Update: Boylan Bridge Brewpub Hires Restaurant Manager

September, 03, 2008, by Jedidiah

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The Boylan Bridge Brewpub has been creeping along under construction for months. The opening date has been postponed once and they are going to miss all the Raleigh Wide Open III traffic this weekend. But, good news has surfaced this week, they now have a restaurant manager. Whoo hooo! Now they just need someone to brew the beer.

The announcement came on their website yesterday and stated that the “WHO” would be posted today….no word yet, but keep checking back with New Raleigh for more information.

Below is the announcement of the new restaurant manager Mary Catherine Palermo, plus there’s a huge photo on their website.

Wednesday September 3,  2008 - * UPDATE * The Boylan Bridge Brewpub has it’s restaurant manager. Mary Catherine “MC” Palermo, originally from Boone, NC joined The Bridge full time on September 1, 2008. MC will handle all administrative duties related to the restaurant including staffing of the kitchen, brewery, and bar.

Previous post on Boylan Bridge’s website -

Tuesday September 2,  2008 - * UPDATE * The Boylan Bridge Brewpub had planned to open on AUGUST 25, 2008; extended delays in construction beyond our control and permitting have pushed the opening date back about 30 days. We look forward to serving the community and appreciate the positive comments from everyone. The bridge has hired the new restaurant manager and will post the announcement here tomorrow, September 3rd.

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  • go figure
    09/03 07:07 PM

    Weren’t they going to open this spring?  Then late summer and now early fall.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  I don’t have very high expectations for this place.

  • DPK
    09/03 07:45 PM

    I drove by this weekend and it doesn’t even look like they’ve done any interior work in months.  Looks exactly the same as when I drove by early summer.  Except for the deck outside it doesn’t look like they are really motivated to get open.

  • Bronce
    09/03 08:55 PM

    I’m taking their “ownership shares still available” to mean “we’re out of money, please help”.

  • Jedidiah
    09/03 09:04 PM


    I think most of the construction of the interior is actually happening downstairs in Leager’s studio and they will just bring everything upstairs and install in place. Hence no visual change on the main floor. It will probably all happen at once.


    Their ownership shares concept has been in place since day one (years ago). It was a way for Leager to raise money for the pub.

    Look at the post now…info on the restaurant manager has been updated.

  • DPK
    09/04 03:55 AM

    Good point Jedidiah.

    I really want this place to survive.  I love independent brewers.

  • 150
    09/05 07:35 PM

    As much as I want it to open, I still say “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

  • blah
    09/10 04:06 PM

    I think Ledger should bring some of his masterpieces up to the brewpub if he wants support of more investors and the community.  It’s doubtful they will open in a few weeks.

  • hackles10
    09/10 05:02 PM

    Its not looking good at all…moving at a “snail’s pace”  If this place is open by thanksgiving, I will be surprised!

  • Bronce
    09/10 05:35 PM

    “Their ownership shares concept has been in place since day one (years ago). It was a way for Leager to raise money for the pub.”

    I know that’s the case, just speaking of public perception.  It “appears” nothing has been done in quite awhile and it’s been pushed back a couple times.  I can’t wait to have a beer there, just hope it’s this year.

  • Hubris
    09/23 08:58 AM

    We are seeing another example of the “how hard can owning a bar be?” mentality.  It’s a tough business even when you know what you are doing and I’m afraid these guys don’t. Only going to serve their own untested and untried beer? My 20 years in the biz says that alone will be their downfall.  No TVs?  Come on guys. My prediction is a nice little spot will be open and up-fitted for someone to take over in a couple of years.

  • CJT
    09/23 03:04 PM

    The building was already interesting, right?  And the view was already breathtaking right? 

    Couldn’t the plan have been really simple?  Lounge music, light bar food, no smoke, and a good beer selection?

    The brewery section should have been moved up front (showcasing the brewery aspect) and the interior dining area pushed to the back (with the addition of larger windows).

    Or even better, a remodel that would turn the roof into a patio :) 

    One feature that might ultimately doom the place is that inside you have zero view…but outside you have an amazing view.  Were it too cold to be comfortable out of doors, I would probably not go at all.

  • 150
    09/23 03:41 PM

    CJT, I agree on a few points.  Just my opinion, but not utilizing that skyline view is a serious error in judgement by the brewpub.  The outdoor patio seating, with the cement wall in the way, suggests that the skyline won’t be taken advantage of.  Perhaps an outdoor deck off the back is being blocked by Raleigh somehow, I don’t know, but even still, large windows in the back with plenty of seating would be great.  It would give the brewpub something unique to Raleigh, as far as I am aware.

    Hubris, I tend to agree.  Even if some people don’t like television, it seems like there are enough people who would enjoy having it at the pub.  I’d include at least one.

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