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July, 07, 2008, by David

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What’s your favorite salon or barber? Where is the best haircut in town? New Raleigh is working on recognizing outstanding local businesses.  Lately other publications’ best-of lists left us wanting, and not for what some triangle cross-section loves about Raleigh, but wanting for the authenticity that we know this city has.  It’s almost as if Raleigh’s most respected places are the least well known. 

So today we start accepting nominations for a forthcoming catalog of what folks love in Raleigh.  Our first category is haircuts; we are looking salons/shops that are your favorite. Obviously the youngins and the power players might have different favorites, but go ahead- nominate yours by leaving a comment below.  This is just for nominations, so we don’t care if you think a place is bad, just that you think its good at this point. 

Please nominate your favorite salon by commenting.

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  • Robert
    07/07 10:55 PM

    hot lather + straight razor + low price = best in raleigh.

  • Jennifer
    07/07 11:08 PM

    Fly on Boylan.  I have only had two people cut my hair in my life.  Elaine is one of them.  She is very comforting.

  • carrie
    07/08 01:17 AM

    Marigold Parlour—-Dustin rocks

  • Deb
    07/08 01:24 AM

    Salon Kroma in Raleigh (there is also a Cary location, but I have not been there). The owner promotes continuing education for her stylists. I met my stylist on one of the salon’s training nights when I first moved to Raleigh and didn’t know where to get my hair cut. I have loved every cut I’ve gotten there, and each one has been a “do what you like, Callie, as long as it’s easy to style”. I’ve gotten more compliments on my hair in the past two years than I ever have!

  • Amy G.
    07/08 01:41 AM

    Kristina Johnson at the Primp Salon Bar is AWESOME.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    07/08 01:42 AM

    Chameleon Hair Studio (formerly of Raleigh) could easily be worth the drive to her new diggs in Wilmington! If she ever makes it back to Raleigh, I’ll again make the hike to NORTH North Raleigh for her cut and colors! Here’s the MySpace page for previously mentioned Raleigh services -

  • rebecca
    07/08 01:42 AM

    Marigold Parlour - jessie is fabulous. and the space is great, too.

  • RaleighRob
    07/08 01:51 AM

    Sam & Bill’s, Oberlin Road.

  • B
    07/08 02:06 AM

    Man-Mur hands down

  • Emily
    07/08 03:17 AM

    I love Alexa at Boylan heights studio!!!

  • klar
    07/08 03:37 AM

    Jessie at Marigold is so amazing!

  • Micah
    07/08 03:37 AM

    Claire at Boylan Heights is awesome too!  And quite a deal.

  • Will
    07/08 05:32 AM

    Steve’s Barber Shop on Corporation Blvd in east Raleigh (near New Hope Road) has given me the best haircuts over the past 2 1/2 years that I’ve had in 13 years in town (and that includes having gone to Man-Mur for a year not too long ago).

  • CTRaleigh
    07/08 11:38 AM

    Men’s Hair Design by Elena.  $35, but you get a small facial, wax dip on the hands, scalp massage, cut, wash, etc.  And beer to boot.  Located at Creedmoor & Strickland.

  • Ileana
    07/08 12:05 PM

    Another vote for the ladies at Boylan Heights Studio!

  • Andrea
    07/08 12:11 PM

    Howard Jacobs Salon on Person Street is great!

  • ACM
    07/08 12:33 PM

    Janet Wiggins at Douglas Carroll Salon

  • Andy O
    07/08 01:28 PM

    Jennifer Borneman, currently with 6 Salon on St.Mary’s.

  • ladye jane
    07/08 02:09 PM

    Tracy Farmer at Crazy Combs and Tabitha Norris at Douglas Carroll both do amazing things with my difficult hair!!

  • Ryan
    07/08 02:19 PM

    Nick at Primp Salon is awesome.  Definitely the best.

  • Dana
    07/08 02:43 PM

    For a great haircut, color and style, I recommend two fantastic stylists:

    Nikki Courie
    (919) 345-7471
    Devil’s Haircut Salon
    7A S West Street
    Raleigh, NC 27603

    Devil’s Haircut:  a cozy little salon tucked into an old house on West Street, across from Flex. Nikki has been cutting hair in Raleigh for years and has quite a following.


