Introducing: Cabo A Local Card Game Illustrated by Adam Peele (Game Night Wednesday)

August, 16, 2010, by Jedidiah

Introducing: Cabo A Local Card Game Illustrated by Adam Peele (Game Night Wednesday)
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There’s a new game in town. Cabo, the first game of Melissa Limes and Eventide Games, a new Raleigh business, is an easy to learn, strategic and addictive card game. The game debuted in June and has already sold over 400 decks and the company is looking for a larger scale distribution. Local artists Adam Peele has illustrated the game’s card deck with a handful of very eye-catching prints.

(Game Instructions available here)

Eventide Games will be having their first-ever Cabo World Championship at SPARKcon. Day, time and location to be announced but they are holding Cabo Night every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at The Morning Times (THIS WEDNESDAY!) from now until SPARKcon for anyone interested in learning how to play or practicing for the tournament.

Cabo Night and the tournament will be free, just bring your friends and a good time (game only takes 5 minutes to learn). Buy your deck here or at Stitch (corner of Wilmington and Hargett) or AHPeele on Capital Boulevard for only $8.99.

Once travelers to tropical locales discovered the cut-throat, all-consuming card game of Cabo, there was no turning back. Cabo is easy enough to learn in a single round, but its unexpected twists and turns make it almost impossible to conquer.

You start each round not knowing which cards you have, then attempt to peek, spy, bluff, and swap your way to victory. But beware; a savvy opponent can thwart your best strategy with the flip of a single card.

Each deck is just $8.99.

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  • gspot
    08/16 04:39 PM

    surely, a rainbow-puking unicorn is worth more than O??!

  • Rob E.
    08/16 04:39 PM

    Neat.  I’m going to meet up with my card-addicted family members this weekend. I should pick up a deck.  When is AHPeele open?  Or do you just drop by and see if anyone is there? And how do you pronounce it?  I’m saying “CAH-bo” until I hear otherwise.

  • Rob E.
    08/16 04:40 PM

    You have to read the rules, gspot.  It doesn’t get better than a rainbow-puking unicorn.

  • Sean O'Neal
    08/17 11:43 PM

    I love me a rainbow-puking unicorn, so glad it isn’t worth 13 anymore!!!

  • Rob E.
    08/19 09:58 AM

    Price update. On-line price is 8.99.  12.00 (or maybe 11.99?) at Stitch.  Don’t know about AHPeele.

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