Brian Walsby & Melvins Manchild 4 Book/CD Preview

Riding Them Coat Tails

February, 19, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Local comic Brian Walsby is at it again. Walsby has been a drummer in more bands than I could list in one paragraph and is the current drummer for hardcore punk band Double Negative. Along with bangin’ the pigskins, Walsby has been creating comics of friends, punk bands and other cultural happenings in the music world for years. It has been about 16 months since the release of Manchild 3 and in April, he’ll come out swinging once again with the follow up: Manchild 4: Riding Them Coat Tails. 100 pages of satire and comic art. Some of the content of the 4th edition includes; a 2008 illustrated Melvins Tour Diary, a 10 page feature on 10 bands Brian has been in (Scared Straight, Polvo, Snake Nation, Patty Duke Syndrome (with Ryan Adams), Double Negative, etc), and “I QUIT” (Comics about people’s experiences with quitting shitty jobs).

(click on comics below to enlarge)

Like it’s predecessor, the book will include a Melvins cd. This one will be called Pick Your Battles and will include 15 tracks, half recorded live at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA on Feb. 4, 1989 and the other half in Boston, MA on Aug. 9, 2008. (Track listing below). Unlike the previous book, there will only be 3000 copies of this one. Charles Cardello of Bifocal Media (which is publishing and distributing the book) stated that the “last book (Manchild 3) sold around 3000 copies in 3 weeks.” and that you “can pre-order from the Bifocal site and get it early.” With only 3,000 up for grabs, pre-ordering and the release party may be the best and possibly only options.

Manchild 4 will have a special release party at Tir Na Nog on April 4th, three days before the street release of the book/cd combo. As was the case with the release parties at Kings Barcade a couple of years ago and 2007’s party at Tir Na Nog, admission to the show will include a copy of Walsby’s book. Cardello also stated that a second release party is in the works for Chapel Hill on April 10th.

Brian illustrated most of the ads in this book and there’s also word that Manchild 5: Like Gold Down a Sewer is already in the works:

MANCHILD 5: LIKE GOLD DOWN A SEWER is the aborted oral history of mainly “Raleigh North Carolina underground punk rock during the eighties” project that I have been chipping away out for the last six years. I had printed all of it on my blog last year.

Also listen to Brian Walsby on The State of Things and check out Walsby’s blog here.

Melvins: Pick Your Battles Track listing
1. Koolegged
2. Oven
3. Cranky Messiah
4. Raise A Paw
5. Ever Since My Accident
6. Green Honey
7. Claude
8. Your Blessened
9. Nude With Boots
10. Kicking Machine
11. Eye Flys
12. Rat Faced Granny
13. The Hawk
14. You’ve Never Been Right
15. Boris

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  • Miles
    02/19 10:39 PM

    Very cool.
    Nice work B.Walsby.

  • GrimReaper
    02/20 04:55 PM

    I can’t believe this blasphemy! Cats in the Cradle is a classic.

    I already pre-ordered my Manchild 4 so I don’t need to fly out to Raleigh for the release party, but you will probably see me on the road if the Melvins tour this year.

    I can’t wait to hear this vintage version of Claude. A rare treat indeed.


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    07/24 02:01 AM

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