    Carla Rea
    Marigold Parlour
    Seaboard Station
    10 West Franklin Street : suite 150
    Raleigh, NC 27604

    Marigold Parlour: a hip salon located in the new Seaboard Station. Carla, formerly of Cherrybomb Salon, is one of the many great stylists now at Marigold.

  • Jonathan
    07/08 03:03 PM

    Surprised it hasn’t been posted yet, but Atomic Salon on West Morgan.

  • kg
    07/08 03:03 PM

    Hair Shop on Fayetteville St.  Ray Jr. cuts my hair and always is very thorough.

    Straight razor, warm towel and nice aloe/alcohol rub puts me on my way.

  • Dale
    07/08 03:15 PM

    Five Points Barber Shop. It’s like stepping back into the 1960s. Jimmy, aka “Batman”, is the only barber. He gives cheap, quick haircuts. But it’s a good idea to call ahead. He might be fishing.

  • jer
    07/08 03:22 PM

    angela kilpatrick at the cutting edge on hillsborough st. the best of the best!!!

  • Fairley
    07/08 03:48 PM

    Jessica Williams does an amazing job both with color and cuts!

  • Fairley
    07/08 03:49 PM

    Opps, left our Jessica’s website:

  • Lisa Jeffries
    07/08 04:08 PM

    I also like Dana at Primp, but I’ve cut back on $180 hair cuts+color.

    Most recently, I went to the Mitchell’s at Crossroads Plaza and got a great cut for less than $45.

  • Gina
    07/08 04:18 PM

    Jennifer Fincher and her girls at Salon Blu are fantastic, friendly, and always do a great job!

  • cameron
    07/08 04:33 PM

    Dustin is awesome!

  • cameron
    07/08 04:34 PM

    Dustin is stylist and co-owner of Marigold Parlor…

  • sarah emily
    07/08 04:57 PM

    Another vote for Alexa at Boylan Heights, I never need a picture a verbal description gets me exactly what I want.

  • Kurt
    07/08 04:58 PM

    Michael, Cody and Mechelle @ Purple Door

  • Melanie
    07/08 05:12 PM

    Salontology on N Blount Street

  • Sam
    07/08 05:23 PM

    Professional Barbershop in Cameron Village, duh

  • erinnowell
    07/08 05:47 PM

    Dustin and Jessie at Marigold Parlor do indeed rock.  They’re very accommodating and when we needed something out of the ordinary (ok, last minute prom-do), they hooked us up with another one of the salon stylists who did an excellent job.  Plus, they’re really nice upbeat people and you can’t help but enjoy that.

  • ilinap
    07/08 05:54 PM

    Blo at Brier Creek. Hands down the best hair experience I’ve had…even better than the places I went when I lived in DC, Minneapolis, and Chicago. Rachael works Potter magic with a hairdryer. Great t-shirts too!

  • Cydney
    07/08 06:00 PM

    I’m a very happy Jessie Clough/Marigold customer!

  • Erika
    07/08 06:05 PM

    Marigold Parlour! Jenny does such a great job, that my mom and boyfriend have both started going to her too.  And you won’t walk out with the same haircut as everyone else!

  • Pam
    07/08 06:18 PM

    Carol Leigh at Mitchell’s Hair Styling at North Hills is great!!

  • sadsack
    07/08 06:38 PM

    Alexa at Boylan Heights Studio is #1!!!!

  • Kris
    07/08 06:47 PM

    William Champagne - the best around!

  • Dave Z
    07/08 07:11 PM

    Man Mur’s hot straight edge is where it’s at.

  • r o b
    07/08 07:38 PM

    Nikki @ Devil’s Haircut

  • salley
    07/08 08:08 PM

    Christy at Boylan Heights Studio please. She always gives a great cut, and she’s hilarious. and affordable! come to think of it, all of the stylists at Boylan are great. and they have good magazines and a beautiful space and they are always on time for their appointments.

  • Jamie
    07/08 08:16 PM

    Curtis White at Westover Barber Shop on Hillsborough St across from Burke Brothers Hardware.  Curt is great and that shop is a Raleigh tradition.

