Bain Plaque Returned!

Urban Historians to the Rescue

March, 17, 2009, by Ladye Jane

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In January, a reward was offered for the return of the missing Bain historic plaque. Over the weekend, Empire received a call that it would be waiting for them at the soccer goal near the Bain treatment plant. Below is the note that accompanied the plaque. Kudos to the “urban historians,” and thank you for doing the right thing. Empire is cutting the reward check to the charity tomorrow.

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  • Kurt
    03/17 10:07 PM

    That just plain rocks.

  • CD2
    03/18 10:00 AM

    Good job, thanks for making a difference and doing what is right.

  • aburtch
    03/18 01:34 PM

    Urban Historians - 1
    Historical Revisionists - 0

  • DPK
    03/18 03:16 PM

    They’d better mount that thing back to the wall with locks and chains.

  • Raleigh Boy
    03/19 11:31 PM

    hmmm… self-serving anonymity seems awful suspicious to me. But at least the plaque is back in the hands of its rightful owners.

  • trudy
    03/20 02:34 PM

    Raleigh Boy,
    What about what they did was “self serving”??
    They gave the reward money to charity. I think that’s very unselfish.

  • John Doe
    04/08 05:47 AM

    I am a Urban Explorer who has frequented Bain often.The Urban Explorers and Urban Historians who have watched this place and kept it locked tight from vandals were appalled when the plaque was stolen. We are sad that the place is now locked tight, even from our access…but we are glad that someone cares about it now.

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