Capital Club 16 Hours and Menu

Capital Club 16 Hours and Menu

June, 29, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Capital Club 16 opened at 16 W. Martin Street with drinks and a limited menu last week and are now ready to go full steam on the dinner options. The restaurant will be open this week for dinner only starting tonight (Tuesday June 29th) serving a full dinner menu Tuesday through Saturday from 5PM to 11PM. The bar will stay open until 2AM every night and they will offer some bar food after the dinner hours are over until too.

The full menu is posted here (Right Click and Save As…. to Download the PDF) and highlights include the Local Sweet Onion and Fennel Soup with pretzel bread crostini, the German Red Hot Kielbasa in molasses paprika sauce with horseradish dip - these sausages are made especially for the restaurant by a German butcher in New York and delivered weekly so they’re super fresh! CC16 also have an awesome Mac-N-Cheese served up hot in a cast-iron skillet with caramelized onion and a salad of local greens and a Roasted and Sliced Pork Shoulder with Big Boss Bad Penny pan gravy and hand-cut spaetzle.

The bar has classic old fashions made with Woodford Reserve, 20 oz PBR’s on draft for 2 bucks (plus tax) and a great selection of local NC and German beers as well. The wine list features a handful of selections with most glasses in the $5-7 range.

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  • Ashton
    06/29 05:09 PM

    Can somebody snap some pictures of this place?  Maybe Rockford too?  It sounds delicious!

    A Raleigh-ite in Italy.

  • c.line
    06/29 05:12 PM

    Who has been doing their branding? I wanted to cry happy tears over this typeface + image.

  • Johnny Hammersticks
    06/29 05:28 PM

    This Traditional American cuisine is why Americans are Traditionally fat as f**k.

  • GEB
    06/29 05:50 PM

    Finally! A less formal place to get a steak downtown!

  • Phillo
    06/29 06:29 PM

    “This Traditional American cuisine is why Americans are Traditionally fat as f**k. “

    There is nothing magical about American food that makes you fat.  The only thing that makes you fat is burning fewer calories than you take in. 
    The menu looks pretty good.  I’ll probably give them another couple of days to settle in and hit their stride and then try them out.

    06/29 11:28 PM

    I love Capital City Club 16 !

  • rtp
    06/30 08:01 AM

    Rich McIsaac did all their branding. He rocks it with TeamLump.

  • gd
    06/30 08:53 AM

    what RTP said.  Rich is the homie and he is killin’ it.

  • c.line
    06/30 10:36 AM

    nice job, rich!

  • mgd
    07/01 04:57 PM

    Yes finally food from the north.  But no side of buttered egg noodles?

  • simplyk8
    07/16 02:49 PM

    excellent drinks—sangria and moonshine!!  Great ambiance—only downside is its small and only takes reservations for 6+ people.

  • mookiecookie
    07/31 01:44 AM

    Capital Club 16 is great for the downtown scene.  It’s very good food that’s comforting to eat.  I think this place is great considering how long it’s been open, and it’s only gonna get better!

  • girlbye
    08/22 12:10 PM

    great atmosphere—may look a little upscale from the outside but i can assure it’s laid back and welcoming…not to discount the interior decorating by any means. bartenders are attentive (with the exception of one, balding & rude) and the food is refreshing—finally something different around here. thanks, Jake & Shannon!

  • mgd
    09/03 12:43 PM

    Has anyone tried the Roasted Pork Shoulder on their Brunch menu.  And can you describe what you ate.

    I have ordered it twice.  Both times it was different.  I have also asked 2 different servers to describe the Pork Shoulder dish to me.  Those 2 descriptions should have been the same but they were not.

    So what is this dish suppose to be.  The chefs dont know and the servers dont know.

    How can you have 4 different descriptions of roasted pork shoulder and they all be different?

    The food is always killer regardless of description.  Service hit or miss.  I have received 2 free meals there b/c it took over an hour to get out food.  Once @ brunch the other was @ lunch.

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