Boylan Bridge Brewpub Open for Business

The Day Has Come

February, 27, 2009, by Jedidiah

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The Boylan Bridge Brewpub opened its doors and taps at 3pm on Friday to a packed house and line out the door.

As the past few years have ticked away, we here at New Raleigh have followed closely the progress of the most hyped bar in Downtown Raleigh, the Boylan Bridge Brewpub. From the initial days when the wooden nickels were handed out and Andrew Leager stated his intentions to turn upstairs into a brewpub, to the time when they had to change their name from Sidetrack, and now on the day of opening, BBB has brought everyone together in the name of beer and a beautiful view of the city.

The occupancy sign stated no more than 90 and including the long line, I counted almost that exact number inside. This didn’t include the 50 or so folks that were on the patio around 4:30pm, just an hour after opening. As the evening grew longer and the rain held off, both the interior and patio of the Brewpub continued to fill up. Everyone had smiles on their faces and all I could hear were love for the beer and love for the city in the background.

The pub was packed for hours and already at about 5pm, the bar ran out of glasses to serve the beers in and moved to plastic cups and wine glasses. Everyone in downtown wanted a taste of the long anticipated beer. I tried each of the beers and they all quite fabulous.

Andrew Leager and staff were very friendly throughout the evening. Leager and son Travis toured the tables inside and out, finding pleasure and conversation throughout. Councilman Thomas Crowder was in attendance, as were a handful of other notable designers, artists, writers and other common faces from the downtown world. Although it has taken over three years, on this beautiful Friday evening, Boylan Bridge Brewpub was the place to be in downtown Raleigh and I foresee many more in the future. It was well worth the wait.

Is there another bar we can hype for a year or more? Foundation will be open before we know it, so that’s not an option. I’m sure we’ll think of something. Stay tuned.

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  • Betsy
    02/28 12:48 AM

    ‘Twas fabbo.  Jam packed from late afternoon on; finally slowing down to “very full” around midnight sometime; they ran out of food at 10:30 pm. 

    This, with no advertising.  Sue Stock mentioned it on her blog late this morning, NewRaleigh of course notified its readers; all the rest was viral.


    It’s a hit.  So glad Andrew and his team took the time to get it right.

  • Christian
    02/28 01:26 AM

    Wow, the picture is truly breathtaking, as is the buzz that has surrounded this place over the past few years. I’m so glad opening night was a success and I can’t even express how excited I am that BBB has finally opened. I am looking forward to spending many nights with a pint in my hand overlooking the Raleigh skyline.

  • Micah
    02/28 03:19 AM

    I just returned home from nearly two hours at Boylan Bridge.  My beer was delicious, and the service was good (though I did just order all my drinks at the bar).  Other than the drunk ex-frat guy that threatened to pee on me and my partner on the patio, we had a great time. (Pee guy was asked to leave). I’m so glad they finally opened!

  • NC Guy
    02/28 11:57 AM

    Now that they are open does anyone know there hours? I can’t stand it when they don’t post their hours of operation on the website. I would like to stop by there this afternoon but don’t want to make the trip at 3pm if they don’t open until later. Thanks!

  • Micah
    02/28 02:37 PM

    The General Manager told me last night that they would be open daily 11am-2am.  She also said that sometime soon they would be opening for breakfast!

  • CD2
    03/01 06:22 PM

    if you only want a great beer this is the place.
    we did not have any food but what i saw looked great. I had a Golden it was great Wife had a stout it was the best. Good work and good luck Andrew and company

  • TheWaveLife
    03/02 12:17 PM

    I went Saturday and had the Polar Bear winter beer and tasted all the others. They were all definitely good. The wind coming in the doors was brutally cold though. Could have used a better plan with the doors. If they expanded the food menu a little more, this place would quickly become a favorite.

  • B
    03/02 12:20 PM

    All I’m going to say is “pig pickin’ Thursdays”

  • mgd
    03/02 04:53 PM

    Went today.  They were out of Bratwurst.  They also had dirty fryer grease so they werent frying anything.  I can applaud then for not serving food fried in nasty grease.  But send someone to Costco and get some oil and change it! 

