Billie Redmond to Enter Race for Mayor

June, 23, 2011, by David

Billie Redmond to Enter Race for Mayor
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This morning local real-estate tycoon Billie Redmond is expected to announce her candidacy for Mayor.  The CEO of Coldwell Banker Commercial TradeMark Properties is a long-time Raleigh resident and represents a new challenger for candidate and city councilor Nancy McFarlane.

Redmond is a registered Republican and an accomplished business woman, but lacks the political history that McFarlane has cultivated during her recent leadership on the city council. She does have an active history of working as a "Chamber of Commerce Republican," as Geary labeled her in his June 8th piece.

Redmond will serve as high contrast for McFarlane, an active poltician who has pushed progressive development practices, environmental responsibility, small business and transit options forwad.  

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  • Bill
    06/23 11:31 AM

    Who in the hell does she think she is, Laura Brohmal?

  • brc
    06/23 12:13 PM

    she is nothing but a face for Art Pope and other Republicans.  voting for Nancy.

  • Jim
    06/23 12:13 PM

    Billie Redmond can’t manage her own family, how in the world does she think she can run the Capital City?

  • b-fuss
    06/23 02:15 PM

    brc, clean the Indy cobwebs out of your brain and think for yourself for once.

  • brc
    06/23 02:59 PM

    Hey b-fuss…truth hurts does it not?  The Republicans know in order to beat Nancy they needed to have a woman running against her.

  • voter
    06/23 03:59 PM

    Billie is a caring community leader.  She has managed to keep all of her company’s employees during this economic downturn even though layoffs would have proved to benefit her (the bottomline).  A leader with heart and successful business tract record, I will be voting for Billie!

  • Another Voter
    06/23 04:08 PM

    I can’t wait for those Bush tax cuts to improve the economy.  How long does it take?  Another 10 years or so?

  • voter2
    06/23 04:40 PM

    This is good news for Raleigh.  We don’t need any more life time politicians. With her background and ties to the Chamber, we will have a better chance of getting more business activity started up.

  • Aaron
    06/23 06:46 PM

    How much ‘damage’ could a Republican mayor do? If she brings her trite ‘pro-business’ skillz to the table, maybe she can get the city booming again. Who knows.

  • ct
    06/23 09:49 PM

    Cool. There will be competition, and that’s a good thing. She might even win.

  • RaleighRob
    06/24 09:56 AM

    I don’t know much about her, but a “real estate tycoon” sounds like something I’m gonna steer away from.  She would be more likely to be pro-developer than pro-smart growth, I fear.  We had that already with Tom Fetzer and Paul Coble..the two worst mayors this city has seen in my lifetime.  I don’t want to risk a repeat! 

    At least with McFarlane, I know I can count on her to try to reach consensus of both sides of a development issue and reach a reasonable agreement.

  • joe
    06/24 10:19 AM

    she’s not a ‘real estate tycoon’, she’s a realtor. 

    The ‘jobs’ she supposedly protected during the downturn were pretty easy to protect when you don’t pay anything to realtors or benefits.  Y’all do realize realtors are straight commission with no benefits, right?

    So what ‘jobs’ did she protect exactly?

    06/24 10:48 AM

    Real estate firms have office staff that get benefits.  Nothing wrong with putting someone in charge who understands running a business.  Such negative little liberals on this site.

  • frank
    06/24 07:30 PM

    if a real estate agent is going to run Raleigh, why not have Linda Craft be mayor? She looks like a ballbuster that will get stuff done around here instead of just taking ALEC, the Koch brothers and Art Pope’s marching orders

  • James
    06/24 08:04 PM

    Speaking as someone who has met and spoke with both of these women at length, I’ll be voting for Nancy.  Billy treated me like a gnat, Nancy treated me like a person. Go Nancy!

  • ct
    06/24 08:33 PM

    I didn’t care for Coble one bit, but I think Fetzer did a reasonably good job in six years. Not every decision of his turned out to be right, but not every decision turned out to be wrong either. To dismiss every Republican is ridiculous—just as it’s ridiculous to support blindly every Democrat.

  • kalismokie
    06/27 11:22 PM

    It would be wise not to label Billie as the “face” for anyone and those of you who are doing so have obviously never met her or worked with her professionally. Billie is a very smart, sensible businesswoman and would make a great Mayor.

  • brian_M
    06/28 11:28 PM

    Tom Fetzer was a joke. Wasting city dollars on lawsuits against drag queens at Legends. Thanks but no thanks for the attempt at revisionist history.

  • brian_M
    06/28 11:31 PM

    Also, none of the progress downtown can be attributed to Fetzer or Coble, or their councils. None of it. Tom Fetzer and his cohorts wasted 13 million dollars adding those very ugly wings onto the old (now demolished) civic center…all in a attempt to stop the City from having a convention center, which is what he ran against in his first mayoral campaign.

  • brian_M
    06/28 11:37 PM

    So is Billie Redmond who Art Pope is putting up for mayor? I heard awhile back it would be Claude Pope…I’m sure the names are a coincidence, right? Anyway, I’m going to work on this election. We need to keep Raleigh moving forward, and there are no conservatives who are going to be doing that.

  • ct
    06/28 11:47 PM

    Yeah, that’s true. On the other hand, during Fetzer’s administration: Memorial Auditorium was renovated, Western Blvd was extended into downtown as had been intended, two large parking decks were built in downtown, two bond issues of $50M each were adopted by voters… plus Raleigh replaced the sometimes-embarassing minor league professional sports teams (remember the Bullfrogs?) with the Carolina Hurricanes… and taxes were lowered to make the City more business-friendly compared to previous administrations that had allowed Durham County and RTP to capture just about all the high-value tech businesses. Meanwhile Fetzer’s administration had to deal with two hurricanes. If you say that the momentum for some of these projects came from Mayor Upchurch’s terms, then you also have to blame Mayor Upchurch for the ugly expansion of the old convention center (the planning began on his watch).

  • brian_M
    06/29 01:11 AM

    I was working at City Hall then, and if you want to nitpick, Hurricane Fran was dealt with by Dempsey Benton’s administration, because that’s who ran the show. Yes to Memorial Auditorium expansion. That’s it. The rest, as you say, was in the can before he got there. Except the civic center “renovation”. That was a cynical attempt to kill the convention center concept. They even changed the name to THE RALEIGH CIVIC & CONVENTION CENTER, all in an attempt to stop the inevitable. So he does get credit. For running against the idea of a convention center his first term (along with everybody’s friends, The Wake County Taxpayers Association), and then for wasting all that money years later in another term, still attempting to prevent what we have today. He was terrible, and Coble was terrible.

  • ct
    06/29 01:19 AM

    Upchurch had gotten his own bond issue adopted in the late 1980s. Fetzer’s two bond issues added to the kitty. The irony is that some of the Fetzer bond money was still in the system when Meeker took office. As for the convention center, sure, a lot of people opposed it—some for rational reasons, some not. That’s still the case today… although I wouldn’t throw Redmond into the same pot with Russell Capps and the WCTA.

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