Boots are Essential

November, 04, 2010, by Britt

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We typically don’t have too much real winter weather here in Raleigh, but a Fall wardrobe renewal is still in the cards. Let’s talk shoes.

Boots are essential. They’ll carry you through hours at the office, yard work, nightlife and snow. They come in flats or heels, wedges or booties. They’re up to knee-high and they get taller each season.

If you’re shopping for boots, go with leather, and pick neutral colors. Black and brown you can hold onto for years, but gray can easily look cheap.  When comparing styles, look at the shoe’s hardware and think about how you judge metals if you’re buying jewelry. Gauge by weight and color. 

Fall 2010 runways seem to all go in one of two directions–minimalistic or romantic. Footwear trends this year are more utilitarian and androgynous than ever before. But a grungy, dirty motorcycle boot will appear tamed and beautiful beneath a long, feminine dress or skinny jeans and a blush-colored chiffon top. Think Kurt Cobain meets early Halston. 

The wedge heel is very popular on a lean boot or bootie. American icon Tommy Hilfiger earned attention recently for the sky-high, heeled duck boot in his Fall collection. I hope this shearling-lined boot, delicately evoking New England nostalgia, will forever replace the shapeless Ugg.

As a general guide, remember to stick to classic shapes—tall riding boot, motorcycle, or western—and only go towards more trendy styles if your disposable income allows.

Where to shop for boots in Raleigh:

Quality—Main & Taylor
Repairs—Man Mur Shoe Shop

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  • 150
    11/04 02:37 PM

    Filed under “politics”?  If this is supposed to be some sort of shoe analogy for the election, I don’t get it.  If this is about shoes, well, I still don’t get it.

  • mdc
    11/04 02:42 PM

    Never tried Man-Mur for repairs, but I might next time.  The place at Cameron Village (H&H?) tried their best on my last request but I was hoping for more.  I’ll bet they did all anyone could do with those beat up shoes but who knows.  This other pair’s got a nice hole I discovered today in a rain puddle : (

    also, +1 for replacing Ugg boots forever, with something, anything

  • cfa
    11/04 06:27 PM

    yay for something other than music and restaurants!

  • Lisa Jeffries
    11/04 09:42 PM

    It’s Main & Taylor, just in case anyone is in search :-)

  • VaNC
    11/05 05:02 PM

    Man Mur is the place to go for repairs, and comfort shoes, and amusing repartee.

  • kelsey
    11/06 05:46 PM

    omg, totally. down with uggs. replace those bitches.

  • rt
    11/08 03:55 PM

    If boots are so great, why show only 2 pairs of boots out of the 4 pairs of shoes illustrated? (And, no, a wedge-heeled slip-on is /not/ a boot.)

  • Allison
    11/08 04:05 PM

    RT - did you have a bad day?  Are boots rubbing you the wrong way? 

    I see 3 pairs of boots and a what some might call a ‘slip-on bootie.’  RT, I am sure if you have some better examples we’d all like to see what is in your library of boots.

  • rt
    11/08 04:14 PM

    I’m having a nice day thanks! And I do love a good boot.  But, a shoe that doesn’t cover the heel and ankle just doesn’t register as a boot in my book.

  • dizzy
    11/08 07:03 PM

    manmur does gods work

  • the fucking butcher
    11/09 12:28 PM

    wow what a useless article…

    might as well comment on how brutal it is since i actually took the bait and read the first paragraph

  • Lisa Jeffries
    11/10 06:59 PM

    RT, I agree on the post. 2 and 4 are NOT boots in my book.

  • Britt
    11/10 07:28 PM

    Just workin with what I got. Can we strrrretch what’s taken from photo 4 as an example of a wedge and call it a day?

  • duh
    11/15 07:44 PM

    2 is a bootie, am I wrong?

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