Boylan Bridge Brewpub Hiring, Opening?

February, 17, 2009, by Jedidiah

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In a Craigslist posting from today, Boylan Bridge Brewpub looks to be hiring kitchen staff. We know they already have a cook, so this looks to be support staff.

On a similar note, the latest on when they are going to open is “hopefully next weekend.” I was told that last week, so that would mean this weekend could be BBB day! Saturday looks sunny and 55. Sounds perfect for a brew outside. But, we’ve heard this before.

New restaurant in downtown Raleigh is looking to hire experienced kitchen staff. Full time and part time positions are available. Please bring resume for immediate interview appointment to 201 S. Boylan Ave.

  * Location: 201 S. Boylan Ave.
  * Compensation: hourly depending on experience
  * Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  * Please, no phone calls about this job!
  * Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

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  • DPK
    02/17 10:12 PM

    Obligatory “I’ll believe it when I see it” post.

  • APM
    02/17 10:27 PM

    Ditto DPK.

    I know someone who went in to interview this past fall.  I highly doubt they will open this weekend.  They need to start saying they’ll be open sometime in 2011, that way people will be surprised when they open in 2010.

  • DPK
    02/18 01:48 AM

    Haha, I agree.  I have nothing against the BBB trying to open soon or later.  However, don’t keep announcing dates and never live up to them, it gets annoying like the old boy that cried wolf story.

  • 150
    02/18 08:49 AM

    I hate to say it, but BBB has officially lost me as a potential customer.  I’ve been excited about this since 2005, and tried to stay supportive and optimistic through all of this, but there’s too much silliness and not enough substance here.  My loss maybe, but my patience has run out.  Good luck to BBB.

  • hackles10
    02/18 09:52 AM

    How have they announced a date here?  They posted a necessary job announcement on craigslist, and the article quotes a hopeful insider who thinks they might open, “hopefully next weekend”.  Everything on the inside looks done, they have beer ready to be served, all they need is a wait staff and some line cooks and they should be ready to go.  Fact is, this place will be open within the next month or so, and I suggest that folks like 150 go try the beer and the food before BBB loses anyone as a “potential customer”  Haha, I get a kick out of these type of threats, so conceited!

  • 150
    02/18 10:39 AM

    hackles10, believe me, I’m not threatening anything (I think my tone came off wrong, and I’m sure they won’t miss my limited business anyway).  I truly wish BBB the best for their success.

  • hackles10
    02/18 11:05 AM

    I’m willing to bet that someone that takes the time to post a comment on a blog about a restaurant will probably end up trying it out someday/eventually, no matter how disgruntled they are about its delay in opening.  If you do, please take a few seconds to come back here and eat a little bit of crow.  Don’t worry, you can wash it down with freshly brewed beer!!

    I am just as frustrated as the next person about the delay of BBB, but I am the first to admit I will be there to try it out whenever it does open its doors.

  • APM
    02/18 11:42 AM

    hackles—I think we’re all just a bit annoyed by the endless promises/innuendos/suggestions as to when BBB will be open.  You would think they would get a clue by now and stop saying things like we’ll be open by next weekend.

    I live in BH and fully intend on checking out BBB, but I’m less enthusiastic now than I was 4 years ago.

  • hackles10
    02/18 11:47 AM

    What would you like them to say, “no comment”?  I’m glad they answered the question, they gave a reasonable answer, and added “hopefully” which expresses a desire to open, but avoids an absolute answer as to when that might happen.  Plus its not an official statement by BBB, just something “somebody heard” so I have a hard time chastising them for a new “promise/innuendo/suggestion”.

  • ChiefJoJo
    02/18 02:44 PM

    I asked them last week and they said “probably next week.”  The staff appeared to be training and a few folks were—shall we say—testing the taps.  It looks ready, sans sign.

  • J
    02/18 05:02 PM

    While my tone with BBB at this point is “I’ll believe it when I see it,” I can say I do hope to enjoy a fine beer and inexpensive meal at this place one day. Assuming it opens before summer ‘09, I think it has the potential to be a cool spot but I also think BBB has missed its calling by taking some damn long to open up. If they had opened last year or two years ago as they said, they would have had a head start on the competition that is moving into Raleigh with them. If others rumors are true, Tylers Taproom, Natty Greene’s brewery and Carolina Ale House will all join them soon. Not to mention the great beer selection already available at The Flying Saucer and Raleigh Times.

  • smitty
    02/18 05:16 PM

    If I worked there, I would be crossing my fingers every payday.

  • tc
    02/18 06:08 PM

    With their location, that awesome patio, and great view, they could open two years from now, with only above-average beer, and they’d still do good business.  That’s one thing Raleigh is in need of:  more bars with great outdoor seating.  (and I don’t mean a few tables+chairs on a downtown sidewalk.)  Raleigh Times and Flying Saucer does have great beer selection, but not freshly brewed beer. 

