Bill Maher Tapes HBO Special in  Raleigh in February

Bill Maher Tapes HBO Special in Raleigh in February

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October, 12, 2009

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Bill Maher is loved by neither party, but much loved by sardonic youth who are sick of institutional hypocrisy. When he comes for two days in February, you can count on an audience ready to learn and laugh at Maher's educational and hilarious stand up routine. Maher will be here Friday February 12th and Saturday the 13th. Both shows are being taped for HBO, with the 13th's being shown live on the network. Tickets range from $39.50 - $59.50. Tickets go on sale Saturday October 17th. You can get them at the Memorial Auditorium Box office, or, if you have to, Ticket Master with extra fees.

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  • sprouse
    10/12 10:16 AM

    “...sardonic youth who are sick of institutional hypocrisy.” Hey, that’s me! Can’t wait for this. You don’t have to accept everything he says, but his political humor is great. Are tickets on sale now?

  • David
    10/12 10:44 AM

    Good catch Sprouse, updated the post- tix available on Saturday.

  • gtoddh
    10/12 10:52 AM

    I’ve got to get tix for this!  I love his show on HBO.  He’s very liberal but still critical of all politicians who don’t do what they say they’re going to, including the president.

  • JHJ
    10/12 12:27 PM

    we love, love, love bill maher!  how exciting for raleigh he’s chosen to do an HBO special here.  we will definitely be there- my xmas gift to my husband!

  • mkd0514
    10/18 04:14 AM

    Bill Maher…just another reason to hate Raleigh.

  • gd
    10/18 06:42 AM

    Got my tickets.  Looking forward to this

  • Will
    10/22 12:23 PM

    He just isnt funny to me.  I like the debate part of his show though.

  • Dave L
    01/02 02:35 PM

    I wish I could be there for the show.  Bill Maher is hilarious and “Religulous” is the best movie I’ve ever seen!

  • Ian
    02/11 11:24 AM

    Is Bill doing any book signings, or pre-show appearances on Friday?

  • gd
    02/11 11:48 AM

    Ready for Saturday nights show…

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