    I can understand not knowing how well certain items will sell, Im assuming the Brats were the best on the menu.  But to run out of fryer oil sounds silly to me.  They cant serve fries onion rings, chicken fingers and Fish & chips on their featured opening week. 

    I had the Reuben… It was awesome.  I love that they make their own dressings.  Its one of the easiest things to do to impress customers/guests and surprisingly not many restaurants do it. 

    I had a flight of beer so I tried all 6 beers.  They were all good but some of the descriptions were off.
    The stout to me was very smokey but it was described as such. 
    The porter was described as such but I couldnt taste the smoke.  The porter also had a different flavor I couldnt figure out liquorish maybe…
    I was most impressed with the pale ale and the Winter beer.

  • bb
    03/02 08:49 PM

    Major letdown if you ask me.  Food left a lot to be desired…I know they need to work the kinks out, but how hard is it to make very simple bar food? Beer was ok, but nothing to write home about. Hope they can turn it around.

  • L
    03/03 10:36 AM

    We waited and waited and waited for this place to open, and like bb said I think it is a let down. I like that it’s non-smoking and there are no TV’s, but no music? Is it too much to ask for a little atmosphere? What happens when there is no music? Drunken idiots begin attempting to make their own by bellowing like morons at the bar.

    The food was OK, not great. Raleigh Times has much better food and a far superior selection of beers. Sorry, but the proprietor of BBB is an amateur brewer at best and none of his six brews even comes close to the quality of Big Boss.

    The Pale Ale was OK, the Bitter decent, but the rest were barely drinkable in my opinion. I’m not sure what was going on with that Porter, but it’s rare that a beer elicits “eeeew” as a first response, but all four of us hated it. The Golden was forgettable.  The Winter Beer lacked character.  The stout had too much residual sugars.

    All of that said, the location is great and the prices can’t be beat. As proud of their beer as they are, I think they should offer some alternatives in bottles.

  • bb
    03/03 10:43 AM

    L, couldn’t agree with you more.  Didnt want to go on a long diatribe because the place doesnt deserve a full review.  Instead of standing in front of his bar taking pictures and patting himself on the back the owner should have been in the kitchen making sure the mediocre food they offer at a very minimum was prepared properly. 

    100% right on the music and also the tables and chairs seem like they came from Ikea.

  • tc
    03/03 10:54 AM

    I’m a big fan of micro-brews, and well, beer in general.  So needless to say, I was excited about this place.  I have to say, there beer is pretty good, better than Big Boss, definitely better than natty green’s.  I do think they played it safe with their beers, most of them tasting similar.  This place is exactly what I expected it would be.  Pretty good, FRESH beer and a reasonable price, an amazing location, and I love there is no TVs or music.  Too many places think that good atmosphere is defined by the music.  I love music, but I’m glad to find a place with a relaxing atmosphere like this, where I can sit, have some good conversation, a great view, and a good beer.  If you want to cry about no music, bring an ipod.  I haven’t had the food yet.  I look forward to trying it. I hope it’s good, it looks promising.  Honestly though, you wont find me whining on here if the food is not great, cause I’ll still enjoy the place for what it is, cause Raleigh has very few, if any, places like this.

  • JP
    03/03 03:41 PM

    I’m really excited this place is finally open. I’m not excited about the beer and service - yet. I’ll give them a break, it was opening afternoon and they were slammed. It was pretty poor though that our server took - no joke - 20 mins to return with beers for me and my buddy. She passed by us many times in that 20 minutes without a word. And after ordering a round, we had to flag her down to get any more attention. Could be a fluke. Now for the beers - I hate to say it but just a step above amateur homebrew. I drink micros all the time, and I have done homebrew - I know what it tastes like. It takes great skill and experience to be a true brewmaster. Look at projects like Fullsteam in Durham - they are starting with a brewing pedigree up front. That’s a luxury maybe, but it makes a big difference if you are positioning your business around beer. I’ll come down off my high horse though, I guess time will tell whether BBB can perfect the craft. I really hope they do. In the meantime I think it would be terrific if they had a rotating guest tap of local brews.

  • JT
    03/03 06:03 PM

    I didn’t have an opinion on the no music thing until I was there.  I now firmly believe music adds a little order to the chaos.  It’s like a library in there right now, and when there are people it unravels into a high school cafeteria causing people talking to talk louder. 