    I’m with Hackles.  Why do some of you take it out on BBB and their owners when blogs get the opening date wrong?  BBB has never come out and given an public announcement of an exact opening date, and I’m sure they didn’t for a reason.  Where does this self-righteous sense of entitlement come from?  As if they owe something to the public.  This is one guy’s pet project, and as opposed to rushing through the process, just trying to get open as soon as possible to start making money, he’s taking his time and making sure everything is right.  I respect that.  He’s the only one who is actually paying for this delayed opening. 

    Good things come to those who wait.

  • Michael
    02/18 06:15 PM

    Is Samuel Beckett the owner?

  • I don't even LIKE 'pubs'
    02/18 06:28 PM

    This guys a kook! Anything with the term ‘pet project’ applied to it makes me want to puke. He’s not likely to be very responsive to customers’ requests, if this is in fact the case. Think Conti’s. Another guy who obviously had stong (wrong) ideas about how his business should be run. The simple fact that he’s been quoted as saying there will be no t.v.s (fine by me) or music (are you fucking kidding me?) bodes ill for this place. I mean, what kind of brewnazi do you have to be to ban music, in a bar? I don’t care what kind of weird, apple cider jug you sell me the beer in. Just more of the sissification (coming from a big queer like myself, doubly damning) of bars that this area has been subjected to since we decided that we were going to a hub of the creative class. “Please keep it down over there, I can’t hear my beer.”

  • smitty
    02/18 06:51 PM

    It’s one thing to get the opening date wrong by a few weeks or months.  Four years is downright laughable.  No music, no TV, no parking within several blocks.  For those who have been paying attention to the news of this place since 2004, you all know that this place is utterly doomed.  If you don’t believe it, read the business plan on the website where he is begging for investors.

  • Paperclip
    02/18 06:52 PM

    No TV. I don’t care. No music, is that correct? I hardly believe it. What would happen if those ipod’s were not at Raleigh Times. I drink my beer at RT, I find my music at RT(best music in town and loud enough too). I look forward to BBB very much and wish them the best. Just play tunes.

  • Tico
    02/18 09:19 PM

    I check the BBB website frequently for updates. Does anybody else think that little “TODAY-” line that automatically fills in the date is a little misleading.  It makes it look like streaming news is hot off the press when in fact it could be months old.  But on a good note…..
    If the beer/service is good and the crowd is laid back, the delayed opening will be a distant memory of many a happy customers.

  • MMI
    02/19 04:41 AM

    I’m not sure how we are defining “freshly-brewed beer,” but the Saucer is serving (as of tonight) Lone Rider’s Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen.  Pretty freakin’ good, too.

  • tc
    02/19 10:34 AM

    I guess I meant brewed on the premises, by freshly brewed.  It makes a difference.  Same reason Big Boss tastes better when drank @ Horniblows.

    ‘I don’t even LIKE pubs’, then don’t go, problem solved. 

    Not sure this place seems “doomed” to me.  I’ve talk to lots of people, who have kept up, including myself, and still look forward to going there when it opens.

  • Betsy
    02/19 10:46 AM

    Most of the comments that predict doom for the Boylan Brewpub seem to focus on
    (1) the unconventional business model, and
    (2) the absence of surface parking on the site.  (Oh, the horror!) 

    The owner owns the building, he’s going to open when he’s ready, he’s not on anyone’s corporate timetable.  He’s totally devoted to quality control, and he’s doing it for the sheer love of the thing.

    I guess this is awfully frightening to some people.  They actually seem to relish the prospect of failure. 

    Maybe they’d feel a lot more comfortable with an Applebee’s, where there is plenty of surface parking (the KEY to creating a desirable destination!), and the business plan follows a lock-step, top-down, highly regimented corporate directive.

    “DOOM to individuality!  DOOM to quirkiness!  DOOM to neighborhood business!  DOOM to pedestrian-oriented places!!  DOOM to neighborhood pubs!  We delight in DOOM!  More automobile storage and corporate directives, please!!”

  • MMI
    02/19 11:47 AM

    Damn, and all I wanted was a beer.

  • hbomb
    02/19 04:24 PM

    by “no music” i’m thinking he meant “no live music.” after reading the article it makes a little more sense.

  • hackles10
    02/19 06:16 PM

    No…hbomb, I really think he means “NO MUSIC” at all!  Live or otherwise!  He is going for the pub feel for talking/reading/gathering/etc.

  • smitty
    02/21 11:48 AM

    He may own the building but I bet he doesn’t own all the equipment.

  • BuckyK
    02/21 02:10 PM

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    Daniel 9.24-27

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