Bonded Llama, Gamila Store, and Raleigh Denim Open Houses this Weekend

November, 12, 2010

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This weekend creatives around the city open up to sell their wares. We are always excited for this season, because artists and artisans have put so much work into getting ready for the holidays, but their selections aren’t picked over yet, so the best goods are still available.

We already covered the new unveiling of Raleigh Denim’s new shop open for the first time this Saturday. The entire RD crew has been working to transition to this new space.  It represents their first foray into a retail space that they control.  The open house runs from 1-6 on Saturday.

Right next door Gamila, the design company behind the Tea Stick,  is opening an all local wares retail shop in the front of designbox, called Gamila Shop. The natural extension to the incredibly popular Brand Fandango, a designbox Christmas season event that is always a great place to secure locally made gifts, Gamila Shop will be open year round and offer a wide selection of local designs.  Brandfandango 2010 will still open up in December, its so much local retail, we can hardly handle it. The open house runs from 1-6 on Saturday.

Finally, Bonded Llama Art Studios opens its doors for folks to come check out the resident’s in their residence.  Anne Marie Kennedy, David Eichenberger, Che Clark, Gretchen McLaren, Jennifer Partridge, Mike Stenke, Matt Scofield, Liz Neimeyer, Sean Kernick, and Joshua Flint will all be showing their latest works. The open house runs from 1-5 on Sunday.

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