  • BA
    07/08 09:20 PM

    Deb (5th comment above),

    I second your nomination of Callie at Salon Kroma off Old Wake Forest.

    I have had many compliments as well and seem to give her about as much direction as you do… I also think she is a great deal for the price - some of the other stylists mentioned I could not justify paying that much for a haircut.

  • clare
    07/09 01:37 PM

    I heart Crazy Combs on Glenwood South. They do cuts, colors, styling. Everyone there is lovely. Plus they are across the street from HIbernian and downstairs from Rockford. My fella goes to Sports Cuts at North Hills though for a warm towel around his head!

  • Lainey
    07/09 01:57 PM

    nick at primp salon bar is best. i just went to see him yesterday. not many people know how to work with my thick hair, but he is an artist.

  • dt
    07/09 04:29 PM

    I have to give some love to Michelle at Salon Moxie, she is fantastic.

  • CVB
    07/09 04:42 PM

    I have to second Professional Barbershop in Cameron Village (oh, and I suppose I should clarify that my initials, CVB, do NOT stand for Cameron Village Barber or Cameron Village anything else)

  • Sam
    07/09 06:13 PM

    Marigold Parlour - Carla is great! You’ll look and feel like a million bucks!

  • heather
    07/09 07:02 PM

    christy at boylan heights! she’s so much fun and i get tons of compliments on my hair.

  • Sgt Peterson
    07/09 08:24 PM

    Charles at Primp is really great for mens cuts but I have to vote Alexa at Boylan for womens cuts. Over and over again, she makes some frumpy homely ladies look like goddesses. I’m not kidding. She makes them go from Leave Em Alone to Wanna Bone!

  • rudy
    07/09 09:55 PM

    i second Claire @ Boylan Heights Studio.
    she has cut my hair for close to a decade.

  • Kevin
    07/10 12:50 AM

    Westover Barbershop.  The guy who now owns it is an (ex)Southern Championship Wrestler and is in the NC Curlin league.  He only has one chair, but they have a pool table to fill you time.

  • katherine
    07/10 02:55 AM

    jessie + marigold parlour = awesome

  • jeannette
    07/10 01:07 PM

    michael lester at the purple door on st. mary’s street and jenn borneman at salon 6

  • anna
    07/10 01:58 PM

    claire ashby at boyland heights studio is super cool, very good at understanding my vague ramblings about what i sort of think i want and turning it into an actual haircut. she is great!

  • Camille
    07/10 02:38 PM

    Chrisie Killette at Boylan Heights Studio is a hair genius.  I bring crazy pictures to her or explain what I want and my hair always looks great.  I’ve sent many friends to her.  She is hilarious and awesome.

  • map
    07/10 03:31 PM

    Jessie at Marigold is so fantastic, and she and Dustin run a fun, friendly salon.

  • liz
    07/10 05:47 PM

    Rebecca (formerly of The Birdcage) at Fly Salon on N. Boylan Street.
    All the women in my family are devoted to her!

  • MrD
    07/10 06:13 PM

    I have to put in props for Nikki @ Devil’s Haircut.
    (919) 345-7471
    7A S West Street
    Raleigh, NC 27603

    Nikki also was a long time bartender at the Brewery in Raleigh.

  • Ugh
    07/10 08:22 PM

    Wilmington St., downtown Raleigh

    Holla @ my man Joe the barber. He epitomizes precision. An old style barber shop that oozes history.

  • leah
    07/10 10:46 PM

    my vote and props go to :
    jenny jones @ marigold parlor
    the space is cool and all the people are great.

  • The Dude
    07/11 02:46 AM

    Jeremy Owner of 6 Salon! Always accomodating and works with me. My hair is thinning and always has great advice in how to “hold on” to what I have!

  • T-rex
    07/11 06:13 AM

    Shannon at Atomic.  Great eye, great taste, great cut.

  • SAM
    07/11 11:44 AM

    BLO, no question. Silvia’s great. How cool is this ... I went to their “Blowdry Bootcamp” and also their “24-Hour Cut-A-Thon” that raised $10K for Triangle Family Services!

  • Wise One
    07/11 01:24 PM

    Christie at Boylan Heights is my vote for the most creative and experienced.

