Barrel Monster at SparkCon

Barrel Monster at SparkCon

September, 15, 2009, by Rusty

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Guerrilla Artist, Joe Carnevale, is working on a new Barrel Monster for SPARKcon. The new project is expected to be a “Seventeen foot tall dinosaur.” Look for it at the corner of Hargett and Fayetteville Streets. His ArtCar will also be on display.

Speaking of his work in general, Joe states:

The majority of the rest of my art centers around animism. Animism is the belief that all objects have a life force. From rocks to trees to animals. Personally I don’t believe in it but it is a fun idea. A lot of what I’ve done has been putting faces and/or appendages on existing structures as well as building creatures out of common objects. I’ve done a lot of work with aerosol and composite sculpture. I also used to do quite a bit of work in ceramics. My primary interest, however, has always been my photography. Most of that consists of what could be called Guerrilla Photography, that is taking pictures from places that are off limits to the general public. Most of the time this includes high-rise rooftops, high-rise construction sites, tower cranes, communication towers, large scale factories and refineries, and large storm drain systems.

Expect more to come from Joe’s site NoPromiseofSafety is slated to be relaunched October 31st, and he has personally assured me that he has several new projects in the works. And just for the record, here’s where all the Barrel Monster hype started.

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  • arthurb3
    09/16 07:50 AM

    I saw the barrel monster and other stuff at the open house at Plant Delights Nursery last weekend.

  • DaveB
    09/16 12:08 PM

    Barrel Monster planted on side of the road as part of a guerilla art project = Awesome

    Barrel Monster curated as part of sparkcon = not so awesome

  • will a
    09/17 05:52 AM

    barrel monster artist getting ‘community service’ as punsihment for making guerilla art = not so awesome

    barrel monster artist working community service hours off at sparkcon making more barrel monsters = awesome

  • Little Timmy
    09/17 07:44 AM

    barrel monster = awesome for 15 minutes of internet fame
    barrel monster = awesome no more

  • 150
    09/17 01:03 PM

    barrel monster = was always overrated
    barrel monster followers = increasingly irritating and lame

  • CR
    09/17 01:49 PM

    Posting snarky comments with equals signs equals lame.

  • jeremy
    09/17 01:50 PM

    barrel monster= still pretty awesome
    barrel monster hater= douchebag in front of keyboard.

  • Little Timmy
    09/17 03:33 PM

    Douchebag? For expressing am opinion (without using terms such as “douchebag,” mind you)?  What are you, jeremy, 12 years old?  Sheesh, go back to using the internets for game cheats and steer clear of the grownup sites.  Otherwise, show your elders some respect.

  • BarrelMonster
    09/17 04:20 PM

    Little Timmy = Douchebag ;-)

  • Little Timmy
    09/17 04:43 PM

    Dear “BarrelMonster”:  You should take a lesson from your namesake-idol and learn that the internet does not afford one absolute anonymity before you do stupid, juvenile shit like call someone a douchebag online.

  • jeremy
    09/17 06:43 PM

    dearest elders on the internets, i was merely standing up for the little person if you will who seemed to be getting bullied for doing something quasi constructive (minus the fact that a whopping $100 were destroyed in the process in the form of traffic barrels). some of us think that social [removed]no matter how long ago this year it was) is exciting and refreshing in times when it appears the world is crumbling or actually melting before us. let’s talk about being juvenile for a second though, you can follow suit using equals signs and snarky commentation and that is grown up; someone else uses the same cheesy commentation to somewhat lighten the situation and stand up to your condescending tone, and that person should go back to their video games (which is a billion dollar industry mind you, can’t be just children buying those things can it?). though i may not be as long in the tooth as you sir little timmy, but in all of my years, i never let someone calling me a silly name ruin my day, hour, or minute. maybe you sir should do some reflecting and remember sticks and stones… and lighten up my friend, no one except maybe your childish pride was hurt or killed in this exchange. my sincerest apologies… douchebag.

  • jeremy
    09/17 06:46 PM

    i can’t write the word expression?

  • Little Timmy
    09/18 06:54 AM

    Jeremy:  Has it escaped you that the “art” of Barrel Monster was in the exploit?  Creating his art anonymously, under the cover of darkness and against the law – that’s what made U Live and You Burn really cool for a few brief months before the internet hype he helped generate did him in.  Now we watch Joe Carnevale on the local news, signing autographs at a plant nursery in front of Barrel Monster Jr. (it kind of reminds me of pictures of Geronimo signing autographs at the Wild West shows).  All this makes for great news copy, and it must be heady stuff for a 21-year-old college student.  If that is what is required of Mr. Carnevale to work off his community service, more power to him and the folks that buy the Barrel Monster t-shirts.  For me, sorry, the joke is wearing a little thin.  As for your douchebag fetish, it doesn’t affect me one way or the other.  I can’t say I understand it, but I’m sure there are many dark corners of the internet in which you might explore it with others that share your interests.

  • Douchebag
    09/20 08:39 PM

    Jeremy is obviously easily impressed with not only his own ability to write but with just about anything.
    Hey Jeremy, want to come watch me weed my garden ?
    It’s art, man….

  • ambrose
    09/21 06:21 AM

    Both of you sound like idiots for arguing on NewRaleigh about a barrel monster.

  • jeremy
    09/21 08:32 AM

    little timmy, understood.
    and mr. douchebag, if you feel like your garden weeding is that thought provoking, then absolutely, man…
    ambrose, agreed.

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    04/17 05:00 AM

    Good job. I’m definitely going to bookmark you!

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