    The wings need crunch, baking is fine as long as the oven is hot as hell. Preventing meat juice collected in the pan from stopping the tasty browning.

  • North_Raleigh_Guy
    03/03 11:15 PM

    My wife and I went to the Boylan Bridge Brewpub on this past Saturday which I guess was there second day open. We loved it. I had the 6 beer sampler so I could try all the beers. My favorite was the Rail Pale Ale. My wife linked the Bruno Bitter. Our food was excellent. She had a salad and I got the Burger. It was much better than your average bar fare IMHO. Our server was very friendly and attentive. I loved the wood booths and both the layout, design, and look of the interior. It was fairly busy for 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. I am so glad this place is open now and it gives me yet another great reason to drive from North Raleigh into downtown on a weekend afternoon. In my opinion it is a great success. Job well done!

  • J V
    03/04 12:43 AM

    After the long awaited anticipation behind a true neighborhood watering hole for myself, a Boylan Heights resident, I have to agree with the majority here by stating I think there was much lacking.

    The flight was interesting, a tad on the warm side but all is forgiven on the few opening days. I enjoyed the porter, even though I have never been a huge porter fan in general. I’ll be happy to buy a pitcher of it and share with friends on the patio this summer.

    The food needs a little more substance for the prices being paid, especially when you are being compared to places with larger plates of high quality bar food close by like The Borough and The Raleigh Times. I am hoping the nightly specials offer a little more bang for their buck and that the kitchen will continue to fine tune their offerings.

    The service was good, as it was a weekday afternoon and the clientele was on the light side.

    ATMOSPHERE please though. The awkwardness without music made me feel as though I was not in a brewpub, but a non-social coffee house or a university library cramming for final exams.

    I will be happy to give it another shot or three…as I have faith that the ownership and staff will be receptive to the suggestions being made on this forum. Cheers!

  • LQ
    03/04 01:06 AM

    I can’t tell you how excited I was to find out about a brewpub opening up 3 blocks from my apartment…until I went there on a Sunday night.

    Now, I know that Sunday’s are slow, working in the industry myself, but with no music playing made me feel awkward. I felt like the people who order food at 1:58a.m. and then have to be out by 2:30a.m.

    The is NO ATMOSPHERE. The owner did a great job on the wood work. But with no music and no artwork, this place is BORING.

    The food is overpriced for the quality. A chicken tender appetizer that contains 4 chicken fingers for $8??? Come on, the sauce even tasted like it came out of a can. I ordered the Reuben. Where’s the beef??!! Some pieces of meat, kraut, and cheese…sorry, this was the worst Reuben I have ever had.

    The beer? Well, boring. Nothing stood out. The Stout was good. The Golden was mislabeled…I thought it was the Pale Ale.

    The service was good.

    Honestly, I will give it another try. But only when the weather gets warmer and I can have the atmosphere of the patio.

  • miamiblue
    03/04 09:54 AM

    I met a group of friends by happenstance at BBB on opening night right after work. It was jam packed and the atmosphere was frenetic. No music? Who cares. Too many times I find myself having to yell over music in many bars anyway, and not being able to hear others I’m conversing with. I don’t have a loud voice even when I’m yelling, so this is a big deal to me. I haven’t been there yet when the crowd is lighter, though. I would think that the lack of music would force people to talk to each other more (yes, even strangers <gasp>), but who knows.

    My friends and I are not beer snobs, but we all love beer of just about all varieties and I think everyone found something on BBB’s that they liked. I haven’t tried all of BBB’s offerings yet, but I enjoyed the pale ale, bitter, and porter on opening night. I thought they tasted fresh and were reasonably priced, especially compared to places such as the Times, which I love, but leave poor after a couple of (non-PBR) beers.

    We noticed that they started running out of certain menu items on opening night. But who would have guessed that many people would have shown up, especially considering all the catty remarks made on this site? There were a lot of prima donnas on here declaring that they had given up on BBB and would never patronize the place because of one of many reasons (no smoking, no music, not TVs, taking too long to open, didn’t like their business plan, photos on the website, etc. etc. etc.). I’m sure they will get the food inventory straightened out. They still haven’t been open a full week just yet.

    Speaking of food, we had the club sandwich and it was great. I am not a big fan of fries, but the fries that came with our sandwich were delicious.

