Brewmaster’s Bar and Grill Becomes the Latest Sunday Brunch Option

Brewmaster’s Bar and Grill Becomes the Latest Sunday Brunch Option

August, 11, 2011, by Jedidiah

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There are a few questions I get asked quite often about the Raleigh restaurant scene. Which restaurants have wifi is asked quite often (note to self: make that list). Another has to do with the alcohol selection at various restuarants in the area. But, one of the biggest questions is where to get breakfast in the downtown area and specifically, which restaurants have a great Sunday brunch. There are a few places that have become institutions for their brunches including Poole's Diner, Nofo at the Pig, Humble Pie, Tir Na Nog and Dos Taquitos (R.I.P. Enoteca Vin). 

There are a bunch of other restaurants around that have brunches/breakfast (Remedy Diner, Big Ed's, Oakwood Cafe, The Farmer's Market Restaurant), but those are the ones that have been around the longest or seem to stick in my head. Regardless, Downtown Raleigh has a thriving brunch scene and there will be a new kid on the block starting this weekend, Brewmaster's Bar and Grill

On Sunday, August 14th Brewmaster's will begin serving a new brunch menu created by their newest Chef and General Manager, Brian O’Hara. Remember what we just said about the brunch at Tir Na Nog and Enoteca Vin? Yeah, O'Hara was in charge of brunch at both places in the past few years. O'Hara's brunch record makes Brewmaster's a prime target for some delicious Sunday dishes and just in time for the Fall football season. With local home-brewer Les Stewart running the beer selection and Mark Cook (owner of American Brewmaster's, the homebrewing shop off of N. Capital Blvd, the beer selection at Brewmaster's stays on tap and on season.

The restuarant continues to evolve (moving past the Cherry Bomb misfire) and has also had more changes along with O'Hara, hiring Jeramy Lowe as Bar Manager, who used to work the bar at Jackpot. As well, there's brand new art on the walls by one of our favorite local artists, Kristin Matwiczyk. The restaurant is about to release new lunch and dinner menus in the coming weeks but most of all, we are excited to see these brunch options on the table. Check out the new brunch menu below.

Brunch Menu

Huevos Rancheros - Sunny side up eggs on a crispy corn tortilla with black beans, pico de gallo and sour cream

Eggs Benidict - Poached eggs on English muffins with crispy prosciutto and hollandaise sauce with choice of a side

Chicken & Waffles - Crispy fried chicken (soy "chicken" available) on a brown sugar waffle with strawberry & chipotle syrup

Shrimp and Grits - Shrimp sauteed with roasted garlic, mushrooms and roasted roma tomatoes then braised in Full Steam Brewery’s Basil ale over cheese grits

Pimento Cheese Biscuit - Brian’s homemade herbed biscuits topped with pimento cheese, avocado, fried poached eggs with Sriracha cream and a side

Biscuits and Gravy - Brian’s herbed biscuits with sausage gravy or roasted roma tomato and portabello mushroom gravy with choice of a side

Sides: cheese grits, bacon, potato hash, sausage, fruit, marbled rye toast

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  • Vic
    08/12 09:26 AM

    Eggs *Benedict

  • Bill
    08/12 09:48 AM

    I stopped in on First Friday for a beer and the new menu is pretty impressive.

    08/12 11:20 AM

    Worst menu ever.  This sucks. I hate this place.  Goddamn hipsters.

    08/12 11:52 AM

    I actually kind of like this place. However, this brunch menu is stupid. Chicken and waffles? I hope this isn’t the beginning of their decline.

  • Clay
    08/12 01:43 PM

    Chicken n waffles is a culinary delight unto itself! If you have never tried them in combination with each other you don’t know what you are missing.

    We are looking forward to the new menu after the catastrophy that was Cherry Bomb(they had part of the name right atleast) Looking forward to another great restaurant option downtown. Now if they would get rid of half of those stupid tv’s in that place…

  • Jeff
    08/12 01:43 PM

    That looks like some tasty stuff.  I’m glad to see a place where brunch doesn’t mean 17 kinds of eggs.  I’ll have to check it out.

    Also, Porter’s on Hillsborough has some great brunch, too.  I think I ate a half dozen brunches in a row there when I first moved here.

  • Alice
    08/12 03:12 PM

    looks good! looking forward!

  • Marky Mark
    08/12 05:12 PM

    Chicken and waffles IS stupid. STUPID DELICIOUS THAT IS!

    It actually sounded like a disgusting combination to me the first few times I saw them, but they are truly incredible (at least Brian’s are - those are the only ones I’ve ever had.)

  • LoneVoice
    08/13 08:16 AM

    The food at Vin was always spot on. However, I always felt that the wait staff at Vin thought their patrons to be a burden and to be tolerated at best.

    This is Raleigh, not San Franciso.

  • Cal
    08/14 05:37 AM

    I spoke with someone that works there last night and they were really excited about the changes happening there. I hated Cherry Bomb and haven’t been back since. More than one person that I trust has mentioned that it’s not at all like it was. That spot has so much potential and history as Joe’s Place forever. I haven’t given it a chance since it became Brewmaster’s, but I’m familiar enough with the history of the people that I have heard that are now working there, that I can’t help but wonder how so many quality downtown service industry people have recently migrated to work there. I used to eat at Vin semi-regularly, have enjoyed the brunch at Tir Na Nog twice but I am intrigued by this new spot by just reading about Mr. O’Hara’s connection to all three spots. I don’t think many people know this place even exists, but I can only assume that the service is much better than the horrible experience I had 8 or 9 months ago at Cherry Bomb.  From what I have heard from friends and now from this, it sounds like this could be great. I am familiar with many of the “new” staff. I am willing to give it another chance. Unfortunately, the name Brewmaster’s sucks for what this place seems to be. I will report back soon.

  • renpark john
    08/14 09:02 PM

    I promise to give this place a try, in spite of what I am about to say: Cherry Bomb and Brewmasters are the 2 worst restaurant names ever.  I say try one more time with a new restaurant name, and find somebody new to choose the name.

  • Justin
    08/14 09:38 PM

    I had the chicken and waffles today and my friend had the pimento biscuit.  EXCELLENT!!!  And very reasonably priced.  Everyone should go try it.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    08/14 09:52 PM

    Hoping the menu improves significantly. We gave this spot several times and it was a big miss each, unfortunately, on the food. Once, I opted for the soy patty on a burger and it was the worst vegetarian option I’ve ever ventured over to. I hope this “soy” chicken & waffles product is not from the same line. (However, our waitress was kind enough to comp my entire meal with the soy mishap, even without my asking because she too had tried it and hated it.) I wish them the best, but with great food options in Downtown, it’s hard to go back somewhere that is a miss more than once.

  • Little Timmy
    08/15 11:19 AM

    Napper Tandy’s also has a pretty delicious brunch buffet.

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