Raekwon, Bowerbirds, Woods and More Added to Hopscotch Music Festival

Raekwon, Bowerbirds, Woods and More Added to Hopscotch Music Festival

May, 19, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Rustic lo-fi rockers Woods

The Indy Week’s upcoming Hopscotch Music Festival has been getting a handful of great press over the past few months after announcing its lineup back in March. Today, they are adding a few more big names for the September weekend including Wu Tang alumni Raekwon, local folksters Bowerbirds, rustic lo-fi rockers Woods, and Scandinavian psychedelic lords Dungen.

Raekwon will join Grammy-winning producer 9th Wonder of Durham Friday, Sept. 10, at Lincoln Theatre for a showcase curated by 9th Wonder. Nearly a dozen local groups will join that bill, including Actual Proof, The Away Team, Big Remo, Kaze, K-Hill, Rapsody, The Remix Project, Skyzoo and Tyler Woods.

Hopscotch is adding a strong pool of local acts to its inaugural lineup, too: Raleigh rockers Bright Young Things will play, as will Chapel Hill’s two-drummer, two-bassist terror squad, In the Year of the Pig. Asheville’s soulful Floating Action and Chapel Hill’s anxious Bellafea complete the lineup additions. 


Actual Proof, The Away Team, Bellafea, Big Remo, Bowerbirds, Bright Young Things, Dungen, Floating Action, In the Year of the Pig, Kaze, K-Hill, Locrian, Raekwon, Rapsody, The Remix Project, Skyzoo, Tyler Woods, Woods


9th Wonder, Active Child, Actual Proof, Akron/Family, All Tiny Creatures, American Aquarium, Americans in France, Aminal, Aquarelle, Atlas Sound, The Away Team, Balmorhea, Bear in Heaven, Bellafea, Best Coast, Big Remo, Birds of Avalon, Black Congo NC, Bowerbirds, DJ George Brazil, Bright Young Things, Broken Social Scene, Brutal Knights, Richard Buckner, Burning Star Core, Cannabis Corpse, Caitlin Cary’s Small Ponds with Tres Chicas, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Cults, Greg Davis, Dex Romweber Duo, Double Dagger, Double Negative, Dungen, The Dynamite Brothers, EAR PWR, ExMonkeys, First Rate People, Floating Action, Followed by Static, Ben Frost, Fucked Up, Future Islands, Golden Boys, The Golden Filter, Goner, Gray Young, Ryan Gustafson, Hammer No More the Fingers, Harlem, Harvey Milk, Horseback, John Howie Jr. & The Rosewood Bluff, In the Year of the Pig, I Was Totally Destroying It, Javelin, Jeb Bishop Trio, Juan Huevos, Kaze, K-Hill, Kill the Noise, The Kingsbury Manx, Kooley High, Kylesa, The Light Pines, Locrian, Lonnie Walker, The Love Language, Lucero, Luego, Max Indian, Erin McKeown, Megafaun, DJ Merlin, Midtown Dickens, The Moaners, The Monologue Bombs, Motor Skills, Mountains, Jon Mueller, Marissa Nadler, No Age, NOMO, Ocean, Old Bricks, Panda Bear, Pattern Is Movement, Pictureplane, Plague, Pontiak, Public Enemy, Raekwon, Rapsody, The Remix Project, The Rosebuds, Ned Rothenberg, DJ Sami Automatic, Schooner, Sightings, Sleepy Sun, spcl gst, Spider Bags, Thien, Tigercity, Tortoise, Treasure Fingers, Tyler Woods, US Christmas, Sharon Van Etten, Veelee, Vincent Black Shadow, War on Drugs, Washed Out, Weedeater, Wet Mango, Whatever Brains, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Woods, Yip-Yip.


Admission for Hopscotch Music Festival is designed to suit a wide range of fans. Individual tickets for the shows in Raleigh City Plaza—on Friday, Sept. 10, featuring Panda Bear, Broken Social Scene and The Rosebuds; on Saturday, Sept. 11, featuring Public Enemy, No Age and The Love Language—cost $30 each. For $45, fans can buy a wristband that allows entry into all nine festival clubs for all three days. A limited number of $85 wristbands gain fans admission to both City Plaza shows and all clubs, saving $20 off of face value. VIP tickets are sold out.

In cooperation with cosponsor www.etix.com, Hopscotch Music Festival is offering wristbands and tickets to all fans with reduced service charges. To purchase tickets and wristbands, visit www.hopscotchmusicfest.com or www.etix.com.






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  • Jay
    05/19 10:29 AM

    Ticket prices are way too high for this collection of bands. 

    I am happy to support some great local bands but they should have tapped a few more names - maybe from Merge? 

    I don’t believe the hype was not lived up to - hopefully some of the bands I don’t know change my mind.

    Hopefully they have their execution down so the VIP ticketholders can easily get into the Broken Social Scene, Panda Bear, Atlas Sound shows.  If not this festival will become a one and done. 