    My friends and I will definitely be back. BBB is a short walk from my apartment, I love that it is non-smoking, and can’t wait to hang out on that deck when the weather gets nice. Maybe later this week! Maybe I’ll see some of you there. (No, they are not paying me/giving me free anything to say this, either.)

  • claire
    03/05 09:37 PM

    my 2 cents on the music thing- i agree it is annoying when you have to shout over extremely loud music to have a conversation and when i was at the bbb it was pretty packed and the background babble was enough to struggle with. however, i can imagine it feeling quite awkward on the down times if you are in there with just a few others without some background tunes- makes you feel like everyone can hear your conversation- awkward. i would suggest having music available for those times and just turning it down or off when it is crowded and loud.
    i enjoyed the place, the view and the bitter although i am a bourbon girl at heart and would love for them to offer even just a basic liquor bar. people are gonna be screaming for g&t’s on the patio come summertime! just a thought.

  • pablo
    03/06 04:00 AM

    I’ve been to the BBB twice now. Very impressed. I missed the opening couple nights (thank god), but love the fact that there is NO SMOKING, no music, and NO TVs. The booths and the round table are obviously patterned after PR which is smart. THE BEER IS SUPERB. This on its own will make the BBB an institution. The only thing that would make BBB better would be for the owner and management to plant themselves at the Federal in Durham for a couple days straight and eat everything on their menu and learn how to replicate it.

  • mgd
    03/06 10:26 AM

    The menu wasnt written by the current chef.  Which I guess makes him a cook.  I would be pissed if you hired me to be a chef at a place that has not opened yet and told me here is was your cook period. 

    It is exactly the same menu that was in their prospectus in 2005!

    If the food were more Rockford like, simple, clean and refreshing.  Their current menu for the most part is similar to what you would find an average restaurant.  It seems to me that they are trying to be recognized as some where that is better than your run of the mill brew pub and their menu just doesnt show it.

    I love the Reuben though.

  • pablo
    03/06 10:38 AM

    Thanks. I do enjoy a good Reuben.

  • Anton
    03/06 08:05 PM

    My wife and I went to BBB yesterday afternoon. After running the brewing operations in a brewpub myself, I am not at all surprised by some of the comments on this board. Someone actually complained about the pedigree of the brewing staff? Are you kidding me? Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon is AWESOME, yes, even though you can’t find their beers here in town (at least I haven’t found them). So, needless to say, when I heard that the brewer at BBB had worked his way up at Deschutes, I was totally jonesing to check this place out. The winter brew tasted similar to one of Deschutes’ brews (their Jubel Ale), and I thought it was brewed superbly, no off flavors, very clean, very tasty. I tried all brews except for the stout (I was told the Stout was a 6 percenter, and I was feeling pretty good already). I was extremely impressed with all of their beers. I suppose you don’t have to know what a good beer is to have an opinion about it, and I know that people are quick to make comparisons to some of the more familiar faces of the local brewing scene, but I think these brews beat Big Boss hands down, no question about it. I hope people will take it upon themselves to learn how to judge a beer based on its quality and stop complaining about all of these little petty issues (no TV etc… I actually heard a guy say rather loudly upon entering “What, there are no TVs!” I had to laugh to myself, that’s right TV brains learn how to have a conversation!) I hope the locals realize what a jewel this place is. Not every town has an excellent brewpub. Great work BBB!

  • JD
    03/07 12:04 AM

    Food was smaller than a kids meal and overpriced. Cold fries and cold onion rings. Worst fish and chips I’ve ever had. They were chicken nugget sized pieces and I left the place hungry. Apparently they didn’t have enough food. They shouldn’t serve it like it was the full serving and charge full price. Beer was decent.

  • mgd
    03/07 12:25 PM

    I went last night.  They dont have enough taps running for the amount of beers they are serving.  They need another set of taps and or a bar outside. 

    There was a single file line 15-20 deep at the taps waiting for beer.  I bypassed the line and went to the bar.  There was a couple there drinking beers and theres had been empty b/c the bartenders were paying more attention to the line of people and the orders from the servers.  There was at least 20 tickets from servers plus the 15-20 people in line with only 6 taps!