  • roy
    07/11 03:11 PM

    Grace is the best….. at David Wade’s on Glenwood

  • slx #19
    07/11 07:45 PM

    *** A N G E L A   K I L P A T R I C K ***
    has been my hair-Goddess for years and she ROCKS! Rarely a day goes by where someone doesn’t ask my for my hairdressers info… you can find her @ The Cutting Edge on Hillsborough St. 832-4901.

  • joshua
    07/14 01:57 AM


  • matt
    07/14 04:15 AM

    Claire at Boylan Heights.  She is incredible.

  • TLC
    07/14 03:30 PM

    Blo is the best salon experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been to three of the designers there and they all know my needs so I can feel comfortable booking based on MY schedule and not worry if one of them is not available. Brittany is awesome, Rachael is amazing and Crystal can blow dry her *&$ OFF.

  • staci
    07/15 03:50 PM

    rebecca toms(aka becky) at FLY and Claire Ashby at Boylan Heights…

    claire is super good with trimming up curly locks. rebecca is great with formulating color that doesn’t require excessive maintenance.

  • Ron
    07/15 04:13 PM

    Marigold and Dustin are the Best! What a great friendly and fun place!

  • henry
    07/16 01:55 AM

    jenn at atomic is the coolest hair cutter in the business. fo sho!

  • Robert Ruehlman
    07/16 04:10 AM

    Shout out to Jenny Jones and all at Marigold! See you soon…

  • Samara
    07/16 12:09 PM

    Claire at Boylan Heights Studio!

  • Catherine
    07/16 01:59 PM

    alexa at boylan heights is truly gifted!

  • Veronica Bravo
    07/16 05:28 PM

    Without question the best hair cuts and color…Nikki Courie at the Devil’s Haircut and Angela Kilpatrick at the Cutting Edge!!!

  • sarah
    07/18 02:19 PM

    Rebecca at Fly Salon on N. Boylan Street. My color is always amazing. It looks so natural and I don’t have to go back very often to get it redone. She also doesn’t complain when it takes two hours to foil and get through my thick hair :)!

  • kelly
    07/20 02:42 AM

    dustin at marigold. hands down. fun atmosphere made more fun when phuc visits!

  • Bryce
    07/21 08:42 PM

    Dustin at Marigold Parlour!!!

  • Carol
    08/07 06:09 PM

    Angela Kilpatrick at The Cutting Edge on Hillsborough.
    Excellent stylist, reasonable prices, will squeeze you in, if you’re desperate!

  • kathy
    08/15 02:23 AM

    jessie at marigold parlour works magic with my hair! i am complimented daily on the color/cut! the whole staff at marigold is great ~ a fun place to visit, and now you can get a chair massage while you wait for your appointment. what could be better?

  • Alexa at Boylan Heights Studio
    08/16 03:05 AM

    Alexa at BHS does the most amazing highlights, color and cuts EVER!!!

  • Zelly
    08/16 03:12 AM

    Christie Killette at Boylan Heights Studio is great at creative short haircuts! She has a great eye for what will work for you! Boylan Heights Studio is an awesome laid back salon. Great quality at a reasonable price!

  • Zelly
    08/16 03:13 AM

    Oh…I forgot the phone # for Boylan Heights Studio is 919.829.8100

  • Erin Vaughan
    08/30 02:30 AM

    The best color - platinum like no other.  Scott has 20 years experience and is a master teacher.

  • Erin Vaughan
    08/30 02:31 AM

    Warren Scott Salon

  • Traci
    09/16 01:01 PM

    Sport Clips at North Hills give a great hair cut, and has the massaging chairs, neck and shoulder massage and hot towel.  Guys love this place.
    Oh, and there is a TV at every station- with sports.

  • Amanda
    12/07 08:27 PM

    Stephanie at Marigold Parlour, good personality and great work!!

  • bethany
    01/31 03:00 PM

    Boylan Heights Hair.

    I’ve been folling Alexa around for about 7 years now and have loved the feel of the new salon. I’ve never gotten anything short of fabulous. She always give me cuts that flatter and last. Superb work….I’ve gotten less from top stylists in NY.

  • Nick
    02/18 10:51 AM

    Mary at Alter Ego is the best stylist in the city.  Dana, the owner, is a close 2nd.  Check them out downtown!

