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The Great Bug Draw Off is coming August 7

June, 19, 2009, by Billie Karel

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Toxic Free NC is looking for artists of all varieties to participate in LOVE BUG: The Great Bug Draw Off (and fundraiser for Toxic Free NC’s work to fight pesticide pollution in our great state). It’s on First Friday in August – that’s August 7th.

The short version of the story is that we’d love you to be part of the bug drawing contest and/or the month-long art exhibit on bug, food & farming themes - if you’re interested, please email Christopher at to get signed up - read on for more details and submission instructions!

Picture it: a hot summer night, and you, Paul Friedrich and Casey Porn adjust your sweatbands and arrange your stacks of index cards, sharpies and colored pencils. The bell rings and you’re off! There is a frenzy of wings and legs and antennae, pencil sharpeners and flying sharpie caps, and from amidst the hubbub, bug after beautiful bug emerges, much to the delight of slightly drunk spectators who rush around making bids on your creations. 40 minutes go by in a flash, the bell rings again and all sharpies drop. The judges declare a winner based on the number of bugs drawn and sold, and that winner accepts a wonderful prize with much ooing and aaing from the crowd. Will it be the Askew-Taylor gift certificate? The free Spa Boudoir facial? Or the dinner for two at Sitti? Or perhaps something else? Winner or no, you can’t help but feel like a winner, with your belly full of free food and drink, oodles of people fawning over your work and taking down your information, and not to mention your karma points racking up because of all the money you helped raise for a great cause.

To get in on this goodness:

* All interested artists must send an email to with your contact information, an electronic photo of your fine artwork PLUS a mini (as in TINY, Itty bitty, blurb style) bio on you, the artist.
* Deadline for all submissions is July 10th.
* The event has two parts: a bug drawing competition with a chance for some mighty prizes (like free art supplies, food and even a holistic facial!) on First Friday in August, as well as a month-long exhibit of artists’ interpretations of their favorite bugs.
* All proceeds from sales of the art will be going to support Toxic Free NC’s courageous work to fight pesticide pollution in North Carolina. More on that at
* All selected artists will be promoted like mad throughout the month. Each will be asked to contribute between one and three pieces to include in the month-long exhibit. Artists may also be asked to participate in the night-of competition.

Thank you very much to our sponsors - 101 Lounge + Cafe, Askew-Taylor, Spa Boudoir, Whole Foods Raleigh, Sitti, and more coming - and to Casey Porn and Paul Friendrich for signing up early. Y’all please submit if you’re artsy, tell your artsy friends if you’re not, and save the date regardless - it is going to be a blast. Thank you!!

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