  • revolu
    03/07 06:12 PM

    this place is absolutely suberb.  well done.  went after about a week.  beer is top notch.  service wasn’t quite there yet, but when your outside on a 75 degree day like i was you’re not too worried.

  • Rachel
    03/08 11:11 AM

    Yes, it’s in a good location with a view, but that’s about it.

    The beer was adequate, but doesn’t leave you yearning for more when you get back home.  No need to offer growlers at the bar, just swing by HTeets on the way home and pick up something local that actually offers a little more quality and taste.

    If you’re going to offer food, please put some thought into it.  A chicken breast sandwich should be that—not three pieces of chicken tenderloin on a soggy hamburger bun. You’re at a restaurant, not Uncle Bob’s cookout.  No BBQ sauce?  That’s clearly something that should be offered in North Carolina.  No fries during peak time on a Saturday evening?  Did Ore-Ida forget to make a delivery?

    My tip for next time is to bring your own food and set up your own spread on the picnic table outside—and maybe just get one beer—so you don’t get thrown out.

  • pablo
    03/08 02:15 PM

    “.. just swing by HTeets on the way home and pick up something local that actually offers a little more quality and taste.”

    Rachel, are you serious? This is as good as it gets. Are you referring to Carolina Brewery or Big Boss that offer more quality and taste? LOL. We’ll see who starts picking up the beer awards in the next couple of years. I’ll wager it will be BBB before the other local craft breweries. JMHO.

  • mgd
    03/08 02:44 PM

    You can not judge a beer by its awards.  Awards are not as prestigious as they sounds. 

    There are literally thousands of competitions around the states with many categories in each.  Its a law of numbers you enter enough competitions you will win a medal. 

    BBB beers are good they will win medals.  What they call their Golden IMHO is similar to CPA. 

    Some would say that PBR is absolutely without a doubt crap and would never drink it but it wins awards.

  • Jonathan
    03/08 07:28 PM

    Just went by there.  That patio on a warm sunny day is probably the happiest place in the city.  I could have stayed there all day.  Couldn’t get the flight because they were out of the pale ale and bitter, so I had the winter beer and the golden.  The winter beer was pretty good.  Golden was good as well, but like the poster above me mentioned, it is mislabeled a bit.  Way too hoppy for a golden ale; should be called an IPA or a pale ale.

  • Tony
    03/08 10:15 PM

    Went there on Wednesday for a quick business meeting and loved it.

    Read on the bbb website they would be open for Sunday brunch.  Rounded up the wife and kids and headed over only to find they were closed because they ran out of food the previous night.  While its a good sign their business is booming, it would have been an even better sign if they posted a note on their website to keep customers in the loop.

  • JP
    03/09 11:35 AM

    I went back a few nights ago. I can’t explain it, but the beer was spot on this time. Me and my buddy agreed that something that was off-putting with the beer on opening night had thankfully disappeared. I was very pleased with the Golden (which really is a pale ale) and the Porter. Also I have to say the onion rings - the light crispy kind - were very good and were quickly cleared at our table. I’m also going to retract my statement about the brewing pedigree, not just because I had good beer the 2nd time, but I now realize there is a real brewer involved (I thought the owner was the brewer). Finally, not sure anyone has mentioned how great of a deal the $12 pitchers are. So heres to BBB, looking forward to many happy returns.

  • highjoeltage
    03/09 05:39 PM

    Decent beer, not outstanding, on par with most NC stuff. Awesome atmosphere outside and no TV is a huge bonus.

  • MMI
    03/10 03:15 AM

    Regarding the lack of music, apparently venues are responsible for paying royalties to BMI/ASCAP when they play copyrighted music over a sound system.  It applies to live music & to jukeboxes.  I have no idea if it applies to employees bringing in an iPod (a la’ the Times or The Landmark).

    That said, I just heard about the opening and I’ll be headed there soon.  One question, though—I realize that it’s on Hargett St., but does EVERY person in the joint have to be male??  Take a look at that middle picture, fer cripe’s sake!  :p

  • DPK
    03/10 09:46 AM

    Went this past Saturday night when the weather was great.  Had a flight and the “engineers club”.  Really loved it all.  My favorite is their Pullman Porter.  I’m glad they have no music and no tvs.  I’m tired of going places and not being able to hear what’s going on around me because the music volume is at 110% and tvs are just distracting in of themselves.

