Cashmere Upscale Martini and Tapas Lounge Now Open

June, 06, 2009, by Christian

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Cashmere has been on the radar of downtown places “opening soon” for some time now. Apparently Cashmere quietly opened last weekend and is now open for business full time. Cashmere is located in the former April & George (a/k/a The George, which closed in September) next door to Sullivan’s Steakhouse. The website is up and contains all the information on specialty drinks, tapas, and even an events calendar. In addition to it’s slogan that “nothing else feels like Cashmere,” the website also proclaims that “every night is ladies at Cashmere.” Check it out for yourself.

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  • Phillo
    06/06 11:09 PM

    Tapas and specialty drinks?  What an original idea!

  • TC
    06/07 01:10 AM

    “every night is ladies at Cashmere.“ 
    Yes!  It will last!

  • uncwgirl77
    06/07 04:22 PM

    I am with Phillo on this one——what an original idea. Kind of crazy that I live two blocks from this place and didn’t even know about it until reading New Raleigh. It obviously didn’t draw me in as I walked by it many times. I just may have to go check it out now so that I can give it a review.

  • MMI
    06/07 05:07 PM

    Gee, I wonder which market segment they are targeting…  :)

  • DPK
    06/07 10:32 PM

    uncwgirl77: I think Phillo was being sarcastic…
    MMI: haha, yeah I wonder…

  • MMI
    06/08 01:16 AM

    Actually, it’s not a bad idea, given the groups f girls who used to start their evenings at A&G.  It made for a nice, laid-back place to have a drink while still being able to talk to your friends.

  • RaleighRob
    06/08 09:28 AM

    I gotta give them props, based on the online menu.  For an “upscale” place, the prices look very moderate, compared to some others I’ve seen around here.  At least this place knows there’s a recession going on and are approaching this reasonably.

    (Of course, I haven’t seen the portion sizes yet, nor tasted the food…so I’ll update my opinion accordingly.)

  • matt
    06/08 10:33 AM

    “Live Acoustical Music”!  :)

  • ATW
    06/08 12:37 PM

    The menu appears very boring, not really anything to make me want to head out.  All of that stuff can be put together in my home kitchen.

  • sally
    06/08 01:20 PM

    ATW - You can pour yourself a glass of wine at home too. You can probably even make a martini. I don’t see your point.

  • uncwgirl77
    06/08 02:24 PM

    DPK: I am actually able to pick out sarcasm on my own. And, I was fully aware of the scarcasm this time. But, I do appreciate you making it extra clear for me.

    Of course, it is not an orginal idea. The menu looks super similar to April & George/The George. And, they happen to lose major points, because they have “Mohitos” on the menu. Why not spell it the orginal way?

  • MMI
    06/08 08:49 PM

    It’s called “marketing,” dude.

  • smitty
    06/08 10:39 PM

    Don’t worry afbro, that location is cursed.  It’s where you go when Sullivan’s won’t seat you, even though you have a reservation and have been waiting for an hour.

  • sally
    06/09 01:25 PM

    I liked it in its first incarnation. When April & George’s first opened, I seem to recall it had a much better wine selection than it did once it was sold (but kept the same name)...

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