  • stefanie
    02/18 12:58 PM

    Nikki at Devil’s Haircut for sure.  Going to her feels like meeting a friend for a drink or afternoon tea.  It’s just you and her in her inspired salon space (and maybe her dog, too) and you leave feeling pampered, cared for, and, most of all, you are rockin’ the best haircut in town.  Not to mention that she has great stories to share!!!

  • john
    04/30 08:57 PM

    Alter Ego salon IS the best salon in raleigh if not NC   go see Trevor

  • Tom
    05/01 01:10 AM

    Agreed with John, Alter Ego is the way to go.  Great space, friendly people, and well priced for the quality haircut you get from them.

  • Leah
    05/07 01:57 AM

    Curtis White’s brother is kinda cute

    10/27 05:18 PM


  • Cheryl Adnet
    04/09 07:11 PM

    Splash Hair Studio is easy to get to on Glenwood Avenue in the Walmart shopping center.  Easy parking, fun staff, and great styles.

    Check us out at or call

  • Astrid
    11/08 12:34 PM

    Lisa Vago at Mitchells in North Hills rocks!!!!

    02/09 11:32 PM

    ANDREA LOVE @ ANDREA LOVE SALON!!!! Best hairstylist in the world!

  • pooja
    02/09 11:38 PM

    Andrea Love !! Andrea just opened her own Salon I <3 her shes at Andrea Love Salon

  • leo
    02/09 11:54 PM

    Love salon is the best

  • christy
    02/10 12:01 AM

    Andrea Love @ Andrea Love Salon….She is the best at what she does.

    3747 Benson Dr.
    Raleigh, NC 27609
    919-280-3125 919-954-6166

  • Dhru
    02/10 12:21 AM

    Andrea Love at Andrea Love Salon. She talented, experienced and has an awesome personality.

  • Chris
    02/10 01:16 AM

    Andrea Love at Andrea Love Salon. She so talented and a pleasure to be around. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done to my twin daughters hair. Outstanding work!!

  • Zesty
    02/10 01:33 AM

    Miss.Love @ ANDREA LOVE Salon at 3747 Benson Drive Raleigh NC 27609 Please call Andrea 919-280-3125!! I have been a client of Andrea Love’s for over 7 years and would never consider going anywhere else! My entire family goes to her and after my first visit I recived so many compliments on my color and cut all of my work colleges go to her people from my church. I get stopped all the time by random people asking where I get my hair done! THANKS ANDREA

  • Carolina2000
    02/10 01:37 AM

    Without a doubt, Andrea Love Salon! Best in color and cut! She’s a great stylist, actually listens to what her clients want and make sure they get the best deal. times are hard for everyone and she makes sure everyone gets the best service and care! Big heart and big talent!

  • Alex
    02/10 08:43 AM

    Andrea Love is the best.  Haircuts with her are like a miniature vacation, every time.

  • Elke
    02/10 09:39 AM

    Andrea Love Salon is the best

  • Amy
    02/10 04:13 PM

    Andrea Love from Andrea Love Salon is hands down the best hair stylist in Raleigh! It took me almost 12 years to find her bouncing around town from one salon to the next trying to find someone I liked. After my first cut by Miss Love, I was hooked!

  • Kevin
    02/11 03:42 PM

    Andrea Love rocks! And she continues to hone her craft and get better all the time.  Great customer service.

  • Holls
    02/11 03:45 PM

    Andrea - are you serious girl?!?! Have you completely run out of other websites to post your plethora of fake reviews that you now have to resort to spamming New Raleigh with your fakeys? Girlfriend, it is painfully t-r-a-n-s-p-a-r-e-n-t, and you, quite frankly have no scruples. I know you think you’re being sharp as a tack, but, ummmm…yeah.

  • 160
    02/11 04:28 PM

    Considering she put out the request on her facebook page for people to leave a comment here, it looks plausible that these are real, despite looking like the opposite.

    The idea of having her fans leave a comment on an almost 3 year old post seems a bit less sharp, though.

  • Anne
    02/13 02:46 PM

    Andrea Love Salon is the best in Raleigh!

  • Phil Spector
    02/14 04:43 PM

    Andrea Love did my hair and I love it!

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