    Can’t we pull our faces and ears away from technology for one outing?  Bars/pubs of centuries past have done it, I don’t see why they can’t.

  • kg
    03/10 10:33 AM

    went last night with my folks and enjoyed it.  high marks to the porter and the club sandwich.  the fries are also worth mentioning… very tasty.  i also had the stout but unfortunately there’s didn’t do so much for me.  course, that’s not a knock on bbb as stouts (and some porters) are hit and miss with me.  further, the outside seating was fantastic.  not so sure when the dog days of summer come rolling along but on an evening like last night, it was perfect.  low marks for my parents fish and chips platters.  while they both said the fish was great, their portions were awfully small in my opinion.  more fish nuggets than anything.  my poor mom asked for cole slaw instead of fries and her plate looked like an appetizer sampler when it arrived as it only had four ‘nuggets’ and a moderate amount of slaw.  shocking really for a $9 plate.  god forbid a native brit rolls in and orders ‘fish and chips’.  i think they’ll be less than pleased.  the only other perceived flaw was my fathers second beer which was the golden.  like a previous poster mentioned, it’s more of a pale ale than anything and maybe that’s how it’s described on the menu but the waitress didn’t have a menu for pops so she just rattled off the beers on tap.  is it just me or are golden’s not supposed to be hoppy?  that means they have a ‘hoppy’ golden, bitter and a pale ale.  that’s odd to me.  hope they expand their offerings going forward.

  • Kovacs
    03/10 02:40 PM

    Good beer. Wait staff admitted that at least some of the food comes from Costco. Tasted fine, though. Biggest problem: inconsistent treatment of folks who brought dogs. Some were allowed to sit on the patio, some were told to sit on the brick wall. Owner doesn’t seem to have very good people skills as far as explaining the dog policy to customers. Even if it’s a health department rule, he should do a better, friendlier job of explaining the policy and applying it consistently.

  • Chad
    03/10 03:58 PM

    Went to BBB Fri. thought it was a major disappointment. I had the pale ale, very bitter. I would have tried something else but I didn’t feel like waiting another 10-15 min. for the waitress to bring it to me. I also hate the way the patio is set up. Buy some tables and get rid of those dumbass 20 ft. long picnic tables. I don’t plan on going back any time soon, not worth the wait.(in more ways than one!)

  • MMI
    03/10 04:56 PM

    LMAO!  You do realize that ALL Pale Ales are very hoppy (“bitter”), don’t you?

    Ahh, I remember MY first beer, too…

  • kg
    03/10 07:30 PM

    one further point and i can’t stress this enough… the no music thing is just weird.  don’t get me wrong, i don’t need ‘tubthumping’ or ‘sweet home alabama’ blaring over my pint but i swear to goodness it’s like walking into a freaking tea room.  i mean for goodness sake, at least put on some white noise.  i live close enough to this place that i’ve always enjoyed the idea of just wandering in to have a brew but if its a slow day and only a few patrons are inside, no thank you.  i honestly think i’d freak out.

  • Thunder Dan
    03/11 12:49 AM

    Went last night and wasn’t very impressed.  The beer was decent but nothing special and the service was extremely SLOW.  Granted they have only been open a little over a week and are probably still getting their bearings straight.  4 of us got their at 7pm and grabbed a table outside.  Was told they were out of the Bitter, Pale Ale, Chicken Tenders, and Ciche (sp?) and given 2 menus.  Waitress returned 10-15 minutes later to take our drink order which we recieved about 10 more minutes later.  When she finally came back to our table 15 minutes later we placed our appetizer order.  Brought our beer and appetizer but never asked if we were ready to order dinner.  Finally came back about 15 minutes later and we told her we were ready to order.  Our order of 2 clubs, 1 reuben, and 1 hot wings took about 30 or more minutes to come out.  Sandwichs were good but hot wings were small portion and tasted like the kind you can buy in the freezer section at the grocery store.  Some more waiting for our waitress to return.  After it was all said and done we signed our tab at 9:45pm, way longer than we were planning on being there and not because we kept drinking, each of us had 4 beers.  The place had a good crowd but not slammed packed.  Definately a great location and love the outside seating and onion rings.  I’ll give it another chance in a month or so and hopefully they will have their service straightned out.

