Borough First Annual Pine Car Classic Roundup

Borough First Annual Pine Car Classic Roundup

Gentlemen Start Your.....

April, 20, 2009, by Jedidiah

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As mentioned back in March, The Borough had its first annual Pine Car Classic. Thanks to Beth and Aly Khalifa of Gamil, we have a short round up of the award winners and some group shots.  From the funky, to the sleek, to the cars that were there just to make a social statement, the First Annual Pine Car Classic at The Borough had variety and lots of entertainment.

This could be a very cool annual event and could build up to be an even larger event each year in a bigger setting. Maybe it will even get it’s own Spark (errr….DerbySpark).

Matt McConnell won best in show for “Future” (below)

The overall Derby winner was Tide Car by Nate Hall (pictured below with a giant diamond ring car)

Pork-E-Pine by Aly Khalifa

Battle of the Bottles: Silver Bullet by Domino Ireland vs the PBR car (name of car and person unknown)

Group Shot

Les Stewart just sent this great graphic with lots of unknown names.

All photos by Beth Khalifa

If any of these cars is yours or have more photos from the event, let’s us know and we’ll post them.


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  • ATimeToGet
    04/21 05:11 PM

    Amazing. Where is the NC entry to our Derby????

    Cheers to you guys-

  • Kellsays
    04/23 01:01 AM

    Hey! The PBR Car was named the PBcaR.. and it’s a group car by Kelly Wheeler, Aaron Myers, David Naylor, and Thomas Jay Campbell!

    Thanks to The Borough for an awesome event!! All of the cars were amazing.

  • PinewoodDerbyDen
    12/15 04:18 AM


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