Brian Walsby’s Manchild 5 Preview and Book Release Party Details

Brian Walsby’s Manchild 5 Preview and Book Release Party Details

December, 24, 2010, by Jedidiah

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We have yet to think about 2011, much less start posting any events of the new year. But, one is coming up in just a few weeks that we are very excited for, the book release party for the latest installment in the Brian Walsby Manchild series.  If you have been keeping up with the Manchild series over the past few years, you will know that the local media group Bifocal Media has put on some great parties for each release and this one will be no exception. 

As Karen Mann summed up last year with her 5 Questions with Brian Walsby before the Manchild 4 Release Party; "He has drummed with California straight edge band Scared Straight, local legends Willard, Shiny Beast and Patty Duke Syndrome (with Ryan Adams) and current hardcore icons Double Negative; and drawn for a slew of local and national magazines, and illustrated album covers, most notably for the Melvins." Brian has fantastic track record in the hard rock musical category and he now five books to his name. 
















The newest Manchild has a similar feel to the previous four books in layout, cultural texture and attitude but this one takes on an even more personal tone. The earlier books were comic-centric while the new Manchild is more of a story told through interviews and dialogues. Sure, your typical Walsby drawings are there (The Fallout Shelter, Hanging out in Raleigh, 1985, etc), but the author has decidedly taken a new turn for this new book. Brian keeps the pen in his hand for Manchild 5 but switches from drawing to writing. As Walsby states in his first sentence of the book's introduction, "This book is sort of a love letter to my past as well as a way of paying tribute to it." It's about the hardcore scene of Raleigh in the 80's with No Labels, Corrosion of Conformity, Wwax and more featured throughout. There are lots of resurrected photos from the 80's hardcore scene including Ashe Ave, The Fallout Shelter, and The Brewery with stories to go along with the imagery. A definitive snapshot of this era. 

Manchild 5: Rabid Pack with Sirens Howling comes out nationally on January 25th through Bifocal Media, but you can get your copy on January 8th at Kings Barcade. Double Negative, The Kickass and a few other musical guests will fill the evening with pounding rock 'n roll and there will be food, drinks and more. The show starts at 9pm, costs $10 and includes a copy of the book.





























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