  • neal2zod
    03/11 12:11 PM

    I hate to say something negative about a local business, but Boylan was hugely disappointing. The main problem was the wait times, mostly caused by the inattentive (and unfriendly) wait staff that seemed more interested in flirting/yukking it up with friends than helping the long lines. The beer was bitter and below average, the Coke was flat, the water was funky-tasting. The kitchen was closed at 10 on Saturday so we couldn’t try any food, even though based on the reviews here that might be a good thing. On the bright side, I didn’t mind the lack of music, the view is nice (you can’t see THAT much though), and the location is great - it’s nice to be away from downtown and parking wasn’t bad at all. I’ll give it another try in a few weeks, hopefully things will be sorted out by then. I really want this place to be good.

  • MMI
    03/11 03:48 PM

    Totally unrelated, but I *have* to recognize the above poster for his/her example of a GENIUS username.

  • neal2zod
    03/11 05:00 PM

    Thanks, MMI! You’re actually the only person ever who got it. I’d shake your hand but I’m afraid you’ll crush it and then throw me against a wall.

  • MMI
    03/11 05:21 PM

    That’s a CRYSTAL wall of Solitude, thanks.  :)

  • mgd
    03/11 06:21 PM

    I drove by today wanting to eat there again and it looked closed.  It was about 2:30 and I didnt see anyone inside and it looked kind of dark but the owner was outside talking with the only group of people.  They might have been open it just didnt look like it.  I was to lazy to get out of my car and walk across the street.

    I did get some second hand news that their “Golden” was mistakenly made to hoppy and that it was the first batch and they legally could not change the name of it.  Their next batch will be less hoppy.

  • Uckl
    04/15 05:58 PM

    Get some healthy items on that menu! Uck!!!!!

  • Bess
    04/15 06:00 PM

    Yes, fried greaso city. Stuff that’ll clog up those arteries nice and quick.

  • mgd
    04/15 06:51 PM

    Went again today.  Had the Ruben again not as much meat this time but the onion rings were better than last.  The porter was more lackluster this time.

    They still dont have their full line up of beer.  I see they got 5 more holding tanks and added which will add 1440 pints each.  180 gallons isnt a lot of beer its a little less than 12 kegs.  For comparison The Raleigh Times can go through 10 kegs of PBR in a single night!

  • tenkai
    04/16 11:46 AM

    Decided to give the place a second chance last night.  The beer was tasty and the Fish n Chips were delicious.  Unfortunately the bar still has all the ambiance of a library.  The silence kills this place and makes it feel unfinished.  Plus the staff, with the exception of the bartender, were cold and uninviting.  They worked on crossword puzzles and gave annoyed glares to their tables and the bar counter patrons. Definitely not a place to visit by yourself unless you enjoy being made to feel unwelcome.

  • Micah
    04/16 01:48 PM

    We gave BBB its third, and probably last chance last week.  Four of us went on a chilly/mild weekday evening for dinner and drinks.  We sat outside at an empty table and waited….and waited and waited.  After a while we started to wonder why we hadn’t been helped.  We counted the other tables (there were four other tables and a couple of guys standing next to the wall).  Then we counted the servers (we saw two that were coming and going V E R Y slowly from inside).  After ten minutes I decided to go inside to see if we were supposed to check with a host or something first.  There were two tables of two people each sitting inside.  As I walked inside I notice that there are 4 servers leaning against the place where they keep the tea and stuff laughing.  That irritated me, so I turned to walk back out.  I passed another server on my way back to the patio!  FIVE SERVERS for about SIX TABLES!  We left and went to Borough.  We picked an outside table that was open and our drink orders were taken before I even got my bag off my shoulder to sit down.

  • fabi
    06/05 10:56 AM

    fabulosi, absoluti.

  • mark
    12/19 10:38 PM

    I’ve been to BBB several times now, they’re close to home, have a great location, and I would very much like to see them succeed.  If I could give them one piece of advice it is, whether they make it themselves or they bring in other NC beers, “variety”.  Most of their beers seem to have exactly the same hop profile and frankly I’m tired of these beat you over the head “American hops” brews.  It’s beer not hop tea.

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