CAM/now New Raleigh Halloween Party Photos

November, 01, 2011, by David

CAM/now New Raleigh Halloween Party Photos
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Saturday night CAM Raleigh was a costume filled with entertainment, dancing and a backdrop of art and design.

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  • jennifer watkins
    11/01 02:26 PM

    Are the pictures from the Photo Booth at CAM Saturday night posted anywhere yet? Will they eventually be on New Raleigh?

    Thank you!

  • Ntubz
    11/01 02:55 PM

    CAM Raleigh will be posting photo booth photos this week on their Flickr and Facebook pages!

  • Alex Ford
    11/02 03:26 PM

    The photo booth photos are what I’m most excited about. I think there will be about 100 of ghost + mummy. The photographer said “you keep posing, and I’ll keep clicking.” So…we kept posing.

  • Horrified
    11/03 10:19 PM

    That might be the ugliest group of people I’ve ever seen. Oh, and why weren’t there any creative costumes? BOOOO!

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