 AM

    Thanks! (Got it right in the actual article at least)

  • Jonn
    07/27 09:25 AM

    Looks beautiful

  • VaNC
    07/27 10:32 AM

    Although this place seems lovely, and I know I am going to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I worry about the traffic issue with the cars speeding around that blind corner on Capital and then coming upon cars slowly turning into or out of that limited dead end parking lot.  Especially when it is full.  I have already encountered this issue.  Wonder how it is during late night.

  • 150
    07/27 11:13 AM

    Looks good!  Hope they do well.

  • RaleighRob
    07/27 01:51 PM

    @VaNC - Well yeah, I’d probably just play it safe and park on Lane Street and walk up to it.

  • Jeff
    07/27 02:13 PM

    That place looks great! Wow!  I don’t love a lot of Middle Eastern food, but there’s always a few things I like.  I need to check that place out.

  • Sasha
    07/27 02:18 PM

    Too bad they don’t seem to offer,, many meatless entrées.

    The ‘Vegetariano’ is couscous with zucchini and carrots. Come on. For $15 there must be a way to get a little protein in that dish…

  • julia
    07/27 03:39 PM

    Going to Babylon to dine, drink and dance in the Moroccan atmosphere makes you feel as though you really picked up and left the country, which is extremely hard to come by in North Carolina. I absolute loved the food and felt the prices were beyond fair for the fresh cuisine. I think the fact that it’s tucked away provides a mystery that makes it even more attractive, which I didn’t think was possible, until I saw the ceiling…

  • Breshnaa
    07/27 05:35 PM

    The city needs to make Lane a two-way street between Dawson and West streets.  It would create easier access from the Glenwood South area and safer so as not to have to worry about people flying around in that curve. Luckily, that I’ve noticed, the tragectory of out of control cars over the years have landed them at the Days Inn across the street every time.

  • Breshnaa
    07/27 05:38 PM

    Above comment was for “Debbie Downer”.
    The food and atomosphere at Babylon are wonderful. I can hardly wait until the outdoor bar and pizza oven is completed. It will surely be a hot spot on nice evenings.

  • Jeff
    07/27 05:50 PM

    it’s not their fault you choose not to eat meat.

  • JK
    07/27 07:28 PM

    Wow, Jeff! Way to contribute to the discussion.

  • orulz
    07/28 10:49 AM

    Looks interesting

    Breshnaa, IMO the city needs to make both Lane and Jones two-way between everywhere and everwhere else.

  • RaleighRob
    07/28 12:17 PM

    ^That would make a pretty easy connection between this place and Glenwood South for sure!

  • CX
    07/28 01:38 PM

    Glad that this building has been put to good use. Looks great.I wish Babylon Moroccan the best.

  • Panda Balls
    07/29 09:32 AM

    Babylon Moroccan? What’s next? Moscow French Bistro? Tokyo Thai?

    Am I missing something? Or, are they actually naming a Moroccan restaurant, food that comes from the far edge of North Western Africa (for those of you without a map), Babylon, after the ancient city that stood sout of Baghdad, about 3000 miles away?

  • Panda Balls
    07/29 09:47 AM

    While I’m still confused by the name, I now see that the owner/chef is Moroccan, so that’s assuaged my fears that this was some random developer throwing names and concepts together. I wish him and the establishment the best. Moroccan food is a welcome addition.

  • Junior Ross
    07/29 09:57 AM

    With a name like that, you can count out Rastafarian clientele.

  • state05
    08/02 11:28 PM

    Middle Eastern? No thanks… Sitti was disappointing enough.

  • Breshnaa
    08/03 02:09 PM

    I spoke with Raleigh City Councilwoman Nancy McFarlane the other day and she said the City is going to make Lane Street two-way. When this happens, I didn’t find out.

    @state05, Don’t knock ‘til you try it. It’s delish and it’s North African :). If you don’t want to eat, you can always enjoy a cocktail and sit out by the pool.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    08/05 05:05 PM

    Great cocktail atmosphere. I’d like to see more vegetarian dishes, too.

  • Little Timmy
    08/10 10:06 AM

    @Junior Ross:
    ‘im tol’ de trut’. Is bare bald heads inna Babylon! Me nah gwaan deh.

  • Breshnaa
    08/10 12:36 PM

    @Little Timmy, it’s an equal opportunity restaurant with smiles for all, unless you break the glass in the pool.

  • mustapha
    09/13 11:06 PM

    good restaurant,bad location,bad service,went there,nobody come to help me have a table to set,aftre a set at one of the tables ,i wait about 10 min,they come to tell me this table is they ask me to go inside,and leave without find me a table to set,i wait about 5 min,then left,as a moroccan,i was happy to have a place in town to eat my home food but sorry,i was very disappointed,

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