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April, 07, 2009, by David

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Ahhh spring is here and the air is heavy with pollen.  We all can relate with the birds and the bees this time of year, but gallery owners fear the locusts. Bike First Friday was started by culture vulture Victor Lytvinenko of Raleigh Denim and his cohorts but it has grown into something much, much bigger. Propelled by the popularization of fixed-gear and bike culture in urban areas across the nation, April’s Bike First Friday was around 120 bikers.  Cyclists , mostly of the hipster flavor can be seen literally swarming through the streets as they go from gallery to gallery. 

One of the participants made this beautiful video capturing some of the youthful magic of the experience.  It includes the obligatory speed trip downtown and a great M.I.A. Boys dance mix.  We’re down.  See you in May?

Bike First Friday Website

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  • Devin
    04/07 11:04 AM

    for more about the ride, and a group picture, check out:

  • Victor
    04/07 11:50 AM

    We meet at the belltower on Hillsborough st. at 7pm on the First Friday of every month. Bring some friends, lights, and locks.

  • Jaclyn
    04/07 02:14 PM

    Yay for BFF!  Victor thanks for starting something else awesome :)

  • Heather Saunders
    04/07 03:59 PM

    i love it.

  • Micah
    04/07 07:58 PM

    So, is the main point of BFF to bike en-masse to each gallery opening, violating as many traffic laws as possible along the way, then stay at each place long enough to get some free food and drink, then repeat?

  • joshua
    04/07 09:30 PM

    so when is somebody going to post the mp3 of that track?

  • Denise
    04/07 09:31 PM

    The “point” is to experience the art and local creativity of First Friday just as you or anyone else in Raleigh would, the only difference is that we do so via bicycle w/friends.

    The only reason a light might be run here or there is to maintain the cohesiveness of the group. A common practice with group cycle rides throughout the world.

    We stay at each gallery long enough to view the artwork, talk with some people and maybe have a snack or a drink if one feels so inclined. Sound familiar? Probably. Because it’s what everyone else does on FF.

    So unless you visit only one gallery a night, completely abstain from eating/drinking anything at all, and have never J-walked in your life, I don’t want to hear it.

  • Miles
    04/07 09:57 PM

    Beautiful video! Friday Night was def. the beez knees : ) What an amazing/fun time! With so many cyclists around this should be one helluva summer.

  • Joshua
    04/07 10:01 PM

    i’m all for BFF. its awesome to see the group circling the city. i do have to say though that i’ve seen a number of red light runners almost get nailed by cars. and its the bikers fault for running the light. i love biking as much as the next guy. but all bikers need to be responsible on the roads too. not just for the sake of an argument on newraleigh, but to save lives. it would be awful to start off first friday with a biking accident. please be safe everyone!

  • Miles
    04/07 10:05 PM

    I agree. Self preservation is key

  • Devin
    04/07 11:40 PM

    i agree with miles, this is gonna be one helluva summer!!

  • mgd
    04/12 01:39 PM

    The video is awesome.

    Its not illegal until you get caught. 

    But with video of it.  It makes it easier to get caught.

  • Micah
    04/19 03:45 PM

    It IS illegal, even if you don’t get caught.  I don’t really care about the legality of riding against traffic signals, however.  The problem comes when you are “caught” underneath the wheels of an SUV taking your last breaths.  Just because you are riding in a large group does not protect you from harm.  How “cohesive” is your cycling group if one person is injured or dead?

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