Bevello Focuses on Service with New Cameron Village Boutique

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July, 24, 2009, by Jennifer

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At a time when many retailers are cutting hours, cutting prices and cutting costs, bevello, a new women’s clothing store in Cameron Village opened its doors this week with a mission to bring style, value and a great customer service experience to all who walk through the doors.

Bevello, which occupies the former Francis King Stationery space, sells contemporary women’s clothing and accessories at a lower price point (most items fall in the $40-$150 range).

Owner Chan Namgong started bevello as an online retail store with a simple, straightforward vision: transparency. Friends and coworkers model the clothes on the site, and their measurements appear alongside the clothing descriptions so shoppers get a clear perspective about sizing and fit. Nothing is photoshopped or clipped or pinned to alter shape in any way, which is refreshing and honest. Chan says he plans to continue to sell online as well as in the store, and they get new merchandise every week.

Chan started his career with Johnson Automotive Group where he received extensive customer service training working with service-oriented brands like Lexus. Chan said he always wanted to be a business owner and work in the fashion industry, but he wanted to focus on service and customer experience. 

Especially when it comes to women’s fashion, he said, there is so much snobbery in boutique culture that it can take away from the joy of shopping and feeling great in the clothes.

On Thursday morning he traveled with his new staff to Lexus for thorough customer service training, which is amazing for several reasons. First, a former employer offered to train his new employees. Second, this kid means business. He cares deeply about his customers and the experience they have at his store.

There are many reasons to open a clothing store and many reasons to shop. Raleigh already has a pretty saturated retail market for contemporary women’s fashion but, hey, the more the merrier right? Choices are a good thing. When everyone’s selling pretty much the same stuff you have the luxury of supporting only those stores you truly love and believe in. Best of luck to Chan and bevello!

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  • bevlover
    07/24 04:06 PM

    I stopped into the store yesterday and was so impressed with the layout!!  The staff service was comfortable and spot on.  They didn’t talk me into buying anything I wasn’t already interested in, or tell me I looked flawless in something I obviously did not.  Thanks, Chan, for a comfortable, friendly, and enjoyable Bevello experience!!

    Check out their website, too!!!

  • DPK
    07/26 05:51 AM

    Thanks for the odd public service announcement there bevlover.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    07/27 11:05 AM

    Looks great! P. Dail and Sara from Beleza ( told me about this new boutique. I can’t wait to check it out!

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