Cash Cab Dude Coming to Goodnights

March, 27, 2009, by Jedidiah

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This isn’t a statement of hierarchy, just simple fact. I haven’t had cable in about 10 years. Therefore, when staying in hotels on trips, my wife and I find ourselves glued to what would seem to be exotic pay-per-view channels. No, not those channels, silly. I mean Bravo, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, CNN and more. Essentially any channel that isn’t available with a digital antenna therefore an exotic luxury to these humble travelers. Essentially, we find ourselves taking a cable vacation. Not a break from from the hundreds of channels, but a full force, undivided attention dedication to it between hikes, bands or urban treks.

That said, one of the shows that is often our marathon viewing list (other than Project Runway and The Twilight Zone) while holed up in a hotel is Cash Cab. For years, I was lectured about the show’s entertainment and addictive qualities, but alas the cable problem. There’s nothing that complicated about the show, but that’s the key. It’s like Candid Camera Urban Jeopardy with cash, in a cab.

Host Ben Bailey has a simple job. Asks questions, act like the answer is wrong, tempt the contestants into losing all the money they accumulated while in the cab, and proudly declare “You are Correct” - all while driving them to their destination. Although he talks little and rarely makes jokes on the show, I can only assume he’s funny because he has his own Comedy Central Special, if that is a bar for comedians.

It’s worth checking out, especially if


Goodnights outfits the ceiling with 70s era disco lights that flash on and off when people enter and everyone receives a wad of cash at the door when they leave. Neither will probably happen, but Bailey will be at the downtown comedy club from May 7-9.

Tickets - $22.75
* Thursday, May 7 - Saturday, May 9th *

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  • Vince
    03/27 12:46 PM

    i want to take a ride and win some money!

  • PRGuy
    03/27 03:37 PM

    FYI: It’s no longer Charlie Goodnight’s. Just Goodnight’s since it was sold a few years ago. Same great lineup of national talent however.

  • mgd
    03/30 12:24 PM

    Ive never seen a headliner here.  I have been for their fajitas margarita/ free show night.  There was more funny comedians than not with a few I feal bad for b/c just that bad.  I would go again though.

    So did anyone know that Bill Cosby was in Durham last night?  Now that would have been a good show.

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