Bloomsbury Estates Named to North Carolina Historic Register of Buildings

Bloomsbury Estates Named to North Carolina Historic Register of Buildings

April, 01, 2011, by Jedidiah

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Despite only being erected five years ago, Bloomsbury Estates has been named to the North Carolina Historic Register of Buildings. Bloomsbury became the only building inducted this year, beating out this year's other nominees which included two modern houses located outside of Durham, Andy Griffith's childhood home in Mount Airy, a municipal building in downtown Edenton and thirteen churches throughout the state. 

Speaking on behalf of the Historic Register jury, Jefferson Smith stated that "Bloomsbury showed a quality of construction that North Carolina hasn't seen in years and is some of the best use of a mansard roof this side of Versailles. Although the other nominees showed historical promise, we feel that Bloomsbury Estate has set a 21st century standard for quality in our state."

Shocking to say the least.


This was posted on April Fools' Day 2011.

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  • crankasaurus
    04/01 08:59 AM

    “Andy Griffith’s childhood home in Mount Airy” ... hahaha!!! i hope whoever wrote that is from MA and knows why this is hilarious!

  • itboutsider
    04/01 09:37 AM

    lol.. nice… that just means we can’t ever demolish it?

  • Terry C
    04/01 10:25 AM

    Is this an April Fools Day joke?  If not, it should be.

  • TJ
    04/01 11:39 AM

    thank god its Aprils Fools day because that hideous monstrosity is only historic for its garishness.

  • Drew
    04/01 02:19 PM

    Now with more pianos in windows!

  • Eleanor
    04/01 03:26 PM

    The historical Clarion Hotel in downtown Raleigh is once again robbed!

  • Suzie
    04/01 03:33 PM

    This must be an April Fool’s joke.  It looks like a Monster House.

  • Shadoe
    04/01 03:33 PM

    itboutsider: any property on the National Register can be destroyed at any time. There is nothing that stops them from being demolished. The basic purpose of a property being on the National Register is for Federal tax credits on property rehabilitation.

  • Shadoe
    04/01 03:35 PM

    Also, there is no state register ;)

  • Knox
    04/01 07:32 PM

    IDK, I kind of like the building.  I like it a hell of a lot more than the other skyscraper condo buildings in Raleigh.  Not sure why y’all give it such a hard time.

  • David
    04/01 07:50 PM

    Very funny!! I think it’s great to have fun with such unimportant things -when it’s all said and done- as architecture, it’s great! It’s true what Richard Meier said: “architecture will surely create polemics.” ...and hopefully a laugh and a smile too :D

  • Arthur
    04/04 03:43 PM

    This must be an April’s fool joke!

  • Volga
    08/12 07:08 PM

    What some of you know? Probably never even went outside Wake county fields…ndaaaaaaaaa….

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