    I’m keeping an open mind but overall Indy Week (you know who you are) hyped it way too much for what they produced.  They pushed back the announcement of these last bands for almost 2 months and this is what we get?

  • unreliable
    05/19 10:57 AM

    Well Indy, I hope your happy!! You disappointed Jay..I think you owe someone an apology.. And next time you bring a music fest to downtown Raleigh think of Jays wants and needs first.

  • Carver
    05/19 11:28 AM

    Poopie pants!

  • nate
    05/19 11:41 AM

    Jay’s kind of a dick

  • cents
    05/19 12:00 PM

    Great job curating and setting ticket prices. 

    I would like to know if the organizers of Hopscotch are reaching out to local breweries, restaurants, and food providers in The Triangle before making deals with larger food & beverage distributors.  I think it’s very important that local companies such as Big Boss, Only Burger, Crumb, Empire Eats restaurants, Poole’s, Larry’s Beans coffee, local farmers, etc. are given the opportunity to sell their products at Hopscotch.  I hope that the city council -or whomever necessary- is being contacted about allowing some street vending in downtown Raleigh during this event.

  • Bill M
    05/19 12:08 PM

    The most expensive tickets, the VIP passes, have already sold out.  That Jay Winfrey, why can’t he be happy about this?

  • Fight for a Pacifistlol
    05/19 12:37 PM

    $85 dollars is too much to see over 100 bands in 3 nights? fail

  • Sheik Yerboutti
    05/19 01:20 PM

    Very Excited…Where and when do we get the wrist-bands?

  • Charlie
    05/19 01:36 PM

    Jay’s just mad they didn’t follow through with that 311 addition. I’m always amazed at the number of people in this area who complain about having to pay to see good music. $85 for a three-day pass is a steal. Let me guess, you also complain about having to spend $5-10 to see a local bill?

  • B
    05/19 02:22 PM

    I do know and like quite a few of these bands but can anyone give some recommendations on their favs or what to check out.  I’m trying to look into all of the ones I don’t know but I’m not sure I’ll have enough time. 

    Thanx in advance!

  • cents
    05/19 03:13 PM

    re:  B

    of the bands I’m familiar with, some faves…


  • Jennifer E
    05/19 04:00 PM

    The Hopscotch website is great for figuring out what bands to check out—each band has a bio page and the vast majority include a few songs.  It is also where you can buy the wristbands

  • B
    05/19 04:50 PM

    Thanx for the tips cents and Jennifer!  I’m definitely going to check out some of those suggested considering about 10 of those I know already and love. 

    Hope you all enjoy the festival.

  • bmcclain
    05/19 05:55 PM

    I heard the Avett’s will be announcing a Raleigh show tomorrow(rumor)...I’m assuming it’ll just be a Walt show if hopscotch is done announcing?

  • Brian
    05/19 08:19 PM

    DUNGEN!!!!!!  The only other US show they’ve booked this year (out of five total in the world) is ATP.  This RULES.

    The other additions are also rad.

  • chef
    05/19 08:38 PM


  • Seann
    05/19 10:06 PM

    It’s not $85 for 100 bands….. it’s going to be more like $85 for the 7-10 bands you will be able to see.  Not that I’m complaining.

  • indyweak
    05/20 02:24 AM

    2 bad graysin only booked his freinds bands and all the bands at pitchfork.  Guess what? No one even gives shit about this stupid assed festival.  I heard he jsut told everyone that he could get Pepper to play and he didnt care when he didnt even get them.  Cause I heard he sux at making festivals. Hey Graysin- DO everyone a favor and move away so this festival deosnt suck next year.

  • meth
    05/20 09:23 AM


  • T-Plain
    05/20 10:15 AM

    I understand that Shymeek from 212 will not be in attendance.

  • WillNCSU
    05/20 04:05 PM

    Dungen is badass.  Saw them at Bonnaroo a couple years ago.  Saw Fucked Up and No Age at Coachella last year.  Also badass.  Saw Greg Davis and Keith Fullerton Whitman(Hrvatski) at Go Studios years ago.  Not as good as I thought it would be.  Same with Tortoise.  They were not as good live as you would think.  Really looking forward to Panda Bear.  I saw Animal Collective last year and the sound was all fucked up but it was still good.  All in all, its a very good lineup.  Where is the money coming from to put this on?  I heard all PBR gave them was 5k to be the beer sponsor.  You know the indy is broke right now since add sales are waaaay down accross the board.

  • WillNCSU
    05/20 04:11 PM

    Also, they should add Man or Astroman? since they are back together.  They could split a bill with the Protomen.

  • GentleReader
    05/20 05:48 PM

    Pardon me indyweak, but we make take your rant a bit more seriously if it was literate. Doesn’t your high school teach English?

  • J
    05/20 07:49 PM

    oooh.  is that woods family creeps?  : )  They are so good

  • LL
    05/21 01:04 PM

    I think Family Creeps was a moniker they took on for awhile and now they are just back to Woods but yeah it’s the same guys. They are amazing live, a great addition to the festival.  The new album is sooo good.

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