Bummer - Van Slams into 101 Lounge

November, 14, 2008, by Jedidiah

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Early this morning a van plowed into the outdoor seating area of 101 Lounge at the corner of Davie and Blount Streets. A new 4Runner was also involved in the accident. From first inspection, it looks as though the only damage was to the outdoor wall and possibly some broken glass in one of the doors. Either way, it’s a bummer to Dave Reynolds and crew who had one of the most urban outdoor patios in Downtown Raleigh. Gotta love insurance.

I guess someone didn’t like the Cabaret? Or maybe it was this person driving a different vehicle.

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  • arthurb3
    11/14 01:49 PM

    Funny! Probably some North Raleigh person that was distracted by all the glitter of downtown!!!??

  • cls
    11/14 03:27 PM

    Actually someone ran the light and the person who hit 101 instinctively swerved. Pretty scary when you think of how many people are walking around that corner, or going into the cafe that time of morning. Glad no one was seriously injured.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    11/14 03:44 PM

    Yikes! I park on that street and walk over all the time!

  • Dave 101
    11/14 07:37 PM

    We are very thankful no one was seriously injured and that we were able to have it all cleaned up before opening the doors this morning.

    I was told the driver just couldn’t wait to get to 101 for her breakfast and morning latte!  Looks like we will have to investigate a more efficient drive thru!

    We’ll have a new wall back up soon, assuming the new design gets the proper approvals. 

    We appreciate your continued support and hope to see you all at 101 soon!  Have a great weekend!


  • rachel 101
    11/14 09:18 PM

    yeah, definitely not so “funny,” all glitter jokes aside. so glad that someone wasn’t seriously injured. it was pretty scary to hold the hand of the lady who was driving the van as she and her children sat in the car waiting to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. all anyone asks is that you pay attention to what you’re doing!

  • Patrick Lynch
    11/15 12:16 AM

    Holy crap that 4 Runner just missed me by about a month! I was sitting right there like 20 days ago..

  • Dina
    11/18 09:48 AM

    i am glad that no one was hurt, accident-involved victims, employees, and pedestrians. as in any traffic situation, please be careful and pay attention to your surroundings.

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